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One of our biggest campaign events is coming up soon! It is our canvas kick-off on Saturday, April 26th.

We will start at 11 am and canvass until around 3. If you have never canvassed before, there is no need to worry.  We will train you before you go out and we will send you out with a partner.

Events like these will be crucial as the campaign progresses. Canvassing is one of the most impactful functions of any political campaign, and we will need as much help as we can get.

This is one of the many ways we will reach voters in our district, and it is essential that we reach as many voters as possible, to give them a voice in our campaign, and make sure they know what our campaign stands for and why Jon Hoadley is the best candidate to support.

If you’re interested in canvassing with us join the Facebook event and register today!


The past few weeks, Jon Hoadley’s campaign has been picking up more and more momentum. Also, we have picked up some huge endorsements in the last few weeks with fundraising going well, too.

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Fri Mar 21, 2014 at 07:57 AM PDT

Get Covered Today!

by ScottSolomon

Life can be a bit hectic. That’s why we at the Jon Hoadley for State Representative campaign want to make sure everyone slows down to remember the important healthcare deadline coming up on March 31st.

We would like to take a moment to express the importance of enrolling for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act. The new marketplace makes it very easy to enroll online, and there are also some great community resources for you to access if you’re having trouble signing up for health care.

With everything that happens in life, it is important to know that you are covered in case of a medical emergency. You never know when you may get injured or sick. That’s why it is important that everyone who does not currently have health insurance gets covered before the March 31st deadline.

To get enrolled visit today.

One group that has been doing a great job of informing folks about the Affordable Care Act is Get Covered America. Click here to find someone who can help you fill out your application or text “INFOMI” to 69866 to receive help. Also, here is a link to frequently asked questions about the marketplace.

Be sure to get covered by March 31st!


Yesterday, in the state of Michigan, a repulsive piece of legislation went into effect which forces women to purchase separate insurance for potentially life-saving reproductive procedures.

Women and families who purchase insurance individually - whether through the marketplace or by other means - will not have the option to purchase this separate rider.

This new legislation is a total infringement upon the rights of women in Michigan.  Our Republican-led legislature has decided that they should have input on a decision that should be made between a woman and her doctor, not a woman and the state of Michigan.

Since these life-saving reproductive procedures won’t be covered by insurance, it will cost women outrageous amounts of money to have these procedures done.  That’s wrong, and it’s not the state we want to live in.  Sign our petition to stand with women.

This intrusive legislation continues to exemplify the trend showed by Michigan’s state legislature. They are constantly proving that the priorities of our Republican-led legislature are off balance with those of the people in Michigan.

Again and again, they ignore progressive values without seeing the consequences. As a high school junior when I see issues that matter to me continually trampled upon by our state government, it makes me want to leave this state.

Michigan’s my home - I love living here.  But it is hard to see myself living in a state whose government doesn’t honor women’s rights, doesn’t treat LGBTQ members of society equally, and doesn’t fund public goods properly, like infrastructure or education. The more our state legislature passes laws like this, the more I want to leave the state I call home.

It is deeply saddening to see this trend, but there are ways to fix it.

One way to stop these egregious pieces of legislation from being passed is by supporting progressive candidates, like Jon Hoadley. Jon Hoadley is a proven advocate for social justice and education, and has the will and means to make a difference in Lansing.

We need a full team of supporters to help Jon win, so we can have our progressive voices heard in Lansing. Whether it be volunteering, endorsing, donating, or helping the campaign in your own special way, we need your help.

To learn more about the campaign or to get involved visit our website. Also, don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.


We have big news here at the Jon Hoadley for State Representative campaign: we received an endorsement from Democracy for America earlier this week.

This is a huge endorsement for us.  Democracy for America is such an influential organization with over one million members nationwide and more than 32,000 in Michigan.  The endorsement was pushed by our supporters - they went out and voted for us online.  Thanks to all of our supporters who went online to vote for us.

This endorsement comes as our campaign continues to pick up momentum. We thank all of our supporters for helping our campaign grow and continue to pick up this momentum.
If you live in the 60th district and would like to pledge your support today, click here.

To learn more about the campaign visit our website at and be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on twitter.


Visit to sign the petition and learn more!

Are you sick of potholes? I know we sure are in Kalamazoo, Michigan. That’s why Jon Hoadley, candidate for State Representative in MI HD-60, and his campaign team launched a website called to bring attention to reinvestment in our infrastructure.

On the website, you can sign a petition to tell Lansing they need to reinvest in our roads, and submit a picture of a pothole you’ve seen recently. We already have over 100 signatures on the petition, with more on their way.

Currently, Michigan ranks last in the country when it comes to per capita investment in infrastructure. This means we’re not spending enough money on vital infrastructure like repairing our roads. Our roads have more than 11 billion dollars in deferred maintenance.  Think it doesn’t cause people problems?  It does -  the average person will spend 357 dollars per year to fix their car due to the conditions of our roads.

We released this site because right now, Michigan is having a conversation about what to do with a surplus in our budget.  Instead of prioritizing reinvestment in our infrastructure, Gov. Snyder has proposed a one-time election year tax rebate to certain folks in Michigan.  We think their priorities are off balance and need to be fixed - just like our roads.

Click here to add your voice to the petition to tell Lansing to repair the treacherous potholes. To read more about click here to read the Mlive article.


Wed Feb 19, 2014 at 12:33 PM PST

Have you met Jon?

by ScottSolomon

So, you’ve heard me talk a lot about why I support Jon and why he’s the best for Michigan's 60th District.  Now it’s time for you to hear Jon talk, in the first of many videos we’ll be releasing on the campaign.  Check out Jon as he talks about why he’s running for Michigan's 60th District. Make sure to follow our YouTube Channel to stay updated on the campaign, and follow us on Facebook and on Twitter.

Click here to watch the "Meet Jon" video.


The only thing worse for our education system than when Lansing experiments on education, which they hope will help, is when they pass legislation evidence says will hurt education. The state legislature wants to extend the EAA (Education Achievement Authority). By passing these extensions, it would allow for private corporations and charter schools to take over school districts.

There has already been push back against the EAA from parents and teachers.  They have been successful in fighting back against the effort previously, but now Lansing wants to ram something through, a la “Right to Work” style in 2012.

Taking away from local educational control is an illogical and irresponsible decision. When outside forces come in and takeover school districts, all transparency is lost within school districts.

The people making decisions for local schools districts, should be local citizens, not outside corporations and charter schools. The bill going through the senate has no maximum on the amount of schools which can be taken over, which means there is no limit to the outside control that could be placed on the local schools.

And all of this without producing accountable, transparent results for improving student outcomes.  Don’t believe me?  Take a minute to read some of the powerful interviews of educators and students who have had to deal with the EAA here.

These attacks on local districts need to stop and one way which you support our local districts is by supporting Jon Hoadley, a strong candidate for state representative, who will fight to protect local school districts.

Jon Hoadley comes from a strong education background and most of his family are educators, meaning he knows the struggle educations go through and how things like the EAA hurt them.

Finally, if you’re in Michigan, you can take action today to have an impact.  MAKE A PHONE CALL OR EMAIL YOUR STATE REP AND SENATOR.   A phone call is best given the short time frame.  Click here to visit the website, created by our good friends at Michigan Parents for Schools makes it very easy for you (and even has key talking points).


One of the most troubling things about the current American economy is that the minimum wage no longer provides for a minimum standard of living out of poverty. The minimum wage needs to be raised, and by supporting a strong progressive candidate like Jon Hoadley, you are supporting a candidate who will be a strong advocate for a raise in the minimum wage.

It is unfair in this country that someone can work full time and still not have enough income to pay for basic necessities like feeding their family.   Because the current minimum wage is so low, it causes working families to turn to government assistance to merely get by. By raising the minimum wage, more working families will earn a living wage, therefore reducing the amount of hidden corporate welfare--the subsidizing of worker’s benefits by government programs.

If fewer families are receiving assistance from the government because they earn a living wage through their job, the government can expand current programs or divert the funds previously spent on that assistance to other areas, such as education. When the education system is improved by increased investment, it will lead to students receiving a better education, teachers with adequately supplied classrooms, and
The minimum wage has not risen at a rate anywhere close to the rate of inflation. Goods and services are costing more and more for hard working Americans, therefore, these workers need to a livable wage to support to support their families.  And isn’t it telling that in Michigan, the new campaign finance laws ties increases in the maximum contribution limit to inflation but not the minimum wage.  

When the minimum wage is raised, this means Americans have more money to spend. The more money Americans earn, the more money they spend, therefore providing a stimulus for the economy.

The Michigan state legislature needs to follow the initiative started by local businesses, here in Kalamazoo. The restaurant Rustica recently made the decision to raise the wage of their non-tip workers to $10.10 an hours, $2.65 higher than the current minimum wage. On their Facebook page, Rustica strongly state why they took the initiative to raise their workers’ wages.

“We believe that paying our employees a reasonable living wage will help strengthen our community and keep Rustica strong,” Rustica’s Facebook page said.

This is part of a national trend among businesses to raise their minimum wage to $10.10. The trend comes after an executive order made by President Barack Obama to raise the minimum wage of federal contractors to $10.10.

To follow this trend towards a working, living wage for all Americans, the Michigan state legislature needs to take the initiative and raise the state minimum wage. With the current state of the Michigan state legislature, it is unlikely that there will be any new legislation helping these hard working families, any time soon.

One way, which you can help these hard working American families reach ends meet, is by supporting progressive candidates that will get the job done in Lansing, to raise the minimum wage. There are multiple proposals in Michigan right now that would raise the wage.  I want to hear more about which solution is the best.  Help us figure that out in the comments below.

The Michigan state legislature needs progressive voices to help push forward important issues, such as minimum wage, that our state so badly needs.
Join us to fight for a higher minimum wage by supporting Jon Hoadley today by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter. You can also learn more about the campaign on our website.

Click here to add your support for raising the minimum wage.


All along, we’ve been talking about how our campaign is a people-powered grassroots campaign.  With the release of our campaign finance report on the 31st, we’ve proven that. We raised $60,675.08 by building our campaign from small, grassroots contributions. Instead of taking a large portion of PAC money, we’ve worked through a grassroots network of activists who care about positive change in Kalamazoo and Michigan.

327 of our donors came from Michigan, with 147 donors right here in Kalamazoo.  By fundraising locally, we are building a local team of supporters that will have their voices heard as opposed to only listening to a few big-buck donors.  The support we’ve garnered early on will help our campaign to move forward.

We’ve released an infographic to show people what our finance report looks like.  We finished strong in 2013 - take a look, and maybe you can be one of the folks who helps us move forward in 2014!

Link to infographic


Thu Jan 23, 2014 at 04:32 PM PST

You spoke, we listened

by ScottSolomon

Issues Survey Info Graphic

Jon was serious when he said he wanted to listen first and talk second.  In September of 2013, Friends of Jon Hoadley launched an issue survey to see what people in Kalamazoo cared about, who they looked up to, and what they thought of Kalamazoo.  By analyzing the results of the issue surveys, we are able to work on the issues people in Kalamazoo care about and tell the stories important to our supporters.

We just received the results of our issue survey and can confirm Kalamazoo is a community that wants progressive values put into policy. The image linked is an Info Graphic we developed to represent the issues our supporters feel most strongly about.

Sixty-seven percent of people who responded to our issue survey felt it was very important that our State Representative supports progressive values.

Supporting progressive values is the very premise Jon Hoadley’s campaign.  Jon is a young, progressive voice in Kalamazoo--a voice exactly in line with the voices of so many other folks in the district.

Over 70 percent of our responders support a woman’s right to reproductive health and marriage equality.

Both of these issues are extremely prevalent in our campaign. When elected, Jon will take the necessary steps to reverse our state’s backward legislation on these issues.
With the current state of the Michigan legislature, we need people who can champion our shared values, build consensus from a progressive viewpoint, and actually pass legislation to get the job done.  

Additional statistics about where our supporters stand on issues can be found in the infographic.  Go check it out.

If you would like to fill out an issues survey or learn more about the campaign visit our website.


I just wanted to put up a quick post because this is a big deal. Jon received the endorsement of the Victory Fund, a major national supporter of LGBT candidates.  The Victory Fund only endorses viable candidates, and they are highly selective.  

Additionally, since Michigan currently does not have any LGBT legislators, they placed Jon's race as a "focus race", the Victory Fund's highest tier of support.  

We put up a special graphic with a link to pledge your vote.  You can check it out here.
To join them in supporting our campaign today, click here.

Jon has now earned support from local, state, and national organizations supporting LGBT equality.  That's huge.

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