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Reposted from War on Error by War on Error

We ignore these people and their message at our own peril.  

Suggest reading this first:  A well-referenced Article that weaves the threads of the Koch/Famly/Bircher connections that can be found here.

80 Years of Planning! Since the 1930s as soon as FDR signed Social Security into law, they launched. Tycoons, Oil Men, and The Family!  What do they believe? That they have God-given Power. They are chosen.

"The Family" sponsored Prayer Breakfasts sounds so warm and fuzzy, and they are. But they are just the outer illusion of a Spider's Web of power and faux theocracy that has been gearing up for world dominance for 80 years, while we all thought we knew what our government was doing.  We didn't know about the real way business was done.

What have our politicians been teaching leaders overseas?  You can read the speech below that outlines the foundational principles being taught.  This should alarm everyone, regardless of party.

Most states are now governed by these "prayer breakfast" conservatives, whether Democrat or Republican!

2011 Governors

Please start the video, and follow the words with the transcript below. Reread the transcript to fully get the impact of what is being taught to youth worldwide as well.  Rick Warren teaches the same, almost verbatim.  His video is at the end.

A transcript of this video is provided below.

You know I rarely speak lightly.  Coe's words are used to justify the Dictators America has shored up for decades (Mubarak etc), the horrors of war, and the shambles our world is becoming.

Coe's words explain the billionaires' drive to dismantle unions and social safety nets here and abroad.

These teachings have been broadcast worldwide for 80 years!

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Reposted from War on Error by War on Error

I hope you will help spread this information far and wide via Facebook and Twitter (drop my avi name if you do Retweet:  My avi name (OccupyGreed) is censored from all twitter hashtag and search streams, so very few get to see my tweets that are looking for information.  You have my consent and permission to copy/drop my twitter avi/paste and publish.  It would be good to NOT loose this information.

You may also copy and publish this information without citing me.  I'm just trying to help people understand our dire circumstances and how we got to this place.  And it is dire.  I know this is long, but please read it and share with others.

Keep Standing UP!  I am proud of all who bravely do.

UPDATE:  This article was written in February, 2011 before OWS emerged.  I have edited and updated, providing some additional information.

THE TRUTH is unsettling; however, we MUST know how we got to where we are.  We must know The Plan being used to strip us of our freedoms by those who are using the word FREEDOM to hoodwink us. Please don't be hoodwinked.  Please take the time to read this well-cited article.  


Tired of feeling like you are in the dark, sensing the world is heading towards a precipice yet your powerless to stop it?  Feeling like your superglued to an orb spinning out of control?

Below are some snippets that connect the threads of an 80 year plan that haven't been completely connected by others.  The Kochs + The Family + The John Birch Society.  A very clever plan to grasp the world for the few, while squeezing dignity and even life from the many.

A specific faux Christian Plan has been spread and taught to politicians, dictators, corporate leaders, pastors, mullahs, power players.  Special attention and lots of financing are poured into youth training worldwide to create vessels of power.  David Bahati was chosen by the Family to be a Ugandan vessel of power, for example.

Secret Five (5) Key Men cells are in place. For a chilling wake-up, reality check, Google:  Stalin "five man cells"  Forming "Five man cells" is a very old and effective organizing technique.  

The same message is taught to all religious persuasions forming this worldwide Web of Power and Influence called The Family, a seemingly cynical reference to the Mafia.  

What is the core message?  Jesus Plus Nothing.  

In a process called Reconciliation,  US Senators open the eyes of Muslim Dictators and Mullahs.   Senators have helped them see the power of recognizing this truth.  After all, Jesus is mentioned in the Koran over 100 times. This all done in secret, of course.  On the surface, the media portrays the dramatic discourse of divisions.

Click here to read Doug Coe's Speech. Doug is the Key Man of The Family.  Rick Warren is one of many Pastors teaching leaders worldwide.  The Family are also teaching the same, quite frankly, frightening justifications to his followers worldwide :

You will find that, 80 years ago, in response to FDRs safety nets and unions gains, Abraham Vereide (founder of The Family), Fred Koch (a Vereide associate and one of the John Birch Society founders), many Politicians, Oil Men in particular, Pastors, and Industrial Leaders, began working quietly to end any/all Unions and Social Safety nets and to privatize utilities and government services.

This is a worldwide network so vast it's mindboggling.  Who are some of these people? How are they globally organized?  Read these eye popping lists.  The Technocrats:

List of American Financial Masters of the Universe and the European Masters of the Universe.

How are the threads connected?

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