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While speaking at the Vanderburgh County Right-to-Life Banquet in Evansville, Indiana last night Sarah Palin made a remarkable admission. At 44, after learning that she was pregnant while out of state, she considered abortion as an option.

Evansville Courier-Press: GOP leaders assert anti-abortion stance

Recalling the birth of her son, Trig, when she was 44, Palin mused it would have been very easy to obtain an abortion

Yes, she "mused" (considered) the option.

Palin said she found out she was pregnant with Trig while out of state at an oil and gas conference.

"I knew, 'Nobody knows me here. Nobody would ever know,'" she said. "It is easy to think maybe of trying to change the circumstances.

Sarah Palin made a choice. And it was the right choice for her and her son. Yet, she wants to deny millions of others, who each have their own individual circumstances, that same choice. It seems like hypocrisy to me.


I ran across this editorial in the Evansville Courier-Press this morning. It is a disturbing view into the morbidly sick attitudes of some of my neighbors in Southern Indiana and the great fear of assassination that I know many of us contemplate in the darkest recesses of our minds.

MILLER COLUMN: Nation cannot let dissent disintegrate into murderous hate

If you voted against Barack Obama because you disagree with his policies, and if you accept the result of the election, understanding that democracy has had its way with us, this message is not about you. It is about those among us so fanatic that they wish him dead. It is about neutralizing the poison they spread.

Yes, this is a fear that many of us carry, but the writer explains what prompted this column below.

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I'm not sure if this is significant, weird, inappropriate, or long overdue. Maybe all of the above, but the Evansville Courier-Press is reporting that they have hired the first black zoo director in North America.

North America has only black zoo chief in Morris
With his hiring at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden, Amos Morris appears to be the only black director at an accredited North American zoo, officials with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums said Wednesday.

Steve Feldman, spokesman for the association, said while the organization doesn't track the race of directors, it appears Morris is the only black director at any of the more than 200 accredited zoos within the organization.

"But more important than race are Amos' accomplishments," Feldman said, noting he recently was elected to the group's ethics board. "We congratulate him on his new position, and we're sure he's going to do great things at Mesker Park Zoo."


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I ran across a great blog entry at Politico that I thought I'd share with all of you. It is an inspiring piece of writing from Ben Smith's blog. Here's an excerpt from a medical student who voted early in Evansville:

For me the most moving moment came when the family in front of me, comprising probably 4 generations of voters (including an 18 year old girl voting for her first time and a 90-something hunched-over grandmother), got their turn to vote. When the old woman left the voting booth she made it about halfway to the door before collapsing in a nearby chair, where she began weeping uncontrollably. When we rushed over to help we realized that she wasn't in trouble at all but she had not truly believed, until she left the booth, that she would ever live long enough to cast a vote for an African-American for president. Anyone who doesn't think that African-American turnout will absolutely SHATTER every existing record is in for a very rude surprise.

Early voting in Evansville has been strong and steady with 1-2 hours wait. Other nearby counties are reporting even faster wait times. I voted early and it only took 20 minutes in Warrick County.


There is a saying that "there's no such thing as bad publicity." I'm sure I am giving him much too much credit, but perhaps Rush Limbaugh should have heeded this nugget of traditional wisdom before he embarked on "Operation Chaos" earlier this year.

In late February 2008, Limbaugh announced "Operation Chaos," a political call to action with the initial plan to have voters of the Republican Party temporarily cross over to vote in the Democratic primary and vote for Hillary Clinton, who at the time was in the midst of losing eleven straight primary contests to Barack Obama. Limbaugh has also cited the open primary process in the early primary states of New Hampshire and South Carolina, which allowed independent voters to cross over into the Republican primaries to choose John McCain over more conservative candidates (such as Fred Thompson), as an inspiration.

The goal of this gambit was to create chaos among the Democratic candidates by lengthening the Democratic selection process, perhaps until the Convention. This would thereby aid John McCain by allowing him time to begin his campaign while Senators Clinton and Obama expended their resources. Of course, Limbaugh was convinced that his plan was working and touted his success on his radio show.

More below the fold.

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On Tuesday I wrote a diary about a report from Reuters (via MSNBC) about a study that found that the color red influences sexual attractiveness and posted Governor Palin's press photo in which she is clad in red. I thought the parallel was interesting  because I teach and do research in color theory and their respective communicative properties. Yesterday in my classroom, I heard a most interesting, and well-researched analysis of the visual forms that the candidates are using and interpretation of their meaning.

A group of students were presenting their research on the two presidential candidates and their logos. They found that Obama used white a great deal. Students surmised that this symbolized purity and youth.

They also found that Obama's circular logo is symbolic of unity. Then one remarked,"I don't know if he (Obama) realized that."

It was priceless.

McCain color analysis below the fold

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Artists have known the power of color as a tool for influencing human behavior for centuries. The color psychologist Faber Birren experimented with a variety of colors to find out what kind of behaviors people exhibit when a particular color is present. Although it should be no surprise to anyone, a study done at the University of Rochester shows that the color red increases sexual attractiveness.  

Reuters and MSNBC reported on this report with an article titled:
The woman in red really drives men crazy
Color increases attractiveness; reaction may be biological, study suggests

Maybe Governor Palin's choice of a red dress for her press photo was completely accidental or maybe she using sexuality as a political tool. What do you think? Poll below the fold.



Does Governor Sarah Palin knowingly use sexuality as a tool to further her political aspirations?

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74%116 votes
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The AP is reporting that Indiana may be winnable for Dems if a Republican lawsuit is not successful. The case is headed to the State Court of Appeals and, if successful, could suppress a large number of minority voters in Lake County (Gary, East Chicago, Hammond).

"That is a smoke screen by the Republican Party to slow down, stop and disenfranchise people in Gary, Indiana, and the north end of the county," said Clay, the county's Democratic Party chairman.

Early voting was delayed more than a week in Lake County, but is now underway in the area. No word was given on when the State Court of Appeals will render their decision.

Read the AP article: Battles in Lake County may decide Indiana Race

UPDATE (thanks to Indybend) link below the fold:

The key thing is that the Court of Appeals will not hear the Republican's argument until next Thursday, and the early voting centers will stay open at least until then.  That's only a few days before the election, so a negative decision will have only a limited ability to suppress the vote.  

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I don't remember ever receiving anything as vitriolic and nasty as this flyer that was left in my mailbox yesterday. Even though my congressional district is known as the "Bloody 8th" this flyer is the worst thing I've seen yet. It worries me that someone like this has been in my neighborhood. Here it is (I've left in the typos for accuracy):


A candidate without proof of legal citizenship who refuses to provide a legal birth certificate

A Socialist who wants to spread our money around and kill our Democratic society and its dreams

A friend of terrorists in U.S. (Bill Ayers) and abroad (Hamaas)

yes, there's more...

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Even though the electoral votes of every state are important to Democrats in this election year, there are reasons that we should give special attention to Indiana The eleven electoral votes available to the Presidential candidate who garners the most votes in Indiana represent profound change. Since 1940, Indiana has only gone Democratic once. In 1964 Indiana swung to the Democratic side to support LBJ. At that time the Civil Rights Movement was underway and Indiana figured to be an important part.

The history of the Great State of Indiana has one large wart on it, a wart that we still see in the shrill voices of the conservative right, and one whose removal will move this country forward. It is a well-known historical fact that the Ku Klux Klan once was headquartered in Indiana (the only Northern state to have done so). In fact, the artist Thomas Hart Benton, when asked to create an historical mural about Indiana history for the 1933-34 "Century of Progress" Chicago World’s Fair, included images of the KKK in the work.

picture and more below the fold

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Big news from the reddest Midwestern state, Obama and MacCain are tied in a new poll from Research 2000. WSJV in South Bend is reporting that a poll of likely voters by WISH TV in Indianapolis shows that each candidate was polling at 46%. TIED!

You can read the article here.

The McCain campaign has a minimal presence in the state and Obama intends to campaign in Indianapolis on Wednesday.

Remember when Iowa was a battleground state? This could be a Great Lakes sweep!


I'm completely puzzled as to why a double standard exists in this election. For some strange reason Sarah Palin does not seem to be bound by the same rules as the rest of America. In last night's debate, she chose not to obey the agreed rules of the debate by answering the questions put forth by the moderator. This is a continuation of the idea that she should be exempt from public scrutiny by the press, except under controlled circumstances (even in those situations she has struggled).

There appears to be an elitist attitude that the RULES DON'T APPLY to Sarah Palin. Is this exemption based on gender, being a novice on national and international issues, or a deep-seated feeling that rules are for the common-folk? Someone help me to understand why.


Why don't the rules apply to Sarah Palin?

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