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There is a disturbing trend of rightwing states and rightwing politicians in more moderate states of attempting to opt out of Federal laws.

So it should come as no surprise that it would be an Oklahoma Republican looking to exempt his state from abiding by the new Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act. And although this disgusting display of support for violence isn't likely to come of much, it's still a symbol of the Christian right's desire to advocate for violence against GLBT Americans from the pulpit, behind closed doors, in the street, and on dark country roads.

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I'm seeing some light on the horizon after reports that Sarah Palin's new book is essentially a rewriting of the tired old re-re-hashing of Bushano... I mean Reaganomics. Same difference after all.

As a political manifesto, it mainly offers bromides tested by Republicans past, especially Ronald Reagan, rather than any solutions to 10.2 percent unemployment, deficits as far as the eye can see, or Afghanistan.

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Every member of my unit abused Iraqis -Donald Payne, 1st member of the British Armed Forces to be convicted of war crimes

Bring the troops home now. There are war criminals fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan this very moment, and they're fighting in our name.

It's not just a few bad apples.

Even the very bullets, bombs, and defensive smoke we're using to supposedly protect the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan are poisoning their land and leading to birth defects.

These too are war crimes, and they continue.

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Despite the hyperventilating claims on Fox News and shows like Rush Limbaugh that Obama's stewardship of our nation's flu response has resulted in a "new Katrina" of child deaths, the reality is that more children have been saved by Obama during this flu onset and a smaller percentage of those children that were hospitalized with flu have died.

Despite a much more serious flu strain that targets children more than in the past and a shortage of vaccine due to pharmaceutical companies misleading the government on their production capabilities (revenge for healthcare reform?), Obama's administration has done an extremely effective job at educating the public and working with doctors and hospitals to save a larger share of sick children than past administrations have.

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Jim D. Adkisson is a Fox terrorist if Nidal Hassan is an Islamic terrorist. And unless Fox News takes responsibility for their role in leading and inspiring their own terrorists, they have no legitimacy in condemning conservative imams.

An imam is a Muslim spiritual leader, and the precise definition depends on the particular family of Islam being discussed. Imams aren't just religious leaders, they're cultural and political leaders too. They're all three. This is also how fans of Fox News view men like Sean Hannity. He more than anyone except maybe Glenn Beck is their ideological, political, and spiritual leader. Yes spiritual.  Hannity wears his Christianity on his sleeve and demands that America is in fact a Christian nation and that our political values MUST therefore be Christian.

There is no difference between the place a fundamentalist jihadist imam holds for his followers and that which Sean Hannity holds for his. They're just on opposite ends of their contrived Holy Wars.

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Many in the liberal community have problems with the biases of religious charity groups and the impact they have on the poor people they serve. The following article explains how the Catholic Archdiocese in Washington DC is threatening to end aid for the poor if same-sex marriage becomes law.

Catholic Church gives D.C. ultimatum

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