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I am a nurse and I know how wealth is valued over the health of my patients with today’s recreation of an aristocracy born of speculation and no sense of community values

The San Francisco Chronicle today disclosed that corporations outspend unions by at least 3-1 to dominate elections and public policy in California, according to a nonpartisan group called California Common Sense.

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Thu Sep 27, 2012 at 03:07 PM PDT

A Nurse’s Care Plan for California


Help STOP the Unkindest Cuts of All: Vote “NO” on  Prop. 32; Vote “YES” on Prop. 30.

Trust me when I say that politics has become very personal this year; I’m a nurse. As nurses we ask our patients to “tell us where it hurts.” There are those who are too young and too medically fragile who don’t have the ability to utter a word; yet we see the result of an eroding social safety net etched on their faces.

Far too many of the patients and people in the community that I care for are suffering as a result of our broken economy. There is hope for them, and we all have the ability to help if we make an informed decision and vote wisely. Before we’re handcuffed by lethal cutbacks and before we become accomplices of injustice and the erosion of our right to protect one another, please join nurses in voting “NO” on Proposition 32; and, “YES” on Proposition 30.

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On the heels of a series of incidents in California where female nurses have been followed and harassed by mostly male SEIU staffers, and in the wake of SEIU’s violent attack on the peaceful Labor Notes conference, a California Superior Court has issued a temporary restraining order against Andy Stern, President of SEIU, and his staff, ordering them to stay away from nurses with the California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee.  

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