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I've recently had a back and forth email discussion with a friend of mine about economic issues. He basically said "they're all to blame", holding both parties equally responsible for our economic problems. I felt it necessary to reply, and I thought my response might be useful to some of you. I hope you find it interesting enough to share.

Please comment if you have any thoughts to improve this discussion. Thanks.

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It's not easy being "fired up" when we're feeling left out and betrayed. We worked VERY hard to get Obama and other Dems elected. And instead of delivering the CHANGE we HOPED for, they've been giving us compromises and political calculations that seem a lot like the same policies we worked so hard to end.

If Obama and the Democratic SUPERMAJORITY had delivered some PROGRESSIVE and LIBERAL changes, the base of the Democratic Party would be FIRED UP. I'd be fired up. Instead, we're feeling left out, ignored, and betrayed. I hope this loss in MA will be a major wakeup call.

Of course, Republicans and mass media will claim Dems need to be more "centrist" to gain independents. But the truth is, Obama won because he got the LIBERALS in this country to stand up and take action. Yes, WE did. And we still can, if we're fired up.


Michael Connell was a Republican IT Consultant accused of electronically stealing votes from Kerry during the 2004 election. The investigation is ongoing, and Connell was a key witness.

Connell was also an experienced pilot. A civil attorney wanted him placed under federal protection, because the attorney had confidential information that Karl Rove had threatened Connell and his wife.

Connell had cancelled two flights in the last two months due to possible sabotage. Connell has now died in a plane crash.

Key witness against Bush and Rove DEAD in suspicious plane crash!!


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Last night, David Letterman finally had McCain back on his show. Letterman NAILED McCain on everything from taxes on small businesses, getting Bin Laden, his angry rallies, Sarah Palin's qualifications, Bill Ayers,and his own connection with Gordon Liddy. LETTERMAN BASICALLY CALLED MCCAIN OUT ON HIS ENTIRE CAMPAIGN OF LIES! See for yourself!


Back-story: McCain was scheduled to appear a few weeks ago, but cancelled his appearance due to the economic crisis, when he suspended his campaign. But then he went to Katie Couric's show during the same time instead, and spent the rest of the night in New York. This pissed off Letterman, and he's been hitting McCain hard since.


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Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 08:02 AM PDT

I Need to Say This

by barindersharma

Anti-Muslim Propaganda = War Profiteering!!

There is a holocaust going on right now in the Middle East, and it's supported by the lies, distortions and ignorance against Muslim people. And there's a lot of indirect persecution going on against every good and decent person who happens to have brown skin. Every single person who pushes a political agenda or profits at the cost of this persecution and genocide should be tried for war profiteering. WAR PROFITEERING... that's what the words mean! And I mean everyone from the president all way down to the merchants that ship anti-Muslim DVDs in their mailings. I'm tired of looking the other way while these people do this out in the open with no regret. This is the greatest country in the world, and we are supposed to stand up for what's right.

Pro-McCain Group Dumping 28 Million Terror Scare DVDs in Swing States

Did anti-Muslim documentary spur Ohio mosque gassing?


Have you been persecuted against since 9/11?

7%1 votes
46%6 votes
30%4 votes
15%2 votes

| 13 votes | Vote | Results

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Wed Oct 15, 2008 at 03:40 PM PDT

McCain Campaign Lobbyist-Free??

by barindersharma

I think I must be losing it... What planet do these people live on?? It seems the McCain campaign resides in an alternate universe where facts don't mean anything. They make things up as they go along, and they seem to just get away with it. I really can't keep track of all the lies, but here's the latest whopper - The McCain campaign claims they don't have lobbyists in his campaign?!?

McCain Spokesman: No Lobbyists Here!

IT IS WELL KNOWN - McCain's campaign has over 170 lobbysists in his campaign. The TOP SEVEN people running his campaign are ALL LOBBYISTS.

Check out this site -

All I can say is - Wow. Lying about everything, all the way to the election... Good luck with that strategy. How's it working out so far?


OK, I mean six months ago, when Hillary was attacking him for the same nonsense.

There's a reason John McCain didn't bring this up in the second debate. Obama would respond with COMMON SENSE and make McCain look like an idiot. Like this:

Obama tried to answer the question and put it to rest, but Hillary pushed it farther. If McCain tries to push back also, Obama might respond with a counter-attack, like this one:

He could easily respond by mentioning any one of McCain's MANY questionable connections.


Will McCain Mention Ayers in Wednesday's Final Debate?

14%31 votes
19%43 votes
5%12 votes
23%50 votes
37%81 votes

| 217 votes | Vote | Results

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Does anyone else see through the political lies and realize what's going on here? The media is focused on the weak "connection" between Ayers and Obama, and they're completely overlooking the fact that the GOP is smearing Ayers as a "domestic terrorist". Timothy McVeigh was a domestic terrorist. The Weather Underground were radical activists. What's the difference between a radical activist and a terrorist? Propaganda.

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This might sound strange, but I'm actually applauding John McCain for something he did recently (not enthusiastically, just a golf clap). I'm very skeptic about how sincere he is about it, or how far he will go. Apparently, McCain disagrees with how his campaign has been run so negatively, which means he's not the person actually running it.

Then again, it could just be another part of the act. Maybe he's putting out the fire he started with one hand, while fanning it with the other?

McCain Tries to Tame Flames He Earlier Fanned

McCain Pushes Forward With His Campaign Of Hate


Are McCain's "calming" efforts sincere?

10%14 votes
77%102 votes
11%15 votes

| 131 votes | Vote | Results

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You have probably heard of this person, but don't know much about him... Can you guess who it is?

Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

1987 - Ed.D, Columbia University, Curriculum & Instruction
1987 - M.Ed, Teachers College, Columbia University, Early Childhood Education
1984 - M.Ed, Bank Street College, Early Childhood Education
1968 - B.A., University of Michigan, American Studies

Interests include teaching for social justice, urban educational reform, narrative and interpretive research, children in trouble with the law, and related issues.

2005-6 - Randolph Distinguished Visitng Professor, Vassar College
2005 - Distinguished Scholar, McKissick Museum of Education, University of South Carolina
2003 - Visiting Scholar, Lesley University 1999 - Distinguished Professor of Education
1997 - Senior University Scholar
1996 - Doctor of Humane Letters (Honorary), Nazareth College

This person lives in Chicago, is a respected professor, and is a member of the board of an anti-poverty charity. He is famous because Obama was also on that board.


Do you need to know more about Obama's "connections"?

3%6 votes
12%22 votes
23%43 votes
37%67 votes
23%42 votes

| 180 votes | Vote | Results

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You may hear a lot about Barack Obama being "the most liberal senator". But really, how liberal or conservative are Obama and McCain? Luckily, the resourceful folks at have done an independent objective study to answer this question. According to the Ratings Table below, out of 100 Senators, with #1 being most liberal and #100 being most Conservative:

Barack Obama is rated #42 - 8th closest to middle!
John McCain is rated #96 - 4th most conservative!

*note: Joe Biden is rated #48 - 2nd closest to middle


The "Obama is the most liberal Senator" myth comes from this questionable National Journal study: They also named John Kerry "Most Liberal Senator" in 2004. They change their rating scale to fit the democratic nominee... Coincidence? It is suspect at best.

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This Halloween, have fun while showing your support for Senator Obama by dressing as a Hero for Obama!

Dress up as Superman for Obama, Batman for Obama, Captain America for Obama, Abraham Lincoln for Obama, John McCain for Obama, or come up with your own creative ideas! Whatever costume you decide to wear, remember to add an Obama button, Obama sticker, or other Obama gear to show your support.

Halloween is just a few days before the election, and it's a perfect opportunity to have fun and show your support. Be safe, have fun, and tell your friends to vote for Obama!



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