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As several diarists have already posted, it's time to sell Obamacare. People hate the "myth" that has been created around the legislation, but they LOVE the actual provisions of the act when asked about them.

The trick to selling something for which people already hold an aversion is to frame the issue in ways that appeal their own lives and to their own philosophy of life.

Here are some of my suggestions for reframing Obamacare as a "win" for the country.

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It is inevitable that people in your family will end up talking about the court case filed by various Catholic institutions and universities against the Obama administration's birth control requirement. It will be easy for family members to claim (as the Right has done) that this is an issue of 'freedom of religion' and that Obama is waging a war on religion.

When this happens, it is extremely important that you game out the situation and help them see the problem with their claims. This gaming out was used with flourish by opponents of the Obamacare mandate ("Then, what stops the government from mandating that you buy broccoli?") and will play a huge role in bringing people around to our side of the argument.

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Memorial Day allows us to remember those who have fought to keep us safe. I also believe it should be a day to remember those who have failed to keep us safe. This list provide irrefutable evidence of where Republicans and Democrats have come out on the question of national security.

The next time Liz Cheney, or Karl Rove, or Peter King goes on TV to complain about how Democrats are endangering American lives, I hope the person doing the retorting actually has a list such as mine handy. I am sick of Democrats allowing Republicans to take the stage on national security issues and I will beat back any claims otherwise with FACTS not myths.

Please feel free to email the list out to family and friends.

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After Clinton, of course, who managed to reform welfare, cut government employment numbers by 15%, accelerate free trade agreements such as NAFTA, and deregulate the banks.

Rachel Maddow said it best.

Below the fold, I argue that Obama is giving Clinton a run for his money....


Should we primary President Obama when he comes up for re-election?

35%64 votes
54%100 votes
9%18 votes

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"My administration does not negotiate with terrorists...and that includes economic terrorists. The Republicans in Congress are holding millions of Americans and our economy hostage and I will not allow them to further harm our nation."

Imagine how many heads in the Beltway would have exploded had Obama come out and said that? Imagine how the narrative would have been completely changed to putting the Republicans on the defensive had some offensive language been used.

The nation does not need more capitulation to four-year-olds. The nation needs some adults in the room, and that includes some stern words and, yes, perhaps even some hurt feelings.

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I just came across the best description of Obama and the Democrats in Congress in a comment on a recent Krugman piece. I just had to share it!

The Left, and this administration, reminds me of a guy who's not good at meeting girls, so he just doesn't try, and instead spends his friends' time moaning about how hard it is to find girls and how he's never going to find someone. He always sells himself short by pointing out his bad qualities rather than playing up his good ones, but won't stop doing this because he feels compelled to be overly honest. You're not gonna get it if you don't work for it, dude! You gotta work for it.

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I read a lot about how Obama is "spending us into oblivion" and "creating debts that we can never repay," so I decided to look objectively at Obama's initiatives and Bush's initiatives with respect to our deficits.

Obama has had two major spending initiatives: the Stimulus Bill and the Health Care bill. He also has to tackle the wars (winding down one and accelerating the other) because one cannot simply teleport 200,000 men and women out of a war zone.

Bush had three major initiatives: The Prescription Drug Bill, his Tax Cuts, and the Wars.

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Sun Aug 02, 2009 at 01:01 PM PDT

Where are our Slimeballs?

by TheOpinionGuy

One thing that Democrats always seem to forget is that, when it comes to the lives of millions of Americans, the ends justify the means when it comes to policy initiatives.

The list of slime that Rethugs have used over the years to destroy opportunities and ruin lives is almost limitless.

Misinformation flyers have been used to disenfranchise voters in numerous elections.

Outright lies about John Kerry's service were used to dissuade voters from supporting him, costing the Democrats the entire election and dooming the world to two Bush administrations.

Push polls and robocalls have been used to influence voter perceptions.

There is even an entire book on rigging elections and manipulating voter perceptions written by the Rethug operative.

My question is: Where are our slimeballs?


Where do you stand?

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35%11 votes

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One thing that perturbs me about Republicants is that they are wholly inconsistent in their views across domains. One day, they complain about "big government"; the next day, they are pulling a Terry Shiavo on the people.

In light of the pending battle over any Obama nomination to the Supreme Court, I suggest redirecting the debate and putting the opposition on its heels...with a little help from the bible.

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Linc did a wonderful job of debunking the VWRC Civics Test as a Wing-nut push poll.

So I started this diary to document some alternative questions that would test civics knowledge from a Progressive perspective.


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Mon Sep 15, 2008 at 09:55 AM PDT

527s Commercial Idea Repository

by TheOpinionGuy

I am so happy that Obama has decided to allow independent 527s to advocate for issues in this election.

I have decided to start this diary with some potential commercial scripts. Anyone out there who wants to use them is encouraged to do so; these scripts are provided free of charge with no claims of ownership to their content.

With the way the media works these days, just creating the ad and sending out a release saying that it will be shown in certain markets is sufficient for getting it shown to millions of people for free during the news. The Republicants have been using this ploy effectively for months now and it is time for Democrats to step into the fray.

If anyone has any other ideas, please include them in the comments. I will start tacking on alternative ideas so we end up with a repository of scripts for those with video making skills.

Note: I have several scripts that build off the Ten Commandments. These ads need to be targeted at the Appalachian belt. These are the people who honestly fear that Obama might be a Muslim, and turn to their faith for guidance.

We need to help them see how McCain's actions have been "un-Christian."

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