Euro Win/Win versus American Polarized Dichotomy

I have yet to come across a cogent discussion of the global war being waged by the majority of multinational corporations against local democracies. Such a discussion must needs also assess some underlying differences between the USA and the EU, in two arenas: (1) the social contract (the “safety net”), and (2) what incentives influence social behavior in support of, or to the detriment of society’s core values. So, here’s my analysis of that “war,” and of those two variables.

Western Europe – mostly multi-party Parliamentary democracies – has steered a checkered, sometimes staggered course, between the needs of The Market – which does need to be unencumbered enough to generate money to reward investors (and which helps pay for a government’s social safety net) – and an equally arguable need to pro-actively support the defined basic rights of Everyman, based not on his or her wealth, but the basic fact of their citizenship.  In discussing Europe, note that I do not use the dichotomized word “versus.”  For that is a Puritan/Yankee concept which does not apply there.  Read on!