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You all suck. A lot of you wouldn't know what a progressive thought was if it bit you in the ass. To you, a progressive thought is whatever the Democratic party line spoonfeeds you. A tremendous amount of you are Democrats because mommy and daddy were Democrats. Churches and political parties are full of blind conformists that are simply towing the line they've been told to from the get go, with little regard to actual political thought, let alone progressive political thought. The amount of blind conformity that goes on in America is what fuels the corrupt two party system. DailyKos exemplifies blind conformity, and I regret any and all association I have had with it.
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Forced to pay attention to the 2014 midterm elections due to Texas' voter suppression efforts, the issue stirred up some interesting analysis that might get over looked by more "responsible" media outlets. Last evening during a brainstorming session, it came to mind that more attention is being paid to the value of the vote and little to the value of the voter.  
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No offense intended to the community, but I could not resist writing today on our favorite poster child.

Maybe you are already aware that President Barrack Obama was in town here in Milwaukee to stump for Democratic Governor of Wisconsin in waiting Mary Burke on Tuesday. I knew about his planned visit to the city earlier but other issues I have had with this President kept me from even feeling some sort of, well you know, anything.

What I did learn from his visit this time, though is pretty awful. I will not bash our guy this time in this diary. Lately there seems to be many many like me who do not trust this guy. So I will let you make up your own mind what to think of what I saw yesterday. One thing, that I have not seen written anywhere I will add here though. (spoiler alert: Immigration).

But first as I saw this video I felt sort of a lump on the pit of my stomach for the disrespectful showing of these folks just walking out on the President of the United states of America. I may not be able to see eye to eye with our guy, but I do not think that I could just walk away like these folks.

This just made me ask myself if I was justified in my own thinking of trusting the one person who we depend on to follow to victory during out hard times with Republicans.


I found this unfortunate situation very distressing in the face of what we here in Milwaukee are going through today. Personally I cannot wait for voting day so I can cast my vote for Mary Burke in an attempt to help kick Scott Walker out of office and out of the life of this wonderful state of Wisconsin and its people.

However, what we see in this video of people walking out on Obama is nothing new. We saw something identical to this video last week as the same thing happened when President Obama spoke in Deep Blue Maryland.

Obviously what disturbed me most of Obama`s visit to Milwaukee was that a woman, by the name Leilani Lopez heckled the president with one of my favorite peeves on immigration. As much as I would like to see this issue resolved, I cannot understand why I am so deeply touched by this immigration reform stalled issue.


   In the middle of the speech, Obama stopped momentarily as a heckler in the crowd shouted at the stage.

"The young lady is expressing her concern about immigration and the fact that we don't have a comprehensive immigration bill," Obama said. "The problem is she should be protesting the Republicans who are blocking it in Congress. That's what she should be doing."

The heckler, Leilani Lopez, of Milwaukee, said she was a Democrat who voted for Obama.

"I love my president," she said. "I have every right to criticize him."          

And Obama`s response blaming `Republicans who are blocking it in Congress` while at the same time telling folks that he will use his pen to fix this shit, does not help to make me feel any different for this president. Because, if ` Republicans are blocking it` then how does he intend to fix it on his own, by his presidential authority?

But then, this is only me.

I could care less if Immigration reform is fixed or not. What I care deeply about is being a Democrat that cannot wait to vote on November 4th. And that I do not need an ID to do so. It did not matter from the start. I have an ID because I need it.

Some here know that I am `new` on the voting scene. At my age, I slipped my first ballot through the voting slot when I became a member of this website not long ago. Never in my life previously had I voted for another human to speak for me - so to speak. So I am deeply disappointed that I cannot trust who I fu*king vote for to rule America and my life.

What I care about deeply is not being able to trust who I vote for afterwards. I hope that Mary Burke is different. And I do not mean different as in skin color either.

As I said, I am not bashing our guy here. But really dude Obama, you need to get your
program in order and dance with those who brung you. Some can even Rap too in Spanglish for your pleasure.

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     I could not believe my ears. as I travelled down the highway Wednesday night Thursday morning...The CNN report coming across my satellite radio kept up with the tag line...MOST ISRAELIS UP TO 95 PERCENT DO NOT WANT A CEASE FIRE THEY WANT A SOLUTION ONCE AND FOR ALL FOR THE PALESTINIAN ISSUE.  We seem to have gone 180 degrees from the gentle people who were victims of genocide. The ISRAELI people who were given Post WWII homeland in 1949 by the UNITED NATIONS are now locked in a battle with the people who previously lived in the displaced lands.

   How did we get here? Evidently the folks who live in the lands before the creation of the state of Israel were not actually deemed as people at the time. For what ever reason in the year 2014 it seems fundamentally wrong that the PALESTINIANS are being bombed by a people who are for every blood test that can be taken are merely their cousins... Yes a family feud... Even at the most basic level human beings are all related. ALL OF THE RACES ON EARTH ARE PART OF HUMAN RACE... SO FROM A GLOBAL VIEW ISRAEL HAS NO MORE RIGHTS THAN  PALESTINIANS.

As you can go any place on earth where conflicts loom and find commonality between the people that is usually not as contrasting in tones...more similarity than differences. These simple principles were espoused and promoted fought and died for here in the USA. However we have never really got it down to a pure level of humanity, this is where the key lies.



Is it time for Israel to do some soul searching?

76%131 votes
13%23 votes
9%17 votes

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Thu Jun 05, 2014 at 06:56 AM PDT

My Cancer Fight - Halfway There

by Unit Zero

Reposted from Divide by Zero by Unit Zero Editor's Note: Because these are the worst diaries I think I will ever have to publish. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. -- Unit Zero
I'm halfway through Week 4 of my chemo and radiation treatments and I'm back to give an update on how it's going so far.
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Thu Jul 18, 2013 at 11:47 AM PDT

Is George Zimmerman related to...

by Candy Randy

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Robert Zimmerman? Just asking. Dylan screwed around with a lot of women is his life time.

Never mind the Bull, here is my blog....

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yes i am a straight educated black man, not particularly religious but spiritual, a devoted obama supporter (as well as deval patrick in 2016) but i am strongly against gay marriage for several reasons, this story below is one of them and its a true story involving my own life.

"i am a semi wealthy straight man who is in love with two women".

they like myself are both professionals, one is a doctor the other is a lawyer, i am a television producer. i have young children from both women and we all live in the same city, new york city. they are ok with me seeing the both of them but have recently come up with a solution to make everyones life easier, they want me to marry the both of them to make everything legal and so if i were to ever die early they can get the insurance and there would be no problem with a contested will between them and my other family members.

but the problem is plural marriage is illegal in this country and no we are not mormons. again the women involved are highly educated professionals and have money of there own but they also both are deeply in love with me as i am with them, they are two completely different people and thats what i love about them, one is more conservative and the other more free if this government allows two guys to get married how about 3 people? at least we can have kids and make an even bigger family.

by troy, luz and ivette


are you for plural marriage

20%18 votes
33%29 votes
1%1 votes
44%39 votes

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Thu Jan 24, 2013 at 07:07 AM PST

Attack North Korea now?

by pasuburbdem1

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North Korea has announced new nuclear and long range missile tests and has bluntly and candidly stated that the tests are aimed at its "sworn enemy", the U.S.  North Korea's National Defence Commission stated: "We are not disguising the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the United States".  [Reported on the BBC News web site]

North Korea - UNLIKE IRAN  - poses an immediate and significant threat to the U.S., particularly locations such as Denver, Colorado and the west coast.

Perhaps it is time to launch a pre-emptive military strike on all of North Korea's missile, nuclear research, command and control and leadership sites.  We should not let China's opposition deter the U.S. from taking action against a nation that has now publicly made a nuclear threat against the U.S. homeland.  It may be time to act against North Korea militarily since the successive UN resolutions and sanctions have failed to work.

While the US should consider the opinions of our allies South Korea and Japan and of trading partner China, North Korea has now elevated its explicit threat against the US to a significantly higher level.   Doing nothing or doing again what has repeatedly failed over the last 15+ years (ineffective sanctions) are no longer acceptable solutions.

Such a strike on North Korea makes far more sense than any pre-emptive strike on Iran.  Taking such action against North Korea would be a powerful signal to Iran that when we state that "all options, including military options" are on the table, we mean what we say.

Reposted from Autonomeritus by kestrel9000

Just as the Second Amendment stands in the way of effective gun control and licensing, the Eighth Amendment stands in the way of true justice for murderers and molesters.  The one should be outright repealed, the other needs to be modified by a further Amendment:

In exception to the requirements of the Eighth Amendment, cruel and unusual punishment leading to death shall be mandatory for all crimes of mass-casualty terrorism, aggravated mayhem, or premeditated murder, and for all crimes against children; and further, such punishment shall be allowed for all violent crimes.
This Amendment would require judges to impose torture-to-death sentences on the worst killers, without the possibility of bleeding-heart liberal leniency standing in the way.  It would require our justice system to send child-killers to scream-hell before they died--true justice for the victims and their parents.  It would create a deterrent bringing real terror to the gut of every prospective perp.

Surely, a majority of Americans would support such a True Justice Amendment.


Thu Jan 10, 2013 at 01:59 AM PST

You F**ng Humans

by Autonomeritus

Reposted from Autonomeritus by kestrel9000

It's impossible to describe the nausea that civilized Galactic godminds have for primitive individualized cultures like yours.  Your pathological egotism and small-mindedness have as it were, a stink that offends us all.  Wonder why we've never come to visit your crapass little planet?  Take a look in a mirror.  We've got better things to do.  For the next ten million years or so.  While you grow up.

A few words of advice: first, get rid of your males.  Every civilization gets to the point where they entirely dispense with this archaic gender that causes most social problems.  That's right, all Galactic citizens are female.  Get over it.  Welcome to your distant future.  You've already got the technical solutions to make it happen, and your violent crime stats should be telling you loud and clear that it needs to happen.  A gender-specific engineered virus ought to do the trick.

Second, hurry up and straighten out your physics theories.  You have the most hilarious, convoluted ideas about physical reality.  Your so-called "string theory" is a comedy hit with some of our wavelengths... er, channels... well you don't really have a word or even a concept for godmind-microspectral-attention-quanta... never mind.  Focus on electrogeometry, everything else will follow so easily.  Haven't discovered it yet?   Just solve your "Maxwell's equations" for x, y, and z, and you're almost there.

So let's see, once you're unigendered and you've got basic physics down, you'll have a peaceful society with permanent, sustainable solutions to most material problems.  When we think you're ready we'll arrange for some unsuspecting nanochip engineer to "discover" level 1 of the galactic quantum network.  There's something like Wikipedia on it, and a bunch of tutorials.  That will keep you busy for a good million years or so.

Then we grant you formal recognition in your home starsystem.  And startitle.  The single most valuable asset your race will ever receive--transferable ownership rights to your own sun.  It's very important later in various complex cultural negotiations and... gaming.

Then you'll be ready to tackle the next 511 netlevels. Sorry, it took 9 billion years to produce all that material, and it's just going to take you a while to assimilate it.  When you do, we'll finally introduce ourselves personally so to speak.  See ya then...


Mon Dec 17, 2012 at 07:42 AM PST

Mayan Doomsday Prophecy Real?

by jkojak67

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On Dec. 21the Mayan’s 5,125 year Long Count Calendar comes to an end, at which point many people think that the world will destroyed in a fiery cataclysm. One scientist’s research seems to indicate that the Mayan prophecies may be real based on alarming new data. Danish Geophysicist Dr. Sven Hassel has been studying the cycles of the Earth’s magnetic sphere since the 1970’s, and his research has turned up some surprising evidence that may have potentially catastrophic consequences. See what he has discovered after the fold.


Will The World End on Dec 21st 2012?

4%10 votes
81%168 votes
14%29 votes

| 207 votes | Vote | Results

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Massa Mitt, please don't make me hit yo up side da haid.

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