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   On this memorial day weekend we should honor the millions of children who have died in wartime. They are the forgotten yet they once lived the same as us. They had mothers and fathers, they played stick ball in the street, They had hopes and dreams when they grew up. But alas they never did. Their tiny lives were cut short not by nature but by other foolish humans. Someone targeted there school or home or playground. and there upon the spot where the had so much joy they died in pain. Sometimes it was on accident but other times it was on purpose. Please keep these souls in your thoughts. Lets not let their memories die as well as their bodies.

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I am not someone who writes diarys often. And dont expect my grammar to be to good. However I want to introduce you to a wonderful lady. A woman who desperatley needs the kind of advice that the KOS community can provide. You see my aunt who lives near Spokane Idaho has M.S. To make matter worse  She will lose her house in 6 days.

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I have a cousin who is in the Army and is currently serving in Iraq. Over the past few weeks our fear for his safety has skyrocketed to epic levels. He has been subjected to sniper attacks and bombings that have left many in his platoon wounded. He is constantly in harms way every day and night.

The reason I am writing this my first diary. Is that I was on the phone with my mother. And she said something that gave me chills. She said her sister told her that my cousin is about to go on a operation That  "Will be bigger then Desert Storm." Those were his words.

I am trying to think of something that would be bigger then desert storm, and the only thing I can think of is Iran. I dont know if this is the case but it certaintly tracks with the rhetoric flying out of the Whitehouse. So is it possible that my cousin is about to attack Iran?

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