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This week's Merkley Progressive Roundup is brought to you by the 100 Towns For Change Tour. While Gordon Smith hides behind fat-cat fundraisers and trumped up media events, Jeff Merkley is holding town halls and meetings across the state to listen to Oregonians about the issues that matter to them.

Jeff's campaign can only fight back against Smith's onslaught of negative television ads with your help. PLEASE DIG DEEP.  I know that you're being deluged with requests for cash--so am I.  This race is absolutely winnable, but only if Jeff can fight back on the air.  

And now to the Roundup!!

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Last August, I was offered the job of a lifetime (for me):

Jeff Merkley hired me to be the Netroots Outreach Coordinator for his U.S. Senate campaign.

I started my blogging career as one of the co-founders of Preemptive Karma and later as one of the co-founders of Loaded Orygun. I managed to do some pretty decent work over at those blogs that I’m very proud of. I worked very hard to write solid, independent pieces that reported the goings on in Oregon politics and culture from my progressive perspective.

I interviewed Jeff in 2006 just after the Oregon House flipped from the Karen Minnis led Republican hands to Democrat, due in large part to Jeff’s personal effort and strategic vision. I remember being so impressed by his sharp mind and thoughtful way of speaking. And the way he looked me in the eye when he talked to me—unabashedly honest.

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[Cross posted at Loaded Orygun, journal of politics and culture in Oregon.]

I wish I knew where the editors of the Oregonian reside. It sure as hell isn't the same Oregon where I've been living for the last four years.

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[Crossposted at Loaded Orygun, hotspot for Oregon news, information and culture]

Over in Oregon's 30th House District, constituents have been recieving phone calls asking if folks will put up a lawn sign on behalf of GOP candidate Everett Curry. Curry is running for an open seat against Democrat David Edwards.

This is no great shakes on its face.  Its common practice to cold call people in a district in an attempt to garner their support.

The funny part about this call however was that it appears to have come from a tax-exempt religious organization. That would make it illegal.

(Pick up the rest below the jump, please)

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Yesterday at Preemptive Karma, Kevin picked up on the idea that lefty blogs are ceding the noise machine on Iran to the rightwingers.  So being a researcher at heart, I decided to check out what the blogs were saying about Iran.

While sifting through the drivel that passes for Instapundit, my eye caught a post referencing the Howell-Post-

Reynolds/Instapundit had provided a link to Kokonut Pundits, who used a Yahoo cache to retrieve some of the comments that had been removed by the Post.

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Mon Dec 05, 2005 at 12:16 PM PST

OR girl rape story--not statutory rape

by Carla

(crossposted at Preemptive Karma)

Our quiet little corner of Oregon has touched off a blogosphere firestorm.  

The story of the 17 year old Oregon girl accused of filing false rape charges against 3 young men has spawned at least one misconception, which I'll clear up here.

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(crossposted at Preemptive Karma)

I've had a sneaking suspicion for quite some time that radio host and conservative dingbat Lars Larson was one Crayola short of a full box.  

Maybe it's an effort to boost his sagging ratings.  Maybe his admiration for Fox News freakshow Bill O'Reilly has finally caused him to lose what little scruples remained. Whatever the case, Lars has decided to rent space in Portland's Pioneer Courthouse Square in order to erect a cross.(more after the jump...)

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Sun Nov 27, 2005 at 04:59 PM PST

What Patriotism Means To Me: An Essay

by Carla

[crossposted at Preemptive Karma]

During our years of schooling most of us at one time or another were required to write essays in which we had to regurgitate our beliefs on a topic.  This morning on CSPAN, a series of callers did their best to imitate those essays. And the topic was patriotism.

Predictably, call-ins ranged from the It's My Country, Love It Or Leave It to the its incumbent upon us to criticize everything rants.  

So what does it really mean to be a patriot?  Clearly there are varying degrees of ideas that fall within the ranges of the notions outlined by the CSPAN poles.  It occurs to me that many of my fellow citizens however confuse dissent with disloyalty.  The Republican Party has worked hard to take advantage of this conflation in an effort to demonize those of us who have spoken out against the war in Iraq.

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Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 05:14 PM PDT

Is it three strikes yet?

by Carla

How many national/international disasters does it take before people stop genuflecting before Bush?

I find myself wishing that all those who just couldn't wait to get up on their political hobbyhorse and ride to glory over the corpses of Katrina's victims would take a minute to sit down in a quiet, soothing place with a refreshing beverage, take off their shoes and socks, wiggle their toes a little, and then carefully cram those socks into their mouths before anything else escapes.

--Jane Galt, Assymetrical Information

(more after the jump)

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I haven't seen this anywhere else so apologies if it's already come up. The blogosphere has been all over the attempts to swift boat Major Paul Hackett in the Ohio 2nd Congressional District special election. Blogger Eric Minamyer (a Republican) shamed himself by his disgusting questioning of Hackett's service in Iraq. Minamyer has since backed off claiming that he's now satisfied that Hackett served in a combat capacity.
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Thu Jun 23, 2005 at 08:17 PM PDT

Rove: Distraction 101

by Carla

I admit: I fell for it.  I let them reel me in like a hungry fish.

But then I realized...Rove doesn't do this sort of shit by accident.  There's a very good reason.

This type of rhetoric won't help Bush's poll numbers.  The American people aren't that stupid.

So why do it?

It's a distraction.

With poll numbers tanking...Rove needed to find a way to get the Downing Street Memos and Gitmo torture off the lips of TV/radio talking heads.  He has to get it off the front pages of blogs.

Not if I can help it.

Nevertheless...your ass should be fired.  Or at least have the decency to resign.  


Wed Jun 01, 2005 at 04:23 PM PDT

Anatomy of Impeachable Offenses

by Carla

In January of 2003, John Dean (yeah...that John Dean) wrote an article for entitled Is lying about the reason for a war an impeachable offense?

Dean lays out the specific claims made directly by Bush (which in and of themselves are highly specific) that had turned out at that time to be false.  Dean also notes that these claims were made out of incompetence or a deliberate attempt to mislead to war.

Yesterday's Boston Globe column by Nader and Zeese further cements the need for an investigation of Bush with the revelation of the Downing Street Memo.

I blogged about this today at Preemptive Karma but I think it's a crucial Constitutional issue and worthy of Kossack's attention:  Did the POTUS deliberately lie to the American people and the world in order to go to war with Iraq?

This issue MUST be investigated by Congress.  That won't happen unless there's a constant outcry and drumbeat from the citizenry.

Please, PLEASE contact your Congressperson, write letters to the editor of your paper...TAKE ACTION.

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