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Neal Peirce (spelled thus), who coined the appropriate term "Citistates" in the book and now website of the same name, writes as one of the most perceptive experts on regional cities.

"Citistates" are the new centers of global activity and progress.

Because of the absence of effective nation-states, we return in our own 21st-century renaissance to the classic European renaissance era, when local and regional players led history.

Peirce has today posted a preview column that explains why the Supreme Court, under its actual chieftain justices John Roberts and Antonin Scalia, gutted the Voting Rights Act.

The reason is the Reactionaries' Southern Strategy Come Again (the race-based scapegoat strategy, that hasn't gone away, since the Civil War Between the States).

Here's Neal Peirce's lede:

North Carolina’s Political U-turn: Model of a Reborn Confederacy?


There was a time when North Carolina was a symbol of Southern enlightenment. Compared to the policies of the old “Solid South” – Democratic, conservative, fervidly anti-civil rights – the state embraced relatively progressive policies in such areas as education and race relations.

No longer.

In the new, suddenly solid Republican South, the Tar Heel state is racing to lead the pack in conservative anti-city and implicitly anti-black politics.

More coming over the levee-->

Do you think the Republican New "Southern Strategy" will succeed?

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Indiana governor Mitchell Daniels, called "My Man Mitch" by former president George W. Bush, and the tagline that Daniels then used to capitalize on the supposed-Bush aura of the day among conservatives,
has fired IBM as a privatization contractor for state welfare processing:

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Fri Nov 14, 2008 at 03:53 PM PST

Dead Man Walking-Karl Rove in NYT mag

by Redfire

Just this piece
shows the dead man's dead soul.

Rove: prepare to meet your Maker.

It's Lucifer falling before our eyes:

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As we say in the progressive movement,
the so-called religious right are neither.

They make the words, but by their fruits you will know them. Their actions are not righteous, nor religious.

This is an ancient understanding.
Listen to the words attributed to Jesus himself
in Matthew 23:11-15,23-28 [King James Version]:

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Don't overly rely on Real Clear Politics,
a conservative site, both in emphasis and ideology
(example from 01 June 2008: "Libertarians the Tie-Breaker?")

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has written
"George W. Bush: Mastering Pyrrhic Victories, Rewarding Failure"
(for the historical record, datestamp: Wed Dec 20, 2006 at 07:10:15 AM EST).

It is a superb essay--
as we've come to expect as part of DailyKos--
that cuts to the heart of the
Bush conservative "governance" disaster.

Here is the key conclusion
and call to action:

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Karl Rove is ruthless
and that absence of mercy
gives him a temporary
temporal power--the power of a man
who exploits the scruples and rules
of other people
against them.

Yet he is not much of an academic.

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