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Hello Friends,
Things are rather stressful here personally, and when I looked around searching for a broader viewpoint, my thoughts turned immediately to this community.  I feel so comfortable here, it is as if there was no separation by wire. I know that I will find perspective, compassion and optimism here, things that I tap into quite often, and find that I need now.  So, please bear with this rambling post that has nothing to do with being a better progressive, but everything about being a better person.

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Mon Oct 08, 2012 at 07:37 PM PDT

Karl Rove's Handbook

by TheDuckManCometh

In researching the Republican strategies (syn: Karl Rove), I came across an interesting analysis of the G.W. Bush (syn: Karl Rove's puppet) re-election campaign that may be of interest.  It is the closest thing to a "Rove's" handbook that I've seen.  It discusses both the tactics used and suggests responses/countermeasures.  

Medical cautions:  Do not view if you suffer from high blood pressure, fits of rage, manic depression or thoughts of suicide.  Do not read if you have a history of computer abuse. Remove all sharp or throwable items from arms lenght before reading.
You should be 18 or older, or view with supervision.

Side effects:  Viewing may result in damage to household property, yelling, screaming, or thoughts of revenge.  Temporary hair loss, ringing in the ears and eye gouging have also been reported after viewing.


In addition;
Marianna76 published an excellent diary in June, 2011 that also deserves mention and a recommendation to revisit:  When the Left Borrows from the Right

Here is the direct link to the article discussed in her diary:
Fourteen Propaganda Techniques Fox "News" Uses to Brainwash Americans.

If you are truely masochistic, then there is always Rove's website.  Best taken in small amounts or with high doses of seditives.  I only mention it for use as a study guide after the previous articles.  Karl Rove

A brief outline follows after the o/0/o

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Sun Sep 30, 2012 at 03:47 PM PDT

The Fight for Yahoo

by TheDuckManCometh

I’m going to start with a disclaimer, that I really enjoy coming here.  It lifts my spirits and gives me hope for an enlightened future.  The amount of individual expertise here is unmatched anywhere else that I have seen.  I look forward to each visit for the nuggets of wisdom scattered along the way, and for the courteous manner in which everyone is treated.  It is almost like a liberal think tank for the web.  So for that, I thank you all.

But, it is an island.  A rather large one, as islands go, but is still just a small outpost in a sea of conservative hostility.  It is self reinforcing, and at times, limiting by giving the false impression that everyone agrees on the same issues.  Comments to the diaries become a case of preaching to the choir because everyone already agrees with the sermon.  The point that comes to mind is when I see the refrain of “Mitt’s done”,  “His campaign is over”, “might as well pack it in”, -but yet, there isn’t even a blip on the overall radar, and nothing has really changed.  I know I’m not saying anything revolutionary, the statisticians out there could explain in depth about the dangers of skewed, small samplings, and state the issues much better than I could.

My real point is just over the county line...

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