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It's very simple, really.  We as adults must make sure that children in our society are safe from harm.  It's one of the most important facets of any society.  Those who are the most vulnerable, those who represent our future, must be protected from harm.  When we know that a child is in danger or being abused and/or exploited, the need to rectify that usurps any other responsibility.  

So what would any reasonable person do if they know that a child has been abused or is being abused?  They call a group of people our society has warranted special privilages in order to maintain law and order; a group afforded a great deal of power in hopes that they wield it wisely and responsibly to make our world a better place.  Surely they will protect the innocent?

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When focusing on increasing shareholder wealth with integrity, the corporation can be a positive force of lives and community.  They can employ, creating opportunities for their employees and families, while valuing and rewarding the sacrifices those employees make to contribute to corporate goals.  They can provide needed products and services for their customers, at a good quality and price.  They can benefit their communities in several different ways, through charity or otherwise, recognizing that without the community they could never be successful.  

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