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Wednesday, March 6

I’m not sure which of the above is the right description for what we’re doing. We’ve rented a condominium in a little town south of Portland, Oregon, in an endeavor to see whether we can survive in a land of green and rain after so many years in a sere land with little rain and abiding winds.

We arrived in McMinnville on a showery afternoon Tuesday, having spent Monday night with our friends in Chico. The pickup-load of stuff we brought survived quite handily. There was, actually, very little rain the bed of the truck. We had bagged and binned most of our stuff, with help of son Adam.

We arrived at ground zero at 4:45. We were happy to get all unloaded and make a quick run to Harvest Fresh, the organic grocery in our little town, to lay in supplies for dinner.

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Lindsay Graham is quoted by The Hill as follows:

"This idea of private individuals transferring their weapons and having to go through a background check makes no sense," Graham continued on Sunday. "€œBefore you'd expand the background check there are 76,000 people last year who failed a background check and less than 1 percent got prosecuted. There are 9,000 people in 2010 failed a background check who were felons on the run, so before you expand background checks to include private individuals let'€™s put resources into the current system we have."
He's missing the point (or perhaps obfuscating it).

76,000 people didn'€™t get a gun, at least 9,000 of them legitimately and likely many more.

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Fri Dec 14, 2012 at 12:26 PM PST

Tragedy in Newtown, CT

by Unsung81

I just watched President Obama's brief remarks.

I wonder how long it will be until we hear that if only the teachers were carrying guns, this could have been prevented?

Guns don't belong in schools.

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