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We've all be consumed by the GOP-motivated government shutdown, it's sometimes hard to remember that there's a US Senate race next Wednesday in New Jersey to replace the departed 5-term Senator Frank Lautenberg (D).  The big stories in the race to replace Senator Lautenberg up to this point have been that Gov. Chris Christie called for the special election to be held less than 3 weeks before the New Jersey general election, in which the governor himself is a candidate for re-election, for the simple self-serving fact that Gov. Christie doesn't want to share a ballot with Cory Booker -- the Democratic nominee for the Senate seat (this decision to hold 2 elections is going to cost the taxpayers of New Jersey some extra bucks, btw).  

The story that is now coming forward in national prominence is the Tea Party candidate running on behalf of the GOP for that Senate seat:  Steve Lonegan.  Yes, the dude's a lunatic in typical Tea Party fashion; even going so far to employ the usual GOP tact and grace with a "dog whistle" signal to his base in his statement in last night's US Senate debate, when he called Mayor Booker's (who happens to be African-American) city of Newark a crime-ridden "big black hole".  Classy, right?

Cue the half-term Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, comin' to New Jersey on the Tea Party Express to campaign for Lonegan this weekend.  But is this a good idea?  Should the Lonegan campaign enlist the help of Palin who is known to be pallin' around with racists?

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Eunice Kennedy Shriver passed away today surrounded by her family.  The Shriver family chose to have Mrs. Shriver's championed charity, The Special Olympics, announce her death and to act as the spokesperson for the mourning family.  

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Wed Nov 19, 2008 at 01:16 PM PST

Obama wins in Utah! (well, SLC anyway)

by djsands

The final votes from the November 4th general election are still being tallied, with provisional and absentee ballots still being counted across the country.  

The Democratic party's pick up of the presidential electoral votes in New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada are the talk of the media.  But just how far did the Democrats cut into the traditional Republican Mountain West states this election year?  

Would you believe that Barack Obama won the largest county in the state of Utah?

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The Boise-based Idaho Statesman, Idaho's largest newspaper, reported less than an hour ago that one term Republican Congressman Bill Sali has finally conceded in his congressional race for the 1st Congressional District to our new Congressman, Democrat Walt Minnick.

Link to The Statesman here

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Sat Feb 09, 2008 at 01:37 PM PST

WASHINGTON STATE Caucus Experience

by djsands

I travel around a lot for work -- I'm a native of Oregon, lived in Nevada last year, and moved here to Seattle last November.  Today I walked the 2 blocks to my local precinct to go caucus for my candidate.  I left my house at 12:45 because I wanted to get there a little early as I had to register to vote in Washington.  My local precinct holds its caucus in this apartment building here on Capital Hill (on "Republican Street" -- no kidding!), and boy was I shocked to see the line of fellow Democrats going out the door, across the alley and down the street TO THE NEXT BLOCK, all waiting their turn to sign in and begin the caucus process.

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O'Reilly milks his so-called "war on Christmas" story every year, usually casting the ACLU as the season's "Grinch".  While we here at Kos understand the Establishment Clause in the Constitution has long been interpreted that there is a seperation between Church and State, O'Reilly loves to pander to his audience painting those of us who uphold this value as "godless".

Well, I'm afraid that O'Reilly has more fuel for his "War on Christmas" fire:  Check out the latest news at SeaTac airport in Seattle:

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Thu Nov 09, 2006 at 04:02 PM PST

Where's Dick Cheney?

by djsands

Remember last week when all of the conservative bloggers were posting the ridiculous "Where's Nancy Pelosi" posts?  Rush Limbaugh, Redstate, Drudge et al, were trying to claim that Ms. Pelosi was avoiding the limelight because she was "too liberal" and would be "a lightening rod" that would distract independent voters.  Their claims were effectively refuted, most notably by Al Franken on his Air America radio show, and by lefty bloggers who proved that the future Speaker did indeed have a busy public schedule campaigning in Northern California for local congressional and statewide Democrats.

Turnabout is fair play:  Now it's time to ask, "Where's Dick Cheney".


So where IS Dick Cheney?

2%2 votes
25%20 votes
72%57 votes

| 79 votes | Vote | Results

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Everyone is familar with "party switching" -- but what the Dems have experienced in the past are defections FROM the Democratic party to the Republican party after big Republican wins.  Is it unreasonable to predict that a similar party defection will happen now that the Democrats have blown out the Republicans in yesterdays election?

Who is most likely to switch parties?

60%132 votes
17%38 votes
22%48 votes

| 218 votes | Vote | Results

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As you know, we vote by mail here in Oregon, which allows the Secretary of State's office to track voter turnout on a daily basis.
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The backlash against the G.O.P. is incredible.  To think that it could spread to uber-red Idaho is just plain mind boggling.  My mom and stepdad live in Nampa, Idaho -- one of the most conservative towns in probably the most conservative state.  And guess what?  They're voting for a Democratic candidate on Tuesday.
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