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We just got a story about the #WeAreKoch hijack prank accepted by BuzzFeed.

WeAreKochs on BuzzFeed

Go to BuzzFeed and share. Share like you're never shared before!  Let's get it trending so we can expose Koch Industries to people who may not already associate them with "lies, greed, fascism, hell, scat, or vomit"!

Here are the original posts from DailyKos that launched the story (which were community-submitted):
The Original Post
Story with Embedded Tweets


Previous social media fails like #McDStories may have left users with a bad taste in their mouth, but it is hard to imagine a bigger fail than Koch Industries' efforts.  To be fair, it's challenging to whitewash a brand that many people associate with election shenanigans, but it is hard to imagine a worse social media fail.

Their attempt to portray a wholesome company born in America's Heartland ended up associating their brand with ethical lapses, excrement, vomit, reactionary politics, and even the gates of Auschwitz!

Sorry that it's two pages on Storify, but it is definitely worth turning the page!


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