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While most people believe their medical records are protected apparently that is not true.

Federal agents have forced the Oregon Public Health Division to turn over an untold number of patients’ medical marijuana records, according to court records recently uncovered by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Raw Story  
When Pres. Obama was running for Pres. he said he would not waste Americans money by wasting enforcing Medical Marijuana Laws. It appears he never meant it or found out that just like Wall St., there is too much money in illegal drugs too fight.
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Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 06:26 PM PDT

Medi-Cal Cuts Waiver Granted

by SmileySam

Our Gov. Moonbeam has lost his dreams it would seem.

Gov. Jerry Brown scored a budget win Thursday as the Obama administration approved a major share of Medi-Cal cuts that health care providers and patient advocates said would cut off medical access to the state's most vulnerable residents.

The federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will allow the state to cut reimbursement rates by 10 percent this fiscal year for a variety of Medi-Cal providers, including physicians, pharmacists and optometrists. The state Department of Health Care Services says it will not cut rates paid to pediatricians or home health providers.

 The part about no cuts to home health providers is not true since this week my wifes home health provider recieved a letter announcing a cross the board salary cut of 3.2 for at least a yr at the same time his hrs were cut by 25%. Nothing in my wifes condition has changed recently except her worsening overall health.
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Fri Mar 18, 2011 at 11:58 AM PDT

DOJ Walks Back Medical Cannabis Memo

by SmileySam

I don't know how I missed this memo when it first came out but I did and maaybe you did also. It is known as the Haag Memo and it turns what people were lead to believe about the "New Obama Medical Marijuana Policy" on its head. Just as in the days of good ole Alberto Gonzale and his posse this new DOJ and DEA have taken to parsing memos to make them say what only they know they meant.

In a little-publicized memo, the U.S. federal government has indicated that the gloves are off regarding medical marijuana dispensaries, regardless of state laws.

Previous memos had indicated a loosening of federal prosecutions of medical marijuana; however the new memo states very clearly that the feds consider all dispensaries illegal under federal law and that their prosecution is a "core priority" of federal agents, according to the Cannabis Therapy Institute

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This week the Housing Authority where I moved into a few months ago is holding info meetings to inform all the tenants we are going Solar. I live Close to Vandenberg Air Force Base, about 50 miles north of Santa Barbara, in Lompoc, Ca.
The HUD staff told us they were converting about 100 units locally. Using Stimulus money amounting to around 14 Million dollars HUD will be buying locally made panels, brackets, and using Local Labor.

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Toke of the Town is reporting that Gov.Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed SB1449, a bill that reduces Ca. penalties for possession of a oz of Cannabis or less from a misdemeanor to a infraction. No longer will a person with a oz or less have to appear in court or face time in jail.
Decrim In Cali! Schwarzenegger Signs Bill: Pot Now $100 Fine

A bill downgrading the possession of an ounce or less of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction has been signed into law by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The law, SB 1449 by Senator Mark Leno, means small-time pot offenders will no longer have to appear in court, and will no longer have a criminal arrest record. It will also save California millions of dollars in court and prosecution expenses, according to Dale Gieringer, director of California NORML.

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Way back in 1998 69% the residents of DC voted to make Medical Marijuana legal. Up until last week Congress had blocked the referendum from becoming law. Because this year Congress failed to act the referendum has now become law. It may still be a while before DC residents have access to their meds because Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) and his admin. have yet to write the regulations, this is expected to take a few months. What is expected to be one of the most progressive MMJ  programs the Poor will be given free medicine.
More on the flipside.

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The recent decision by the Veterans Admin. to change the policy that barred VA Dr.s from prescribing pain killers if they knew the patient was smoking Medical Marijuana goes a long way to validate MMJ.

DENVER — The Department of Veterans Affairs will formally allow patients treated at its hospitals and clinics to use medical marijuana in states where it is legal, a policy clarification that veterans have sought for several years.

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It has become normal for me to read something I think should of been spread across the Frontpages, buried in some back section of the paper or website. That this Vienna Declaration has to do with AIDs and even worse, decriminalizing drug use, guarantees it being buried. More than ever it appears to be a Third Rail to our politicians as our Citizens waken to silliness and failure of the War on Drugs.

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We have been told by AG Holder that unless people in Ca. were breaking local laws that the DEA would leave them alone. Over the last couple months the facts seem to say otherwise.

The federal Drug Enforcement Administration has flouted Mendocino County, California’s newly enacted medical marijuana ordinance by raiding the first collective that had applied to the sheriff’s cultivation permit program.

Follow that Law and get busted ?

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Wed Jun 30, 2010 at 05:18 AM PDT

19 Is The New 420

by SmileySam

In the last few days the news surrounding legalizing Marijuana in Ca. is beginning to build. It starts with the name being given and from here on out to be known as Prop.19. Immediately afterward came the news that the Calif. Chapter of the NAACP will throw it's support behind the Prop. because of the way the laws have impacted the Black Community in a unfair manner.

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In San Jose the 26,000-member United Food and Commercial Workers Local 5 has signed up a new classification of workers with a eye toward more. This is a major step for the unions and may well help push the Ca. legalization ballot measure farther into the realm of acceptable Green Jobs.

"Union bud tender," said Carl Anderson, executive director of AMCD, an Oakland nonprofit medical cannabis dispensary that is going through the city's permitting process. The dispensary has 15 freshly minted union employees as it readies for an expected opening in December. "With full union health benefits and a pension," Anderson said.  San Jose union begins organizing pot workers  

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David Nutt, the British chief drug adviser has been fired because of his giving of his opinion that Marijuana, LSD, and Ecstasy are much safer than the gov. is treating them under the British drug classification system.

The UK’s drugs czar, who was sacked for publicly criticising government policy, has branded Gordon Brown and his cabinet "irrational Luddites".

Professor David Nutt, who was dismissed as chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) yesterday after he claimed that illegal drugs such as cannabis and ecstasy are less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco, is warning that more senior scientific advisors are set to walk out over the row over drug classification.

He was asked to resign by Home Secretary Alan Johnson, who claimed he has "lost confidence" in the expert’s political impartiality.

Sacked drugs expert, Professor David Nutt, hits out at 'Luddite' Government  

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