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Voyager 1 has officially crossed the heliosphere, left our solar system and entered interstellar space. 35 years in the making!!!

More here and here and references here

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Due to circumstances in the control of this website, and my personal ethics, I can never recommend DailyKos to another soul for the foreseeable future.

I've been all over the interwebs, tubes, and nets. I've seen more ends to the internet than most kossacks put together. AOL in DOS. APPLENET. I used Gopher to do research, wrote Trumpet Winsock scripts, and helped Microsoft troubleshoot a little packet issue they had with firewalls and Exchange. I'm the managing sysadmin for a billion dollar company. I've read Groklaw everyday since it's first month and run linux web server clusters that get millions of hits a day.  I have a low Slashdot number and a 5 digit ICQ number (not that I use ICQ since AOL bought em). I've been around these tubes.

After two years why will I never come to DailyKos after I hit the Publish key? Read on after the fold:: :: to find out.

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