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Mon Nov 16, 2009 at 06:03 AM PST

It's the same stupid war

by RemFilm

It's the same stupid war.  Why can't they learn?  It doesn’t matter if they are Democratic or Republican, black or white, Catholic or Protestant, southern or midwestern, they all love to go to war.  It must be something about being “the most powerful man in the world.”  They take office and realize that they can’t snap their finger and fix the economy, stop the bad buys, and give everyone heath insurance.  But they can snap their fingers and blow things up, like foreign civilians and American boys.

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One could point to any number of factors to explain the stunning victory by the Democrats last Tuesday.  A disastrous war, corruption, Rumsfield not resigning two months age, were all important.  Doubtless it was a combination of these factors and more.  

But in my mind, and in my house, it was the contributions of one 19-year-old that was the difference.

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