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Vermont has a Republican Governor – Don’t ask, it is a long story.

But like most Republicans he is a double-speaking, hypocrite, that is trying his best to run Vermont into the ground.

Unimportantly, but very funny, is how HIGH Gov. Douglas wears his pants.

So recently, Gov. Douglas met with Pres. Obama on the stimulus. Douglas was very excited to be seen with Obama in the oval office and made national news for being a Republican supporting the stimulus.

NOW with the help of an artists rendering (as illustrated below) we know exactly what Obama asked Gov. Jim Douglas during the meeting:

"What IS the deal with your pants? I mean, really, man. They're halfway up your chest" - Barack Obama

Join the Facebook group: Jim Douglas - What's the deal with your PANTS?

But back in Vermont... his budget cuts everywhere, worst at state services and schools. Typical Douglas, typical GOP.


Snarky? The cartoon is...

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Yesterday, you may have read that Gov. Howard Dean is coming back to Democracy for America. Here’s what he had to say:

I'm returning to DFA and I have to admit, it'll be nice to work out of my old office in Burlington. I'll also be hitting the road with you, stumping for grassroots candidates and advocating for the issues that matter most to you and me. For one, I think you know that healthcare for all is an important issue to me. I look forward to working with you to pass meaningful reform that makes sure that every American has the care they need.

TODAY the good Doctor is looking to celebrate five years of Democracy for America working to move America forward:

On March 25, DFA members will come together for a nationwide Birthday Party and conference call. I'll be there joining my brother Jim, some special guests, and DFA members across the country to celebrate the past five years and look forward to the successes of the next 50.

Will you host a DFA Birthday Party in your neighborhood?

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Wed Jan 14, 2009 at 11:00 AM PST

Lieberman Chair makes me depressed

by adamquinns

Kargo X has the new Senate committees out...

And they all look fine except this one. Which makes me depressed, or is it as mad as hell?!!?

Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

  1. Joseph I. Lieberman, of Connecticut, Chairman
  1. Carl Levin, of Michigan
  1. Daniel K. Akaka, of Hawaii
  1. Thomas R. Carper, of Delaware
  1. Mark L. Pryor, of Arkansas
  1. Mary L. Landrieu, of Louisiana
  1. Claire McCaskill, of Missouri
  1. Jon Tester, of Montana
  1. (tba)
  1. (tba)

Should Lieberman be Chair of Homeland Security?

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