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Al Gore, if you're not running, and you're not ready to endorse yet, do us all a favor:

Moderate the next debate.

We're all as tired as you are of the self-important preening of our celebrity press corps. We really do want a serious, substantive debate, moderated by a person of intelligence.

Put it on C-SPAN or PBS (simulcast it on Current). Get Steve Jobs to put together a webcast. I don't believe for a second that you could shame the press into actually doing their jobs. But you could change the tone of this campaign for the better.

Please, Al, do us a favor: moderate a debate.


Like many, I was too into the All-Star Game to see Michael Moore take on Dr. Sanjay Gupta last night on CNN. Crook and Liars has the video.

During the segment, it became clear that Gupta - and, for that matter, CNN, believes one thing:

You are an IDIOT!

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Wed Jan 24, 2007 at 05:15 AM PST

Dana Milbank - LOSER!

by ellinton

This morning, at approx. 6:50 AM EST, on NPR's "Morning Edition," Dana Milbank commented on the State of the Union Address last night:

"Hillary sat behind Barack Obama, which made it easier for her to put the knife in his back." (link to be added when transcript is available).


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Yes, folks, it's ON! It's the Knockdown in North Branch! The Rumble in Raritan Valley! Stender the Defender vs. Flim-Flam Fergie in a no-holds barred verbal showdown!

OK, maybe that's over the top - still...

What is it going to take for Linda to cut Mike down to size? What's the strategy? Where does she strike first?

I propose a little debate prep here as Linda Stender tunes up for the main event: Sunday, October 29, 2006, 2:00 PM, Raritan Valley Community College.

My suggestions below the jump - add your own, and watch Mike get CRUSHED!

Image Hosted by

Trust me, Mike - losing a debate is not fun...

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Sun Oct 22, 2006 at 08:13 PM PDT

NJ-07: A GREAT Day for Linda Stender!

by ellinton

This was a GREAT day for Linda Stender, Democratic challenger to incumbent Mike Ferguson in NJ's 7th District.

Linda nabbed the endorsement of the NY Times.

THEN, she took the endorsement of the Star-Ledger.

The NJ media is waking up - Mike Ferguson is wrong on stem cells, wrong on choice, wrong on Iraq, wrong on the budget, wrong on the environment...

And Linda Stender is right. Welcome home, New Jersey.

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Huntsu at reports that Mike Fergsuson (incumbent R NJ-07) may have finally grown a set:

Save the date --  DEBATE BETWEEN LINDA AND MIKE, October 29th at 2 at Raritan Valley Community College.  It's the only debate Ferguson has agreed to.  Please come and support Linda.

After 29 days, has Mike finally found his courage?

Image Hosted by

Mike may have FINALLY come through!

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We are fast approaching the ONE MONTH ANNIVERSARY of the Ferguson Cowardice Watch!

Now, Republican Mike Ferguson was supposed to be the "big monster" in this race: he was the incumbent, had loads of cash (thanks to Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, Mark Foley, and the rest), was in a safe "red" district, and had the backing of the Republican machine in DC.

So why is he SO scared of Linda Stender?

Image Hosted by

Mike: EEEEEK! Linda Stender's gonna get me!!!

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It's not easy coming up with cultural references to adequately describe the cowardice of Mike Ferguson (R-stop-whining-you're-embarrassing-yourself), the NJ-07 Congressman who, for nearly a month, has REFUSED to debate his challenger, Linda Stender.

But today, it hit me:

Mike is Ichabod Crane!

Image Hosted by

Mike says: I'd rather face a Headless Horseman than Linda Stender!

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Sat Oct 14, 2006 at 06:39 PM PDT

NJ7 - Ferguson Cowardice Watch: Day 24

by ellinton

Halloween is coming - the time of year when little children go out at night to face what haunts them...

What haunts Representative Mike Ferguson (R-wimp) of NJ's 7th District?


Image Hosted by

Zoinks, Scooby! Mike Ferguson is more afraid of Linda Stender than we are of ghosts!

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The Watch Continues!

We now start the FOURTH WEEK of Mike Ferguson cowardly ducking debates with Linda Stender.

Image Hosted by

Even I'm braver than Mike Ferguson!

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Think you've seen bias in media as bad as it can be?


This is INCREDIBLE! It makes Stossel look like Murrow! It makes O'Reilly look like Cronkite! Marcia Kramer is the biggest hack since Geraldo!

via the GREAT folks at

A great diary is on about this here.

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Sun Oct 08, 2006 at 06:25 PM PDT

NJ-7: Mike Ferguson (R) is a COWARD!

by ellinton

There's no other word for it: Mike Ferguson is a COWARD. He is ducking debates with Linda Stender:


Why? Because he knows that after a career of being a Bush stooge, the ONLY chance he has to win is to keep Stender's name recognition low.

But all voters in NJ-7 deserve to hear a real debate about the real issues that face our country.

Be a man, Mike - debate Linda Stender!

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