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Tue May 24, 2005 at 11:44 AM PDT

The Neutron Compromise...

by dryfly

I've been reading the last half day or so - here on Kos and on MyDD... how the conservatives `lost' and the Dems, especially `moderate Dems' won... on `The Compromise' to avoid the `Nuclear Option'...They cite all the `rage' among wing nutz over `The Compromise'... and how our guys out maneuvered their guys. I am sure you have been reading much of the same.

Here is an entry that SCREAMS at me... it is a comment on MyDD from this thread... here... scroll down to the comment from Gary Boatwright...

Killing the filibuster to save the filibuster

What am I missing? Didn't the Democrats agree not to filibuster in order to preserve their right to filibuster?

I don't think he is missing ANYTHING... I think he got it 100% right... in fact I think we avoided the `The Nuclear Option' just so we could get hit with the `Neutron Compromise' instead...

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Sounds like the title is restating the obvious but I have been reading a number of very good diaries here on KOS from the likes of Jerome a Paris, Stirling Newberry, bonddad, and others on the current economic mess we are all in - here in the US and overseas. Everyone seems to have their own theory about what is going on and I think everyone is partially right and at the same time we are all missing things.

I am going to try to bring in a different take on what is going on... a macro-macro view if you will. I am not an economist, I was trained as an engineer - but was raised by an economist. And one of my siblings is also an economist (tax policy). So I grew up with these discussions ever since I was a child.

The area I want to discuss ECONOMIC EFFECTS OF INNOVATION affecting every facet of the socio-political events we discuss here - from the social safety net to schools and how we raise our young. It describes the dot.bomb boom and post-bubble world. It will effect SS and the hunt for PEAK OIL.

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I remember reading about how movie stars down on their luck will look for a project to resurrect their status. They may not even make a lot of money on the film but it is such a good opportunity to get back in the public eye that they will take the role almost for free. A film project like this is frequently referred to as a 'vehicle'... as in to carry the actor out of the darkness and back into the limelight.

Ever since Nov 2 I have been thinking the Democrats need a 'vehicle' and they need one soon. One that may not offer HUGE immediate rewards but will re-crystallize what we stand for in the eyes of the general public... especially among those 'middle grounders' we lost last November.

I think I have found one. And it should not be a surprise to learn it will be delivered Christmas present-like from the Whitehouse.

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Tue Nov 02, 2004 at 10:18 AM PST

My experience with a 'challenger'...

by dryfly

I live in a working class neighborhood of one of the smaller midwestern battleground states... understand our town was historically 'all white'.  But like much of America, the demographics are changing and our neighborhood is one of the areas where this is most readily 'observable'...

I guess it is not a coincidence then that for the first time in MY memory we have 'challengers' at the polling places... Here is my my account of the 'interaction' I had with him...

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Sat Oct 30, 2004 at 09:59 AM PDT

Nuremberg, Florida?

by dryfly

Last night I was reading Josh Marshall's 'Talking Points' and saw this . I then went looking for the original Slate article... It immediately brought back memories of a film class I had in college in the 70s where they showed Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will... about the 1933 'Nuremberg Rally'... a powerful but contraversial film to this very day. Regardless of how you feel about Riefenstahl... this is a film you should see.

Coincidentally at the same time I took the film class I was taking '20th century history' and was reading about the rise of the Reich... the two in combination were influential & sobering... the kind of experience one doesn't get in a typical Chemical Engineering curriculum... I must have been sick of thermodynamics and organic chemistry at the time.

Needless to say - when yesterday I read about the Florida Bush rallies and the oaths it sent shivers down my spine.

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We all have dreams. Some get to live theirs.

Police: Driver Tried to Run Over Katherine Harris _dc

The Republican lawmaker and several supporters were campaigning alongside a street corner in her hometown of Sarasota Tuesday evening. A silver Cadillac sped toward them, drove up onto the sidewalk where Harris stood, and then swerved away at the last minute, the Sarasota police report said.

No one was hurt. Witnesses noted the car's license tag number and police tracked the owner, Barry Seltzer, 46, of Sarasota, who was jailed early Wednesday on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He said he was annoyed because some of Harris' supporters were blocking traffic, the arrest report said.

"I was exercising my political expression," it quoted him as saying. "I did not run them down, I scared them a little."

I read this today...

Kerry Off the Leash

I am so tired of these GOP cogs complaining about Kerry while Dick Vader is out there telling Moms they will get nuked if he and The Shrubbery aren't re-elected... I decided I'd had enough and actually emailed him... very politely too, like the nice Midwestern Battleground stater I am...(below)

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Tue Oct 12, 2004 at 07:00 PM PDT

More voter/registration fraud?

by dryfly

Nevada this time...

Voter Registrations Trashed

(Oct. 12) -- Employees of a private voter registration company allege that hundreds, perhaps thousands of voters who may think they are registered will be rudely surprised on election day. The company claims hundreds of registration forms were thrown in the trash.

Anyone who has recently registered or re-registered to vote outside a mall or grocery store or even government building may be affected.

The I-Team has obtained information about an alleged widespread pattern of potential registration fraud aimed at democrats. Thee focus of the story is a private registration company called Voters Outreach of America, AKA America Votes.

The out-of-state firm has been in Las Vegas for the past few months, registering voters. It employed up to 300 part-time workers and collected hundreds of registrations per day, but former employees of the company say that Voters Outreach of America only wanted Republican registrations.

Two former workers say they personally witnessed company supervisors rip up and trash registration forms signed by Democrats.

"We caught her taking Democrats out of my pile, handed them to her assistant and he ripped them up right in front of us. I grabbed some of them out of the garbage and she tells her assisatnt to get those from me," said Eric Russell, former Voters Outreach employee.


Tue Oct 12, 2004 at 05:11 PM PDT

Sinclair has a NEW poll up...

by dryfly

"Should John Kerry respond to the charges made by POW's in the Documentary?"

You know what to do..

I read this bit on TPM earlier tonight...

You Call That a Major Policy Address?

In short the article describes how BC04 conned a number of cable outlets into televising a ROTM stump speech saying it was going to be a new "major policy address"... sickening.

Team Kerry needs to find someone 'credible' to go over to a few of these media execs, show them the current polls and talk turkey to them... tell them that if our man wins that the will be over a barrel and without lube... that they better make it 'even' and make it happen NOW.

That is what I personally miss about the Clintons... somebody would have already stood those media assholes down and there wouldn't be any finger prints...

That and he could balance a budget.

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