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Sat Jan 05, 2013 at 01:02 PM PST

Is Chuck Hagel a Republican anymore?

by calchala

Seriously, of all the possible reasons to oppose Hagel's nomination, the issue that he MAY be a republican may be the most asinine. But even that is suspect as this interview from this past March showed.

Hagel Questions GOP status

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I thought I would do just a random opinion poll here on Dailykos. Everyone knows the Supreme Court is likely to rule on the ACA next week (either on Monday or as late as Thursday).  

The question becomes as to how the court will rule and what standard that sets going forward. So here's my question: How do you think the court will rule on the ACA and why? Please also show how you'd think each justice would vote and what the political fallout would be.


How will the Court rule on the ACA ?

24%34 votes
45%64 votes
20%29 votes
9%14 votes

| 141 votes | Vote | Results

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We're in what, April? With 7 months until the election, Romney is ALREADY selling access to lobbyists for his presumed inauguration in January.

Inauguration Access Nine Months Early.

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Per Ed Kilgore, it appears that the Catholic Bishops will be calling for "disobedience" and outright partisan war during the summer over the birth control mandate.  This story ain't going anywhere any time soon.

Bishops escalate Culture War h/t Ed Kilgore

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Big Problem, coming up, as I noted above, Liberals are really going to need to kick things into gear. Karl Rove and the Koch brothers are teaming up against the President.

Crossroads/AEA team up ad against President Obama

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As the title suggested, beginning next week, Karl Rove is starting up his planned 200 Million dollar attack ad onslaught against President Obama.  We're going to need to be ready to counter it and need to help the Obama campaign counter it.

Karl Rove begins Attack on President Obama

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As the title indicates, Fmr. Rep Alan Grayson, while driving his mercedes ran a red light and crashed into a Bus, and injured some folks on it.

Alan Grayson runs red light and crashes into Bus

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Yep.  It's safe to say that Romney's Swiss Bank Account issue is going to get FAR FAR Worse, thanks to an interview by the Boston Globe with Romney's Investment Advisor.

Interview with Romney's Investment Advisor

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As noted above, the WH feels it has the power to confirm Richard Cordray to the CFPB and thus overcome partisan objections.  This is going to turn into a big fight because the precedent will be set.  

The announcement for Cordray to the CFPB will be coming on Wednesday in Ohio (Cordray's Hometown)

WH Believes It Has Power to Confirm Cordray

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David Weprin, a mostly progressive democrat running for Anthony Weiner's seat in NY might go down in defeat unless Progressives start ramping up their efforts to get him elected.  

He's losing because he's in an orthodox Jewish Community and Ed Koch (who's still highly popular in that district) has been running a campaign against Obama due to his middle east policy, in which he thinks he's been too tough on Israel.  

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Goodwin Liu, the 39 year old wunderkind who's got brilliant written all over him looks like heading toward defeat tomorrow according to the AP.  

AP: Liu heading toward Defeat Tomorrow

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According to Ben Smith at Politico, the IRS is about to do something HUGE with regards to anonymous funding.  This may end up killing (or at least drying up a good chunk of their funding) before they get off the ground in 2012.  

IRS Gift Tax Move Could Hit New Anonymous Groups

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