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On Tuesday, Sept 7, Senator Durbin of Illinois opens  long-promised congressional hearings to investigate predatory, illegal practices by for-profit college chains, including Kaplan Higher Education, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Washington Post. Kaplan Higher Education derives 85% of its revenues from federal funds, and we the people have been robbed; but that is only the tip of an iceberg.  Kaplan has also penetrated into local public education, in for-profit markets the public doesn't even know exist.  Because the Washington Post relies on Kaplan for 62% of its total revenues and almost all of its profits, it is agressive and brutal in its retaliation against any politicians who oppose its education-profit agenda.  It will take courage for senators to turn over these rocks, and determination for citizens to find accurate reports.
long-promised congressional hearings

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Congressional action can save the New York Schools
War has finally broken out, on both coasts, over whether profit-driven corporate management entities will seize our urban school districts to run as they see fit.  Most dramatic is New York City, where organizational backbone has suddenly appeared in the City Council. People are finally taking a close look at the money flowing OUT of public education, and into the pockets of the edubusiness "philanthropists" and their corrupt toadies. In this Gotham Gazette expose of the "Fund for Public Schools", we see how the Bloomberg administration created a "non-profit" foundation front, which does not need to file financial disclosure statements, submit contracts for bids, or meet public disclosure requirements in its sub-contracts, because it is a supposedly private entity.  

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Thu Mar 19, 2009 at 09:11 PM PDT

Who is Running Our Schools?

by chemtchr

I'm a chemistry teacher at a low-income public high school, north of Boston. I campaigned and contributed furiously for Obama, but I'm not the "Teacher Unions" bogeyman.  I'm a teacher. I've been posting comments on for about 18 months as chemtchr, trying to expose the for-profit edubusiness entrepreneurs  who seem to have taken control of my school and my state.  

In Massachusetts, these profiteers are backed by the right-wing Pioneer Institute, but I have found that they overlap everywhere with AIG billionaire Eli Broad's "public interest" foundation.  Now it looks like the same people are about to change hats and ride in higher than ever on the Obama administration.  Can we stop them?

I signed up on Kos, and am pulling myself together to blog about it. I want to share the links I have found, and give others an opportunity to come forward and link to other work I haven't found. Does anybody know any people currently leading this fight?  

Hello.  is there anybody out there?


What do you see as foundational concepts for Ed reform?

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