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Fri Jul 26, 2013 at 08:41 PM PDT

Well crap....

by dyedinthewoolliberal

My ability to invest emotionally in the state of American politics seems to diminish on a daily basis.
Snowden, the NSA, Gitmo, continued insistence on the part of the GOP to whip the dead horse called the ACA, climate change, the glacier like speed of the economic recovery, the rise of what I call Neo-Racism (especially in the wake of the Zimmerman trial), a continual state of war and growing older as the assault on the very foundations of the social compact  in our nation by the ultra right faction of the GOP known as the Tea Party has just about done me in. So much so I often feel like the possum in the picture, emotionally dead.

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I've been lurking on and off here since early in GWB administration and this is my first time posting. So be gentle.  I spend a lot of time over at DU mostly 'cause I found that site before this one. Anyhow, my take on the election and the state of our nation is the grownups are in charge for another 4 years. But the kids are really, really mad at us! :O)
I saw postings on FB where everyone who voted for Mr. Obama was damned to hell. Posts that said God would punish me for voting Democratic. And these were the nice ones!
The effects of the 24/7 365 formula of Fox and the non stop vitriol from Rush, Sean and the rest has penetrated deep into the brains of almost half the country. The half that is always angry, frightened and wants to know who to blame. Fox et al takes care of that for them.
Maybe the solution is a liberal version of Fox? I know there is some 'progressive' talk radio but it strikes me that people of a liberal bent don't need to hear a message 24/7 about how everything is someone elses' fault.
So that's if for now friends. Have a good evening.

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