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My friend Martin Weinberg is running for Circuit Court Judge, Criminal Division Place 3 in Birmingham, Alabama. I asked him some questions, first personal and then about the race. Hopefully this helps Martin in his campaign. We would really appreciate comments that could help him with this race.

Personal Questions:
CA: On your website it says that your family ran a department store called "Cotton's" for over 90 years. What does it mean to you and to the community to lose that store?

MW: Wow.  It was really touching when we closed. So many memories of working in there as a kid learning values of hard work. Humility. Community and civic involvement.  Hearing from customers about how much it meant to them that we were one of first stores to give credit.

To African American customers and then how my grandfather told a mob of folks to get the hell out of his store when they told him not to hire a black salesperson. It's a two way street. Folks were loyal to us and that patronage put me through school. It means a lot to me to know how much goodwill we had.

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This Wednesday we lost six year old Jennifer Lynn Kranz to a cancer called DIPG.

Jennifer is my sister-in-law Stephanie's goddaughter and was the flower girl at their wedding this January. We've known since last fall that Jennifer had this cancer and that there is no cure. So, the decision was made to move the wedding to a date she could still attend. Jennifer is surely in Heaven now and I know it's like the magical beach day pictured above from just five weeks ago. I don't know how to describe how sad I am for my new sister and her best friend's family, but I can say that I'm so thankful they had that amazing day together. It was an absolute blessing in the midst of a 6 month long nightmare.

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Ed Schultz is at it again, on his show last night he threatened to withhold support for Democrats if they touch the Big Three. He did this in 2010 when talking about Dems not extending unemployment insurance passed 99 weeks.

And I'm announcing today, I'm not gonna vote in the midterm. I'm not gonna do it! You can say it's un-American. No, it's rather revolutionary is what it is. I'm at that point. I'm checking out. I'm checking out of the Democrats because they are proving to me that they don't know how to handle these big babies over on the right that say no. You know what  you do? You get in the driver's seat, you hit the throttle and you run over 'em. That's what you do. And the Democrats just don't have the guts to politically do that. So they have to be taught a lesson.
It was ridiculous then and it was the last thing we needed that year as Koch fueled campaigns took over precious state governments as well as the House. Now he's writing a bullshit legacy for President Obama that ignores the fact that he expanded Medicaid by $1.03 trillion over this and the next 9 years with the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Add on top of that strengthening Medicare and the expansion of sCHIP and what you get is the legacy of the best friend the big 3 have had in fifty years.
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Thu Dec 20, 2012 at 01:42 AM PST

Here Comes the Catfood!!!

by CornSyrupAwareness

It's key smashing time again on the internets. Obama has crossed us again and left us for dead. Figuratively and literally and once again figuratively. He's just that mean.

The great and wise coalition that once ago warned us the payroll tax holiday would undermine Social Security, are letting us know about the new threat to Social Security, in the new deal (the one that reportedly lets the payroll tax holiday expire. cough)

And this time, Pelosi's in on it... and Reid too... boy are we gonna let Obama have it for getting them involved!

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I came up with the concept for this image and a good friend of mine did the artwork. It's based off of Mitt Romney's comments that anyone who questions his work for Bain Capital is just jealous.

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There is a highly organized wave of new voter ID laws in Republican controlled swing states designed to keep down the vote from the poor, young and powerless. Thanks to the Supreme Court's decision in Citizen's United v. FEC, in 2010 tons of corporate cash was used to buy up control of state legislatures and/or governor seats in swing states like Ohio, Florida, Missouri and Wisconsin. EJ Dionne covered this story in the Washington Post.

Sometimes the partisan motivation is so clear that if Stephen Colbert reported on what’s transpiring, his audience would assume he was making it up. In Texas, for example, the law allows concealed handgun licenses as identification but not student IDs. And guess what? Nationwide exit polls show that John McCain carried households in which someone owned a gun by 25 percentage points but lost voters in households without a gun by 32 points.

Besides Texas, states that enacted voter ID laws this year include Kansas, Wisconsin, South Carolina and Tennessee. Indiana and Georgia already had such requirements. The Maine Legislature voted to end same-day voter registration. Florida seems determined to go back to the chaos of the 2000 election. It shortened the early voting period, effectively ended the ability of registered voters to correct their address at the polls and imposed onerous restrictions on organized voter-registration drives.

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Let's take a look into the way back machine.. 2009 the zombie-blue eyed Michelle Bachmann found a way to stick President Obama with that year's especially nasty outbreak of flu.

"I find it interesting that it was back in the 1970s that the swine flu broke out then under another Democrat president, Jimmy Carter. And I'm not blaming this on President Obama, I just think it's an interesting coincidence."

Politifact got that one right and rated it; a pants on fire lie.

Let's juxtapose that quote with Mrs. Bachmann's of last night.

"I want to express my deepest gratitude to the men and women of the U.S. military and intelligence community. Their persistence and dedicated service has yielded success in a mission that has gripped our nation since the terrible events of 9/11. Tonight’s news does not bring back the lives of the thousands of innocent people who were killed that day by Osama bin Laden’s horrific plan, and it does not end the threat posed by terrorists, but it is my hope that this is the beginning of the end of Sharia-compliant terrorism."

Sharia-compliant terrorism? No mention of President Obama's involvement? No fist bump for the flu guy?


How does the media treat Democrats that are this crazy?

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This morning I was privileged to be woken up to Morning Joe at 4:20 in the AM. I was in the middle of a dream where I was on the set of Meet the Press and about to be interviewed. The birther topic was on the table, and boy was I nervous. But I had a pretty good idea what I was going to talk about. Anyway, I awoke to see the inspiration of that dream, and it was Morning Joe discussing the birth certificate issue. They had Bob Woodward on, and he claimed that the birther issue was manufactured outrage by the media.

Mika couldn't understand this. "The President had a press conference" she said. And Woodward fired back, with something like, "he has a press conference every day, and it's not covered like this." Well that ended that argument.

More below the fold

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Loudmouth Republican Congressman Allen West from Florida committed war crimes while he served our armed forces in Iraq.

The case stems from an incident August 20 at a military base in Taji, just north of Baghdad, when West was interrogating an Iraqi policeman, who was believed to have information about a plot to assassinate West with an ambush on a U.S. convoy.

In testimony at an Article 32 hearing -- the military's version of a grand jury or preliminary hearing -- West said the policeman, Yahya Jhrodi Hamoody, was not cooperating with interrogators, so he watched four of his soldiers from the 220th Field Artillery Battalion beat the detainee on the head and body.

West said he also threatened to kill Hamoody. Military prosecutors say West followed up on that threat by taking the suspect outside, put him on the ground near a weapons clearing barrel and fired his 9 mm pistol into the barrel.

Apparently not knowing where West's gun was aimed, Hamoody cracked and gave information about the planned ambush on West's convoy, thwarting the attack.

And 7 years later he gets elected to the House of Representatives as a Republican. This would be more shocking news, but it's not the first time we've told you about war criminals that find a nice home in the Republican Party machine. In 2009 we wrote about Alabama Congressman Mike Rogers' campaign and congressional chief of staff Christopher Brinson.

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Is it any wonder that Republicans want Donald Trump to be President? Casinos operate in a way that's pleasing to the Fox News viewer. Inside a casino there are strictly defined winners and losers. The winners are given their own high roller sections, and given what all winners deserve, free stuff like comped luxury suites. They are kept away from the losers by cameras and big security guys and their own elevators. The losers get their pockets emptied, and maybe a free drink to comfort the loss. But the dream is still dangled in front of them, they are just one jackpot away from being winners themselves.

The winners have their $1000 burgers with gold flakes and truffles, and the losers are lined up at the starch trough to stuff their face with the cheapest possible edible items. The winners take the elevator to ground level and go shopping in the Ferrari store, the losers take their tickets over to the plastic crap and candy store. The winners get front row seats to Celine Dion, the losers get to look at the pretty impressive water fountain. Is this not the America that Fox and their friends are constantly pushing for?

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Many people say the Boehner Congress hasn't created any jobs. Republican Economist Mark Zandi goes further and says the Ryan Plan will cut 1,700,000 jobs in its first two years.

Economists across the political spectrum  are warning of the threat that cuts to government services pose for job creation and growth in the near term. Most recently, economist Mark Zandi forecast that the Ryan-Republican plan will  eliminate 1.7 million jobs in its first two years  . But deep cuts to investments proposed in the Ryan-Republican budget plan will also set back the long-run growth and competitiveness of the U.S. economy.

But not to worry. Eight years after that we'll all be swimming in jobs at health insurance companies. Think about all the cash that is going to flow into Big Insurance from both the government and from seniors and their families. When the voucher doesn't cover expenses, BAM that's more money from seniors and their children who support them into private health insurance conglomerates. They'll be hiring like crazy and we'll all get rich!!

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Last night I attended President Obama's Kickoff Rally for the 2012 campaign in San Francisco. The ticket said the event would start at 5pm, but not a thing got going until 7:45. And no one there seemed to mind. I've been really sick lately so I was a bit worried about when we'd get out of there. And I couldn't partake in the alcohol that was flowing quite nicely.

First the California chair for Organizing for America took the stage and got everyone chanting the 2012 slogan, "I'm in". Next up was Jerry Rice who warmed up the crowd and emphasized teamwork. Jerry has a big heart, and is not well known as a public speaker. But it was still nice to see him there in support of our President.

Then DJ Hope and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas took the stage. I believe it was Fergie, no one introduced her, but it was clearly someone with a lot of talent. (My other guess was Alicia Keyes). She performed six or seven songs to a receptive crowd, and spoke about how women's right to choose was under attack.

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