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According to NewsOK Republican Congresswoman Mary Fallin is getting married.

For the folks who didn't know, Mary Fallin is known as the Lt. Governor who had an affair with the State Trooper that was on her security detail.  This was before she was the Congresswoman for the Oklahoma 5th district.  Since then whispers have come from numerous Oklahomas who say they've "dated" Fallin, I've even herd roomers about another married man having an affair with her, earning her the alliterative nickname Mattress Mary.  (its unclear who made the website, but it looks to be a rogue individual not a past lover)

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Lt. Governor Jari Askins just sent out an email about a recent endorsement from the Elk City Daily News which endorsed her late last week.  Publisher Larry Wade is known for always endorsing first but he's also most known for his spot on endorsements as he came out early for current Governor Brad Henry and former Governor David Boren.

From Askins Email

"Mr. Wade is not only a highly respected publisher of long standing, he seems to have a unique ability to pick winners who are dedicated to government reform, bipartisanship, and fiscal responsibility. . .

As Larry reminds us, his paper was the first to endorse David Boren and Brad Henry for Governor.  I like the company he keeps and am proud to join it!"

Lt. Governor Askins has posted the endorsement on her website for those who want to read it - the Daily News is not available online.

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A fellow blogger of mine at Everyday Citizen just write a piece about the KSGOP ties to C Street's The Fellowship cult.  The interesting thing is the denials from Rep. Todd Tiahrt who continues to say that he's not affiliated.  

Local media picked up the story here with a video report out of Wichita.

"After several blogs here and crossposted to DailyKos that have gained a lot of traction, local media in Kansas is starting to take a closer look at the right wing religious cult behind C Street's The Fellowship. . .

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This week Texas and Oklahoma are pushing Voter ID bills that would require all voters to show either their drivers licenses or state issued ID or voter registration card when they vote.  These laws work to reduce the number of people who are able to vote most often the elderly, young voters, African Americans, Latino Americans, and communities of color.  

According to a release by the Student Association for Voter Empowerment (SAVE)

At least in the case of Oklahoma, college and university IDs will be considered valid. Representative Joe Dorman (D-65), who insisted on their inclusion, said, "I worry a poll worker might not allow the driver's license of an out-of-state student enrolled and registered to vote in their college community. I commend Rep. Sue Tibbs (R-23), who introduced the bill, for recognizing the importance of allowing these voters at both public and private institutions the opportunity to use this ID should the bill become law."

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All day the mainstream news has been reporting the so-called Voter Fraud on the part of ACORN that has registered over 1.2 million people to vote in low income areas of the country.

THE FACTS: - all people who do voter registration are REQUIRED BY LAW to turn in the forms that they receive, whether they are valid or not.

What ACORN does when they register someone to vote is then turn around and verify that the person is who they say they are.  When the person can't be found ACORN then flags them as suspicious.  When they turn them into boards of elections (which again they are require to do) those suspicious ones are flagged so BOE's can deal with them accordingly.

Where the controversy comes in is that this is all a grand voter suppression tactic being used to scare those same low income voters that have been registered by ACORN from voting because they think that their registration might not be valid.  If you notice... these are being contested in very close swing states as part of a Republican ploy to slow down the process and scare low income voters.

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According to Prime Buzz from the Kansas City Star current replacement District Attorney Phill Kline, who according to the video at KCTV 5News doesn't even live in the district, is now seeking a full term.

You would know this guy from previous hits that include "Feed me Slimfast" and "Those Records aren't Private."

According to Prime Buzz

"Kline told a gathering of supporters in Olathe that he will file Tuesday as a candidate in the county Republican primary.

Kline became the county’s district attorney in January 2007 after the county Republican Party’s precinct leaders elected him to complete Paul Morrison’s term. He said in September that he wouldn’t seek the office this year. But last month, he said he was reconsidering and might run after all."

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Fri May 30, 2008 at 07:17 AM PDT

Dragging Congress to 2.0

by alicescheshirecat

A few times this year bloggers got the wild hair to start talking about the potential we have to bring more people to our government by making Congress more 2.0 friendly.  

Stoller went off about the Franking Laws that are out of step with reality back in March and I've not stopped thinking about it since then.  Well, in reality I had been thinking about it before that back when Obama's campaign announced that it would make the Chief Technology Officer a cabinet position.

Franking Rules are decided by a committee who decide what members of Congress can do in outreach to their constituents.  Sometimes too much outreach from a Congressional office can be seen as "campaigning" and the Franking Rules protect taxpayers from essentially paying for campaigns and creating an unfair advantage for incumbents.

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Mon May 26, 2008 at 02:56 AM PDT


by alicescheshirecat

For the past few weeks news sources have talked about the dangerous influence alternative fuels have on our cost of food.

"The recent rise in corn prices--almost 70 percent in the past six months--caused by the increased demand for ethanol biofuel has come much sooner than many agriculture economists had expected. . . And that increase, says Marshall Martin, an agriculture economist at Purdue University, "is the main driver behind the price increase for corn."

No disrespect to Marshall Martin, but the price of corn isn't quite a simple as blaming it all on biofuels.  

I spoke with Jim Martin (no relation to Marshall) who is on the Federal Technical Advisory Committee for Biomass Research and Development, and he confirmed that blaming it all on ethanol neglects a number of other factors that don't always fit into a 30 second analysis.

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Fri May 16, 2008 at 02:43 PM PDT

KS-Sen: Slattery Nearly There

by alicescheshirecat

With only an announcement former Rep. Jim Slattery is just within reach of Sen. Pat Roberts with tons of time to make up the rest.

According to a recently released Rasmussen Poll

"The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Kansas voters found Roberts leading Slattery 52% to 40%.

The incumbent leads Slattery by twenty-one points among male voters, but just six percent among women.

The Democratic challenger leads Roberts by three points among unaffiliated voters. Roberts earns the vote from 82% of Republicans while Slattery attracts 75% of Democrats.

From an ideological perspective, the candidates are tied at 46% among moderate voters.

Roberts is viewed favorably by 60% of Kansas voters and unfavorably by 34%. Slattery’s numbers are 46% favorable, 38% unfavorable, and 17% of voters are not sure."

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A truly interesting and extensive piece appeared over at the MAINstream Coalition's blog today that discussed an upcoming ballot initiative in Johnson County, Kansas that would move county judges from being appointed by a panel to being elected by the public.

The instigate of the ballot initiative is of course another wing-nut who thinks that by making judges become elected he would score a bunch of conservative judges - ignoring the fact that this will definitely not be the case, especially among the members of the Johnson County Bar Association.

The piece links to a 2007 AP story on the Tim Golba as well as info on the specific bill.

"Tim Golba of Lenexa, who led the petition drive, said he wants fair judges but also believes they should be held accountable by the public for their decisions and have to explain their positions on such things as abortion or school finance.

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AmericaBlog posted a piece a few minutes ago linking to a article alluding to the fact that Bill Clinton has continued to have numerous affairs even in recent years.

"Slate just published a piece about a new book about Bill Clinton, called "The Clinton Years." Slate reports that the book includes an "old rumor" about Bill Clinton continuing his philandering. While the Clinton campaign has done a good job of embarrassing the press, and the Obama campaign, away from mentioning these rumors, the Republicans won't be so reticent in the fall. To paraphrase Clinton surrogate Evan Bayh, this is the kind of thing that Swift Boats are made of.

This is the first time a lot of people are hearing about this particular rumor. (Though Joe and I knew about this particular rumor a good year ago. We also know far more details about the rumor than Slate has revealed. But Joe and I chose, until now, not to report on it because, well, we still find ourselves pulling punches for Hillary's scandals when nobody on her team pulls punches for Obama's.)"

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Tue Apr 29, 2008 at 09:22 AM PDT

KS-Sen: Connected Leadership

by alicescheshirecat

Former Congressman Jim Slattery is making his way through Kansas today officially announcing his candidacy for the US Senate against Pat Roberts (R).

Slattery for Senate has launched an unbelievable website, beautifully designed (complete with amazing video) showcasing his history of leadership and his life as a Kansan.  I've spent the past year poking fun at websites in state and the extent to which people seem far removed from the web 2.0 explosion that has captured everyone in the country except for Kansas.  Slattery's team gets technology.  Perhaps that's because he's 200 years younger than his opponent.  Or because Joe Trippi is consulting.

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