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You know I have been following the "death of newspapers" debate, as well as "bloggers vs. journalists" debate, and "do we need science reporters" debate for a long time now. What I have found - and it is frustrating to watch - is that different people use different definitions for the same set of words and phrases. "News", "reporting", "media", "press", "journalism", "Web", "Internet", "blog", "citizen journalist", "newspapers", "communication", etc. are defined differently by different people. Usually they do not explicitly define the terms, but it is possible to grasp their definition from context.

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Wed Jan 16, 2008 at 09:03 AM PST

Democrats Win Debate, Russert Loses

by coturnix

I always try to watch debates by erasing all of my prior information, just like a "virgin" voter, seeing the candidates for the first time.  And with such a mindset, I have to say I was proud to be a Democrat last night!  There were three formidable people up on the stage, obviously intelligent, thoughtful, capable and passionate.  

It was easy to like Hillary while she was talking, and Barack when he was talking, and John when he was talking.  They also seemed completely equal - there was no sense of the media-driven "two-person" race on that stage last night - it was unquestionably a three-person race although Obama had 12 minutes more of face-time than Edwards (with Clinton in-between).

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Back in July, the House of Representatives passed a bill that requires all the NIH-funded research to be made freely available to the public within at most 12 months subsequent to publication.

The equivalent bill has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee earlier this summer and will be up for vote in the Senate very soon!  In advance of this important vote, The Alliance for Taxpayer Access has issued a Call for action:

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The first Science Blogging Conference was a great success.  The second one will, hopefully, be even better.  You can make it so if you attend!  How, where, when, what?  Under the fold....

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When technological or social changes start altering the business landscape in a particular industry, people involved in that business tend to respond in three general ways:

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I have just posted the exclusive science interview with Sen. John Edwards on my blog.  

All the questions are related to science (and yes, it was not easy to cut down the number of questions and the length of each question - there is so much to ask) and they should be of interest to the readers of this blog: science education, global warming, energy, food production, space exploration and pandemic preparedness are some of the topics covered in the interview.

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These two articles in Colorado Springs Independent and Denver Post are just the latest in an ongoing saga about the move by the U.S.Army to expand its Fort Carson base to include an additional million acres of land full of historical and prehistorical monuments, from wall paintings to dinosaur fossils.

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My SciBlings (a nickname for bloggers on Seed Magazine's Chris Mooney (the author of "The Republican War on Science") and Matt Nisbet just published an article in 'Science' (which, considering its topic is, ironically, behind the subscription wall, but you can check the short press release) about "Framing Science"

This is not a simple topic, but I will try to organize my thoughts in some way....

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Friday is a Science Day on DailyKos, so this may be right day to make this announcement.  

There are hundreds of scientists here, as well as thousands who enjoy the Science Friday posts and diaries (even when they are not politically charged, e.g., on global warming or Intelligent Design).

In the first edition of the The Science Blogging Anthology, DK was represented by this post by DarkSyde. But Darksyde is far from being the only one writing about science on DailyKos.  I personally love the weekly marine science diaries by Mark H.

Several Kossians also attended the first Science Blogging Conference in January. Anyway, under the fold is information about the plans for the second conference and the second edition of the Anthology.  Go back through the 'science' tag and nominate the best posts and diaries for inclusion in the next years' book.

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Sun Feb 11, 2007 at 11:09 PM PST

Happy Darwin Day!

by coturnix

Last year, I collected the links to notable posts about Darwin Day and posted them here.  That was fun, so I decided to do it again.  

I checked the Technorati and Google Blogsearch and took my picks that you can see if you click here.  I will update that post several times today and move the post to the top of the page in the evening.  If you want your Diary or a post on your own blog to appear there, please e-mail me at: Coturnix AT gmail DOT com.

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Fri Feb 09, 2007 at 05:43 AM PST

On Edwards, Bloggers, and Religion

by coturnix

Ah, why do I have to be so busy on a news-filled day (no, not Anna Nicole Smith)?  I barely saw the computer today. I'd get home, have about 5 minutes before I have to go out again and so on.  NPR did not mention Edwards until 4pm or so (that I heard in the car), so when I first got home I only had time to open e-mail, scan about 50 new messages, home in to the one that had the news, open it, get the links and quickly post without more than a quick skim of the statements by Edwards and others, let alone any time to add commentary (except for what the title implied I felt at the time).  And then there were comments I did not have time to respond to.  And all the other blogospheric responses I was missing...Ah, well.  The family is asleep so I'll try to catch up now....under the fold:

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Wed Jan 17, 2007 at 10:57 PM PST

Science Blogging Anthology

by coturnix

The first of its kind, phenomenal, unbelievable collection of the best science blogging in history has just been published!

Timed to coincide with the first Science Blogging Conference, this anthology of best 50 blog posts from science and medical blogs is now available for sale.  You can find all the information about the book, including the blog-typical democratic process of choosing 50 best posts of all time, at this URL.

You can check out all 218 finalists here and the Final 50 here.

The anthology was published by can buy the book here.  The collection contains the following blog posts:

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