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ABC Reports: Congressman has "no plans" to call the police.

CNN - "Weiner refused to answer the question as to whether that was him in the image"

Watch this video of Weiner refusing to answer questions - shocking! His silence speaks volumes. He won't even deny that the image is of him!

Does anyone still believe that this was a hack?

Come on guys. If he was the victim of hacking, why is he being so shady about it? Why is he refusing to talk to the cameras, and is even - as you'll see in the first link - running away from the cameras refusing to answer any questions about the situation.

If Breitbart or one of his minions is behind this, why not have an investigation?

Sexual harassment and hacking are no laughing matters.

Congressman Weiner - I know you've posted here before. If you have any courage and decency, why don't you answer three simple questions:

 (1) Why was the college student to whom the tweet was directed at being followed by your account?

(2) Why did you earlier tweet, "thats545inSeattleIthink" right before the tweet went out to the student who lives in Seattle?

(3) Why are you refusing to answer questions about this matter?


Does anyone here still believe that Congressman Weiner was hacked?

25%97 votes
74%285 votes

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There is something that has me deeply disturbed about the recent Breitbart “scandal”.
One thing that is clear to me is that Breitbart and his minions were behind this, and have been attempting to set Congressman Weiner up for a long time now. But other than that fact, there is a lot that I don’t understand.

Hacking is, or at least can be, a federal felony punishable by as many as ten years in jail. There’s one felony.

Sending explicit images of genitalia (and whether the infamous bulge shot would count would be something a prosecutor would determine, but I would imagine this would fall under a statute in Washington State or in NY as sexual harassment or even sexual assault) is extremely serious. Most likely, that’s another felony.

Further, what Breitbart did is falsely accuse Congressman Weiner of attempting to have an affair, or at least engage in extremely inappropriate communication with a college student in Washington. That’s an attempt to jeopardize the Congressman’s marriage.

So far, there are at least two felonies attributable to Breitbart’s conduct, as well as an attempt to destroy a marriage.

This is no laughing matter.

So why is Congressman Weiner, as far as every report has shown, refusing to go to the FBI? Why is he now treating this as a prank?

Breitbart is, as much as anyone else besides Rush Limbaugh, the leader of the tea-baggers. He’s who they blindly follow, and take their marching orders from. And according to Representative Weiner, Breitbart has committed at least two felonies and attempted to destroy Weiner’s marriage. So Congressman Weiner has a chance to pursue justice against a man who has hacked into his account and attempted to threaten his marriage, but is instead treating this as a prank. Why?

Instead of going to the FBI or the Capitol Hill Police, Congressman Weiner is now calling this a prank, says he’s loathe to treat it as anything more, and hired an attorney? Why would the victim of hacking need an attorney? A prosecutor, who of course doesn’t need to be hired by a private party, could take care of the criminal charges.

Think about it from the perspective of the college student in Washington who was sexually harassed by Andrew Breitbart or one of his minions. Why not seek justice for her? Why not contact the FBI?

This isn’t adding up at all.


Do you believe that the tweet was a hack, or is there more to the story than meets the eye?

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14%156 votes
73%765 votes

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