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Reposted from weinenkel by Horace Boothroyd III
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Charleston South Carolina's Stand Your Ground law has limits, according to SC prosecutors. Think Progress gives us some background here:

“(The Legislature’s) intent … was to provide law-abiding citizens greater protections from external threats in the form of intruders and attackers,” prosecutor Culver Kidd told the Post and Courier. “We believe that applying the statute so that its reach into our homes and personal relationships is inconsistent with (its) wording and intent.”

Most recently, Kidd raised this argument in vigorously pursuing a murder case against Whitlee Jones, whose screams for help as her boyfriend pulled her down the street by her hair prompted a neighbor to call the cops during a 2012 altercation. When the officer arrived that night, the argument had already ended and Jones had fled the scene. While she was out, Jones decided to leave her boyfriend, Eric Lee, and went back to the house to pack up her things. She didn’t even know the police officer had been there earlier that night, her lawyer Mary Ford explained. She packed a knife to protect herself, and as she exited the house, she says Lee attacked her and she stabbed Lee once in defense. He died, although Jones says she did not intend to kill him.

Here's another reason to get more women elected. Please chip in $3 to help our Democratic women candidates.

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The Stand Your Ground laws around the country have been used in some pretty dubious ways. Follow me below the fold to find out how they've been used.
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Wed Oct 08, 2014 at 02:24 PM PDT

90 days for rape. because.

by nzanne

Reposted from nzanne by Horace Boothroyd III

I have to say, I am flabbergasted by what I just read in my local paper.

A man from New Mexico was sentenced Tuesday morning to 90 days in jail and six years probation for rape.
But, you know, it was at a drunken party, so really, no harm was done.
“We were told that several individuals had been partying together in Durango,” said San Juan County Sheriff’s Office Detective Tim Nyce. “At some point, one of the females present passed out.”
Bunion is accused of raping the woman after she lost consciousness. Another woman happened to walk into the room while the sexual assault was taking place.

On September 26 - you know, less than 2 weeks ago - Judge William Herringer rejected this same "deal," saying that

“I’m not satisfied he’s accepting responsibility,”
At that point, Herringer was leaning towards 3 years.

So, let's review this. The young man had a few days to sit in his cell and think about how to sound more sincere. Geez, he even apologized: “I didn’t mean to hurt her. I didn’t know I was hurting her,” Bunion said.

So Herringer let him off with a wrist slap, some therapy, and a warning.

“I will be very hesitant to afford you much leniency in the future,” Herringer said.
WTF? WT holy F'g Hell just happened here?

If any of you have ideas on how we can protest, please, speak up.


Tue Oct 07, 2014 at 09:24 AM PDT

Jesus Wept

by Horace Boothroyd III

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Poster of blue handprint and
On the evening of October 8, 1984, over one-third of all American television sets were turned to NBC for the premiere of The Burning Bed, starring Farrah Fawcett and Paul LeMat. Based on the true story of Francine Hughes, it brought the brutal reality of domestic violence out of the shadows and into our living rooms. We sat mesmerized as Mickey Hughes' need for control over his wife grew ever greater as he seemed to lose control over the rest of his life. Slaps became punches. Pushes became throws across a room, followed by violent beatings.

That was not normal television fare in those days. Violence against women had never accurately been shown, only suggested. It was called "domestic violence" because it existed in the home, behind closed doors, seen only by the aggressor, the victim, and any children. The Burning Bed exposed a dark secret, and it was not pretty.

Photo of DVD cover image for The Burning Bed showing Farrah Fawcett as Francine Hunter surrounded by three children.
Before Francine Hughes doused her sleeping husband's bed in gasoline and lit it up, she tried to get help. She turned to her mother and was told, "If you make a hard bed you have to lie in it." She appealed to the police, only to learn that they had to witness the attack in order to arrest her husband, regardless of her bloody and bruised appearance. Social welfare agencies were of no help to a woman with three hungry children, unless she divorced her husband. But divorce was not enough to keep Mickey away. When she complained to the welfare agents of his return and continuing violence, she was told that she could be prosecuted for welfare fraud.

There was no safe place for her to run to. Nor had she a car in which to flee. There were only a handful of shelters in the entire country, none in her small town outside of Lansing, Michigan. There were no systems in place to help women in abusive relationships.

And while it may have all been new to this young wife and mother, beating up on women has a long history, as you will see beneath the fold.

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Reposted from Mikey Weinstein by Horace Boothroyd III

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

As founder and president of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), a civil rights organization founded in 2005 to combat unconstitutional proselytizing in the U.S. Armed Forces, I don’t shock easily. However, a recent, truly SHOCKING allegation and charge by the American Family Association’s "Director of Issues Analysis" Bryan Fischer has parachuted well beyond the realm of error, landing roughly along the porous frontier separating blithering idiocy from criminal insanity. This fundamentalist Christian monster is a liar and I will prove it.

Recently, devastating reports dating back to 2010 have shown that athletes at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) have participated in wild benders off campus involving binge drinking, drug use, sexual assaults, gang rapes and all manners of debauchery unbecoming of Academy cadets (indeed, unbecoming of human beings). Investigations at USAFA (which is my alma mater and the alma mater of four of my children) implicated 32 cadets, half of whom were football players and three of whom were later court-martialed and expelled. This news comes after the Academy was humiliated by a report released in January 2014 which showed that a massive 45 reports of sexual assaults came from USAFA in 2012-2013, compared to 15 at the U.S. Naval Academy and 10 at West Point.

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Reposted from cabaretic by Horace Boothroyd III

What follows is my own story. I include it to heighten awareness of what often goes unsaid and unspoken. The problem is as old as the human race itself, but like war, it continues. Everyone with an opinion must write with an audience in mind, and must form one's arguments accordingly. Every story like the one to follow takes the same relative trajectory, yet is unique and different.

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Reposted from Clytemnestra by Horace Boothroyd III
Because women are still considered fair bargaining chips, tools and chattel even among educated western minds.
“The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped.” This assertion was made by Middle East scholar Dr. Mordechai Kedar of Bar-Ilan University about three weeks ago on an Israel Radio program. “It sounds very bad, but that’s the Middle East,” added Kedar, of Bar-Ilan’s Department of Arabic.
- Haaretz
Is there ANYTHING that is off limits?  Are we making progress at all?  
To the shocked radio presenter who said that "we cannot take such steps, of course", Kedar replied:

"I'm not talking about what we should or shouldn't do. I'm talking about the facts
- International Business Times

Just the facts . . . because violence is the only thing these ___ understand.  It's just their culture.  

Remove Dr. Mordechai Kedar and put in it's place any historical white person in the US who thought Native Americans savages and the words, meanings and possibilities are well defined and clear.

“You have to understand the culture in which we live,” said Kedar. “The only thing that deters [Hamas leaders] is a threat to the connection between their heads and their shoulders.” When presenter Yossi Hadar asked if that “could filter down” the organization’s ranks, Kedar replied: “No, because lower down the considerations are entirely different. Terrorists like those who kidnapped the children and killed them — the only thing that deters them is if they know that their sister or their mother will be raped in the event that they are caught. What can you do, that’s the culture in which we live.”
- Haaretz
Bring more innocents into peril.  Destroy more lives and you think it will just end?  Do you not think you will just stoke more rage? Do you think your increased violence or threat of increased violence will end it.  Has it? Have you had 20 consecutive years of peace?  How about 10?

He's a right winger and served 25 years in military intelligence. He's no stranger to chilling thoughts and ideas that disagree with him and his:

In addition to working for the right-wing Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies of Bar Ilan University, Kedar also founded the Israel Academia Monitor website, which is dedicated to fighting left-leaning “extremist Israeli academics who exploit academic freedom in order to take steps to deny Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.
-- RawStory
which means this:
[Kedar] worked for a shadowy organisation, the Israel Academia Monitor, which fights left-leaning academic professors.
- International Business Times
Israeli feminists would have none of his words:
In the wake of the publication of his words, feminist activists today sent a letter to Bar-Ilan University president Rabbi Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz, in which they decried Kedar’s “words of incitement that grant legitimacy to Israel Defense Forces soldiers and Israeli civilians to commit rape, and endanger both Israeli and Palestinian women. Kedar’s words echo expressions that treat rape as a remedial practice, although it is a war crime.”
- Haartz
And they are right.

So there has been a walk back of sorts, though Kedar chose not to be interviewed.

In a statement provided to Haaretz, Bar-Ilan University said that Kedar was not advocating using rape to fight terrorism.

The professor “wanted to illustrate that there is no means of deterring suicide bombers, and using hyperbole, he gave the rape of women as an example,” the statement said. “In order to remove all doubt: Dr. Kedar’s words do not, God forbid, contain a recommendation to commit such despicable acts. The intention was to describe the culture of death of the terror organizations. Dr. Kedar was describing the bitter reality of the Middle East and the inability of a modern and liberal law-abiding country to fight against the terror of suicide bombers.”

But what did he say again?
“The only thing that can deter terrorists, like those who kidnapped the children and killed them, is the knowledge that their sister or their mother will be raped.” - Dr. Mordechai Kedar
No, no advocating at all.  Except stating that it is the ONLY THING that will stop them.

Sort of like a "pro-lifer" calling Dr. Tiller "the killer"  who wouldn't stop murdering innocent babies. They weren't advocating for his death or anything, either.

“Rape as a weapon of war is an assault on security and a world in which these crimes happen is one in which there is not, and never will be, peace,”

- UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie to the United Nations Security Council

Well said.
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Reposted from House of LIGHTS by Horace Boothroyd III

Back in 1990, a deputy sheriff in Manatee County, Florida (Bradenton) was arrested for raping a six-year-old girl almost 20 years earlier.  He fled to Alaska in 1991 just before he was due to stand trial.  Late Friday, the FBI arrested him at his home in Alaska after it emerged he had been living under the name of his late stepbrother.

The FBI early Friday arrested Joseph Keenan May, 60, at his home in Eagle River, Alaska. May had been the subject of a federal warrant charging unlawful flight to avoid prosecution since 1993, according to a news release.

"According to the indictment, May has been living under the identity of a stepbrother, Michael Camp, who died in his teens in the 1970s in Pennsylvania," the release states. "The indictment charges two counts of unlawful use of a Social Security number, stemming from May's use of Camp's name and number to apply for an Alaska's driver's license in 2009 and unemployment benefits in 2013."

May also is charged with aggravated identify theft.

May is currently being held without bail.  He's due to go to trial in August, and faces 12 years in prison if convicted on the federal charges.  The rape charges in Florida carry a mandatory sentence of life without parole.

According to KTUU-TV in Anchorage, he stayed under the radar by working at jobs that didn't require detailed background checks.  The Anchorage Daily News reports that he lived in Houston (in the Mat-Su Valley) and Fairbanks as well as Eagle River.  However, the Social Security Administration recently caught on to the fraud, and quickly dispatched an FBI tactical team to Eagle River.

In Florida, May is accused of raping a girl several times from 1970 to 1977.  He was arrested when this finally came to light, but was released after a judge lowered his bail.

This really makes me nervous--were any girls harmed in Alaska during this time?  I hope not.  Hopefully the family of the Florida victim will finally get some closure--they deserve it after four decades.


We won't let your predilection for violent sexual assault to interfere with your school or life. Feel free to take advantage of our co-ed's, we've got your back.

Despite the fact the school determined that the Sigma Chi Fraternity brothers had assaulted the young woman, officials came up with the unique punishment of 'expulsion after graduation'. Two men graduated in May and the third will be returning to school for his senior year next term.

Following the attack, Miss Butters has dropped out of university after her grades slipped and she lost financial aid.


Should the school administrators behind these decisions be charged as accessories after the fact?

91%471 votes
4%23 votes
4%21 votes

| 515 votes | Vote | Results

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Reposted from KosAbility by Horace Boothroyd III

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Sexual Assault Awareness Month annual campaign ...coordinated by the NSVRC with assistance from ...state, territory, tribal and community-based organizations, rape crisis centers, government agencies, businesses, campuses and individuals ... throughout the United States... to educate communities and individuals [by] events and activities highlighting sexual violence as a public health, human rights and social justice issue, and the need for prevention efforts.
Research reportage and discussion within the community of healthcare professionals lends the public a working perspective for increased medical and public health literacy that news media and patient education materials often can't supply.   The following citations sample free-access professional materials relating to origins, effects and prevention of sexual assault, gender-based violence, and bullying. A separate diary is planned to sample articles on child abuse. Some articles applying to both topics may be in both diaries. Most of the articles are linked via Medscape, a free fairly-plain-English email-alert and website medical journal reporting service. For an introduction to free-use registration, see the blockquote at this brief item.
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Reposted from KosAbility by Horace Boothroyd III

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. The following diary samples free-access professional healthcare materials relating to violence, abuse, negligence and maltreatment of children and teens.  A separate diary sampling articles on sexual assault, gender-based violence, bullying, and their origins, effects and prevention, was published earlier. Some articles applying to both topics may be in both diaries.

Research reportage and discussion within the community of healthcare professionals lends the public a working perspective for increased medical and public health literacy that news media and patient education materials often can't supply. Most of the articles below are linked at Medscape, a free fairly-plain-English email-alert and website medical research and news reportage service. For an introduction to free use of Medscape, see the large blockquote at this brief item.

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Go to jail for life stealing VHS tapes.

But rape your own toddler and if you have money suddenly judges become concerned if you will "fare well" in prison.

There are men in Angola there for life because some racist sheriff has a free pass to perjure themselves in court. Or the DA wanted a raise.

But forbid the thought someone raised in utter comfort would have to sleep on an inch high matress rolled out on concrete or sheet metal. To eat beans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 360 days a year. Or have lights that never go off. And windows too high to see out of.

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