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I've worked on a number of campaigns that could be considered "astroturfing", i.e. where a few wealthy individuals/foundations fund a professional organizing drive, funding local "grassroots vendors" do specific, contractually bound work on whatever policy folks are funding.  I worked on campaigns meant to help the passage of the ACA, Dodd-Frank, and a few other things, so I'm used to seeing the hallmarks of something that's coordinated in ways that indicate an "astroturf" campaign.  I know we're supposed to act like this is something only done by the Koch Bros, but every side does it, in this day and age.

So, I've gotta say that this "Occupy Ivy League and other Elite Colleges for the Environment" campaign is just really poorly done.  If you want to know why I think feel the need to say something, follow me across the Cheeto.

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Look, I know it's tempting to grab this brass ring, but it's morally bankrupt.  I'm sorry the administration f'd up the marketplace website, but they did.  That doesn't make it ok to throw folks(like me) under the bus.  Get your damn messaging right and blame the market health insurance system.  


Our frontpagers...

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This isn't much of a diary, but I can't believe that this video didn't get a ton of attention on dkos.  I know he eschews voting(which I disagrre with), but for the sheer value of watching someone destroy Britain's version of David Gregory, using only the most basic of facts, it's worth a watch.

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Hey folks,

So, some of you may be familiar with my band, from the Kagro in the Morning Show, on dailykos radio.  Well, our last record actually broke into the nation college radio chart(CMJ Radio 200), and we're working on our new one.  For this year's Record Store Day(4/20), we're releasing a 7" single with a few of the songs from our upcoming album.  Until then, we're making the tracks free to download off of our bandcamp page.  Tracks and links below the fold:

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This isn't really much of a diary, but i wanted to take the time to publicly thank David for playing my band(The Union Electric) on his morning show.  We have just found out that we have broken into the top 200 albums in college and independent radio chart.  The CMJ Radio 200 is the gold standard of North American specialty radio charting, and we're floored that we've gotten on it.  Unfortunately, it is not publicly viewable, as CMJ charges to see the charts.  One important thing that I can tell you(that the chart doesn't show), is that before it caught on at the schools, David played songs from the record on his show.  We have a great community and I hope we all appreciate the work that Dailykos' staff puts into this site and the new station.

Thanks Kagro!

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Where do you live?  Who are you supporting?  Turnout guesses?  Predictions?

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While the great orange satan is all in a tizzy over the genius of "romneyhood", i do feel the need to point out that this is a terrible frame, for democrats.  it sets up the idea that taxation is theft, which is a popular right-wing frame.  remember all the talks we have about how using right-wing framing is counterproductive to progressive goals...

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this is short, but in watching tonight's commentary, i noticed that nobody seemed to take into account the catholic/anti-choice vote, as a determining factor. below the fold, but short

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First of all, Jesse, I'm a big fan, and a fellow occupier  After reading your now top-of-the-rec-list dieary, I couldn't help but wonder if you'd actually thought it through and compared it to the preexisting progressive movement, and it's stated goals.  Moreover, after reading this list of goals:

It is time to TAX THE RICH

It is time to END THE WARS

It is time to restore Glass-Steagal

It is time to repeal Citizens United

It is time to get the money OUT OF POLITICS

It is time to invest in infrastructure and education

It is time to STOP busting labor unions, whether private or public

It is time to defend Medicare and Social Security tooth and nail from phony reforms or baloney cuts

It is time to STOP the spending cuts and start investing in America, and if we have to raise taxes on the rich and corporations in order to force them to invest in America, then so be it.

It is time to STOP the racist and discriminatory practice of "Stop and Frisk" and other tactics of racial profiling

It is time for civil rights for ALL, and that means equal rights for LGBT Americans to serve our military and marry whom ever they will

It is time for ACCOUNTABILITY for the men who lied us into war and crashed our economy

It is time for immigration reform that does not punish workers, but provides a clear pathway to citizenship for everyone

It is time for investigations that lead to prosecutions on Wall Street in response to the crimes that have been committed in the last decade.

It is time for a serious discussion about the Federal Reserve and it's role in this economic disaster

It is time for universal health care that everyone can afford. It is time to talk about Single Payer Health Care.

It is time for alternative green energy instead of Oil and Coal.

It is time to protect our civil liberties and our constitution.

It is time for a discussion about free trade and how it has undermined the working class while enriching only the wealthiest among us.

It is time to end corporate personhood.

I couldn't help but notice that most of the points are simply restated version of things that are already in the Democratic Party's platform.  You know, the one that doesn't seem to matter in any way.  Obviously there are some additions(The Fed, Single Payer, etc), but if we're going to try and assign the Occupy Movement a platform, I think that simply shoves the movement into the same old ignorable lefty org box.  Besides, if platforms meant anything, then the Democrats would have taken care of most of these, when the had supermajorities.

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This isn't much of a diary, but I just added this petition to the petition site.  It calls for the president to denounce the violence and repression against the occupation movement.

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The OccupyStL(St. Louis, MO) encampment, is under threat of eviction and arrest.  President Obama will be in town for a number of fundraisers, tomorrow.  As a result, the police have served the occupiers with an ordinance that gives Keiner Plaza(the downtown park they are occupying) a 10pm curfew, after which the police plan to clear the park.  Any St. Louis area Kossacks with video cameras are needed to document the police actions and insure that officers follow the law and are not violent, towards the protesters.

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You've just gotta watch this... the BBC anchors are just aghast.  I know this isn't really a diary, but I wanna make sure this is on DKos.


Goldman Sachs

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