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Many of you know that some of us kossacks have formed our own guild in the MMORPG game, World of Warcraft.  Our guild is called "Wreck List."  We've been having fun...dungeon raids, power leveling, building our bank tabs, etc.  So I thought I'd update folks.  Also, in the previous diaries on this topic, some people commented about how the diaries or the encouragement to join in the fun were not clear enough for those not familiar with WOW.  I've only been playing WOW since November 2008.  I was kinda busy until then....

So I thought I could help out those people new to and perhaps intimidated by World of Warcraft.

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....Not the tax policy you paraphrase from Rummy.  
The ravages from Hurricane Katrina are like no disaster we've ever seen, but not for one second can we forget that it has been made far worse by our own government.  Our own government!  What is the federal government supposed to do if not respond to something on this scale?  But conservatives for years have been firing people up with crap that the government shouldn't spend your money.  Well, I think this disaster has blown up that argument.  
Individuals can not respond to this like a coordinated, fully funded, efficient, organized government effort.  I have given money, offered housing.  I am not a doctor.  I do not own a truck, plane or boat.  If I had these things I would be on the road bringing food and water to the victims.  But I am just a social worker in Maine.    
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Tue Nov 02, 2004 at 06:59 PM PST

We got game in Maine

by cmairead

Been at the GOTV for MoveOn in Waterville, Maine since 7am. A beautiful orchestrated chaos.  We had volunteers from far away towns in Maine, out of state and our own locals who have been working hard for weeks.  We had an AMAZING turnout for our "unlikely" voters.  ...Although they never considered themselves unlikely; they were motivated and pissed.  Thank to all our volunteers and if you're reading this-- this is Colleen.  Now for those of you out West, get out there, feed the troops, get the voters out, have fun!
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