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Wed Sep 03, 2008 at 04:38 PM PDT

Palin "The Heroine" Saves McCain

by clb8

I mentioned to a friend on Monday that an important factor being overlooked with Palin was the archetypal image she represents: The Heroine.  And it's a hard one to beat.

Past American political heroes are burned into our memories: The Founders, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Reagan-- the list is different depending on what you find heroic, but you get my point-- all are considered Heroes.  And heroes are nothing if not inspiring.  Politicians call on them to motivate every manner of good, and harm, in American voters.  Just ask Iraq.

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Tue Sep 02, 2008 at 08:51 PM PDT

Palin’s Family Matters

by clb8

Based on ad hoc street interviews broadcast by local television stations in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday, it would seem that Sarah Palin's unwed, underage, 5 month pregnant daughter is not a factor related to Mrs. Palin's fitness to serve as vice president of the United States-- or in any way a reflection on the judgment of the career politician who chose her to do so-- John McCain.

I strongly disagree with that position, and fortunately I found someone-- a conservative!-- to help me explain why.  From David Brooks at the New York Times:

"My worry about Palin is that she shares McCain’s primary weakness — that she has a tendency to substitute a moral philosophy for a political philosophy."

Though just a passing phrase in Brooks op-ed that goes to an entirely different argument, he unwittingly establishes why Bristol Palin’s pregnancy is a matter for public discussion, so let me run it down...

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Just in from Phoenician liberal media talk host Jeff Farias:

You wanted a way to keep AA Phoenix on the air?   Well, here it is.

Station hosts Mike Newcomb, Jeff Farias and other KXXT alumni have located a valley station with a 10,000 watt signal on which they intend to relaunch Air America.

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How a three month old story and its cartoons were planted in front of insult-prone Muslim eyes (and who put it there) is important as it links to Arab-International affairs, no doubt, but "Is that a bomb on your head orange are you happy to see me?" jokes aside, the link to this Dane's attempt to extend for the rest of us an insight into how inoffensive the cartoons appeared to Jyllands-Posten's average readers (including Danish Muslims) is equally important for an entirely different reason.
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Stacy Davies first project, The Barbara Boxer Rose Campaign (which Kossacks spread across the blogosphere) was a great success.  Starting as a selfless act of gratitude for the Democratic Senator who took a stand for "We The People", Stacy gave us all a way to create a Feel Good moment in a real Feelin' Bad time...

Stacy's new project is again inspired by an elected representative's action, but this time the stand being taken is quite different.  California Governor Schwarzenneger now sits in the unique position of signing the country's first legislation allowing same-sex marriage, but he won't.  He will instead veto the bill, and that got Stacy moving...

More below the fold...

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Mon Jul 25, 2005 at 08:31 AM PDT

How Crude: Blair Blows Bush

by clb8

'Crude' but spot on, this Greenpeace video clip is too sad, too seemingly true. Should I say enjoy?

Oh, and many thanks to the Museum of Left Wing Lunacy for the heads up!

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Newsmax brings you: Justice Department Probing Durbin, Rockefeller CIA Leak:

The Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into whether Democratic Senators Dick Durbin, Jay Rockefeller and Ron Wyden leaked details about a secret "black ops" CIA satellite program last December in a move that may have seriously compromised national security, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense Jed Babbin said on Saturday.

More below the you-know-what...
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Mon Jul 11, 2005 at 04:36 PM PDT

Ice Caps Expanding?

by clb8

Help. I'm having a 'discussion' with a winger on a rightie site about global warming and he's offered the following research to back his position that no, there is nothing warming...
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Not more than 20 minutes ago the most chilling voice I've heard on my telelphone this year announced to me the call I had answered was Focus on the Family with a poll.  It was prerecorded and uninvited began--while my mouth just gaped open wondering how the hell these cretins got my number--with the (paraphrased) question: 'Are you aware that Senate Democrats are holding up nominations of qualified judges?  I answered, in the time gap now being left for my response with a cold, icy, drawn-out 'Ye-es'.  Next question: 'Do you think Senate Democrats should continue to be allowed to block these otherwise qualified judges from nomination?'  (I wanted to scream) but instead stated 'Absolutely'.  Next (and last) question (and this is the nauseating one): 'Do you believe that mariage should only be between one man and one woman and should be consitutionally protected?'  In my mind I was wondering how to hack their site and post porn, while my voice firmly stated 'Absolutely not.'  In closing the recording stated 'Without a yes, no or maybe response this poll is now concluded'.

How c-r-e-e-p-y.  And why is this group tax-exempt?

As comments on my original diary on this topic slowed (especially after a comment that according to Snopes, the Codex 'price scare' was a legend) I found myself thinking twice; in this Raw Deal era where black is white, could there still be some truth to the story? I decided to check with German friends anyway...  
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I don't normally go for alarmism (except in my politics) but this has me seriously weirded out.  According to an email I received from an associate and a cursory Google search, the 109th Congress could soon help us 'comply' with what I think is a terrifying (now voluntary) WHO policy that in the past we have skated past.  

The banning of supplements would cost you...?

30%8 votes
3%1 votes
7%2 votes
23%6 votes
34%9 votes

| 26 votes | Vote | Results

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An email from a local peace activist just appeared in my inbox.  Among the items was a letter covering information in which some here may be interested:
The US House of Representatives is expected to vote on H.R. 27, "The Job Training Improvement Act," next week. This is the first vote on the faith-based initiative in 2005 and a crucial vote for the 109th congress.Simply put, this Bill allows religious organizations receiving federal tax dollars for their job training programs to discriminate based on religion when hiring staff.
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