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I can't be in Ferguson tonight.

I can't join in a march to peacefully defy a rioting police force.

I cannot lay my body over to protect the young ones being injured for the "crime" of standing outside after sundown.

But as Dee's diary todayreminded me, there are some things I can do to support those who are there.

In Ferguson.


Join me below the curlicue of defiance for suggestions of how to support.

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I've just passed 9 years on the Great Orange Satan website, and one of the highlights for me was a few years back when we had a great long drive to raise gift subscriptions before the lifetime subscriptions went away.

So, last year I did a mini drive of my own for annual subscriptions, which while much smaller, was also very satisfying.

Third time makes it tradition. :)

So, I invite you to tell me who I should give a gift subscription to.

Nominate yourself, or someone whose writing you admire, or some other member for some other reason.

I can probably manage three gift subscriptions this year-but if anyone else wants to join in the fun, all the better.

Floor is open for nominations.

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Wed Sep 25, 2013 at 09:16 AM PDT

Texas, not Texas

by boadicea

A few months ago, we had a bit of a problem that caused us to move our url to

If you followed us there, thank you, and we're happy to have you, especially as Texas gets more-interesting, shall we say, in 2014.

Recently, it appears the old url got freed up, and someone else with an interest in Texas Politics has bought it.

As yet, there is no content over there, so I don't know what shape it will take, and we wish them every success in making their own particular thing.  

It's just not us, so remember, for real Texas Kaos, you want .net, not .com.

 We have a governor to elect, among many other fights in 2014. I'm sure would not want confusion to reign any more than does.

See you in the fight.



As I explained elsewhere, while I'm a lifer, and find Daily Kos invaluable in ways small and large, I'd much rather give a subscription than do a straight up donation.

I'm guessing there are others who'd like to do the same, and we don't always know who to give one.  So far, everyone I've looked at already has a sub.  

But there's this money burning a hole in my virtual pocket...

So, I'm open to suggestions.  I think I can scrape up three subs myself, and I invite you, my fellow kossacks, to suggest who I should spend that money on.

Or, if you'd like to join me, and do the same, feel free to join in.  

Whether I'm able to gift you, or someone else does, please know that you are part of what makes Daily Kos special to me, and I hope 2012 ends with you happy and surrounded by love, and 2013 brings us all renewed vigor for the fights ahead.


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Tue Dec 20, 2011 at 12:12 PM PST

Trust Us, We're the CIA

by boadicea

Remember the furore when Oakland Mayor Jean Quan  let slip that the violent responses to the Occupy movement were coordinated with the Feds?

Well, between the claims and counterclaims it gets a little murky about who under Dept of Homeland Security exactly was working with whom on what. And if the  DHS was involved, and the FBI, what other depts might be engaging in this organized smothering of free assembly with mass arrests, kettling, and pepper spray (wait, I thought that was a condiment)?

One way to answer the questions is to file a FOIA with the departments that might be involved.

Watchdog group the  Partnership for Civil Justice Fund filed one with the CIA specifically about the Brooklyn Bridge mass arrests.  

 Follow me under the fleur de kos for resolution of the cliffhanger...

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The Texas Progressive Alliance stands in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin as they bring you this week's blog roundup.

Off the Kuff examines the Perry/Combs slap fight over Amazon's decision to leave Texas rather than pay taxes.


Who do you want in charge of the womb closest to your heart?

100%28 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes
0%0 votes

| 28 votes | Vote | Results

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Sat Oct 16, 2010 at 11:18 AM PDT

How Can We Ask This of Them?

by boadicea

We ask so much of our service members and their families.

We ask them to put themselves in harm's way.

They do it, whether the civilian authority in charge is wise or foolish.


Do you know any gay military personnel or veterans?

48%16 votes
45%15 votes
6%2 votes

| 33 votes | Vote | Results

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My father always told me-"when people tell you who they are-BELIEVE THEM."

Kay Bailey Hutchison is touted as a "moderate" Republican despite her voting records on immigration or reproductive health or, well honestly, I don't know why anyone thinks she's moderate except that she doesn't appear to be a secessionist like Governor Perry.

But when she really has a chance to be moderate-to demonstrate for all to see that she has the chops for leadership of a soon-if-not-now majority minority state, here's what she REALLY thinks of her Latino constituents.

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Wed Jul 01, 2009 at 07:59 AM PDT

Time for Homophobic Generals to Go

by boadicea

By this time, most of you probably know about the exchange between Pres. Obama and Lt Col Fehrenbach.  I want to focus on this part of the AP Story:

Fehrenbach said after talking with Obama, he felt confident "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell," would eventually be repealed. But he said he was not sure it would happen before he is discharged. His case is before the Personnel Review Board, which is considering whether to recommend discharging him. After that, it will go to the Air Force secretary for review.

He said Obama told him that while 75 percent of the public supports repealing the policy, senior leaders in the military still need to be convinced.

"I said to him, ‘The people I serve with don’t care,’ " Fehrenbach said. "This is a nonissue."

I understand that rank has its privileges, especially in the military. However, those privileges should never extend to the point of endangering national security to indulge their own homophobic prejudices.


Who should be asked to leave the military?

5%4 votes
60%44 votes
30%22 votes
4%3 votes

| 73 votes | Vote | Results

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New ad from Team Noriega:

They're asking for help to get it up on the air in these crucial last few days.  

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I blame Kos, and his Leave Everything  On The Road talk.

I don't want to wake up Nov 5, and still have John Cornyn as a Senator from the state of Texas.

There are a lot of things I can't do right now due to health issues, and I already early voted for Rick.

But if Rick and Melissa and the rest of Team Noriega can keep running through the finish line...

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Mark your Calendars for Saturday July 19th 7:00PM to 10:00PM.  As the Netroots Nation conference winds to a close Saturday evening, come by Bay6 Studios in East Austin:

Kick Back and Kick it Up before We Kick 'Em Out!

PhotobucketSponsored and hosted by Texas Kaos and Bay6 Gallery.  Featuring music, food, drink and  agroup art exhibition of work by Texas artists with a political theme titled: Photobucket

"Blogging from the Right Side of the Brain."

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