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I cannot believe how many people still do not understand the definition of "Natural Born" citizen. If you have ONE adult parent who is American, you are "Natural Born," no matter where you are born on this planet. Period. I was born in Germany, John McCain was born in Panama, Ted Cruz was born in Canada. We are all "Natural Born." We could all be president...technically. Even though I despise McCain and Cruz, those are the facts. Get over it. That is all. Sigh.


So my sweet, beautiful 20-something daughter came home from work to her townhouse in Arlington, VA and got this in the mail:

Of course, she posted it on Facebook with this sweet comment: "umm" and the following conversation ensued:

Did Virginia deliberately target Millennials with this mailing or are they just incompetent?

33%23 votes
4%3 votes
55%38 votes
5%4 votes

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Tue Dec 17, 2013 at 05:11 PM PST

"Health of the Mother?" redux

by ebirch1

I originally wrote this diary after John McCain's comments during the 2008 election debates. After reading and watching the commentary on the "rape insurance"  Michigan law, I thought my diary should be revisited. Join me over the orange ovaries:

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Sat Jan 26, 2013 at 02:27 PM PST

Proof that Wayne LaPierre is unhinged

by ebirch1

Back in the 90s, I worked for a major accounting firm, managing a group of consultants. The NRA was an audit client, and they asked us for some IT help. I sent one of my staff (an NRA member) to do the project, expected to take a few weeks. About halfway through the project, he called me and asked for a meeting to discuss the work. He sounded upset, so I told him to come back to the office as soon as he could. When he got to the office, he asked, with his voice shaking, if someone else could finish the project. "What happened?" I asked.

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The Reason Rally is a free gathering and celebration of secular activists on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. this Saturday, March 24. Why is this important to women? Because these activists have been on the front lines defending the First Amendment against the onslaught of the religious right and their war on human, and especially women's, rights.  I wrote a diary about my own experiences with the war on women when John McCain used air quotes when talking about the health of the mother in term of abortion rights - see "Health of the Mother?" and I think we need these dedicated activists as partners in our fight against the encroachment of Dominionists (like Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann) on our liberty and health and privacy. Follow me over the orange football for more...

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I've been meaning to post this diary for months, but Joe Miller's insane comments about East Germany have prompted me to share my story of East Berlin.


How much of an idiot is Joe Miller?

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3%2 votes
24%13 votes
56%30 votes

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If the Stupid Amendment (yes, I insist on calling it that) had been the law in 1991, I would have died from a cornual pregnancy because I wouldn't have been able to prove with certainty that I would die without an abortion. I wrote a diary about my situation last year in response to John McCain's air quotes around the "health" of the mother during one of the debates, here.

Here is the relevant part of the diary:

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Update: I stand corrected - it's natural born, not native-born.

You are a native-born American citizen if at least one of your parents is native-born. Period. It doesn't matter where you are born.

I was born in Germany of parents who were both born in Virginia. I am native-born.  I did not need to be naturalized.

John McCain was born in Panama of Americans. He is native-born. I have many friends who were born in Germany of American fathers and German mothers. They are native-born Americans. Period.


You are a native born American if...

13%10 votes
12%9 votes
74%56 votes

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Wed Oct 15, 2008 at 08:03 PM PDT

"Health of the Mother?"

by ebirch1

John McCain said during the debate that the "health of the mother [air quotes] ... is the extreme pro-abortion position." Really? I've been through an abortion due to a cornual pregnancy. I was ridiculed by my Kaiser doctor for this. It was an utter nightmare. Let me explain what a cornual pregnancy is...

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