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Wed Oct 03, 2012 at 09:20 PM PDT


by exatc

I just spewed several thoughts to my bride about an hour after we watched the debate. I'm proud to say that although I was initially bummed by Ed Schultz' and Tweety's analyses, good ol' Rachel broke my fall long enough to get to the computer to see what you all had to say. Obviously, everyone has different perspectives—not unlike what we've been observing here over the last couple of years—but thanks to all of you for your thoughtful commentary and inspiration, and here's what I'm taking to bed:

(It's a Kos-pile, you know what to do)

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Thu Sep 27, 2012 at 06:42 PM PDT

Mom gets her photo ID

by exatc

I took my 93 year old mother to the DMV today to get a photo ID. She gave up driving a couple of years ago and her DL expired last year, but she continued to skate based on her rebellious notion that while the driving privileges had expired, the rest of the stuff hadn't. It took me a year to get her to give up scheme. Basically, all it would take is one by-the-book petit functionary with no common sense to disapprove her ID and it would almost certainly be at a time she could least afford it, such as changing planes on a multi stop flight at a distant airport where I couldn't help.

It all worked out—in fact, we were probably out of there in forty minutes. See below the spoor de Kos for further discussion and a list of Florida’s (and, I assume, everyone’s) requirements.

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Fri Jun 01, 2012 at 01:51 PM PDT

Voter Purge in Volusia County

by exatc

According to Talking Points Memo, my very own Supervisor of Elections, Ann McFall (r), has elected not to participate in the great Rick Scott Get the Lead Out Disenfranchisement Operation. Despite the fact that she's from the other side, I thought she should get some positive reinforcement of good actions, so I wrote her a note. See below the squiggly mark of the Kos:

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Sun Feb 19, 2012 at 04:08 PM PST

Economics Debunking Help Requested

by exatc

My apologies up front for something less than a real diary, but I recently received an exhortation to go watch the movie Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve (available all over the place) so I could learn about the solution to our problems.

Fleur d' Kos hopping clarifies.

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Admittedly not much of a diary, but as a parent, one occasionally likes to show off the work of their offspring.

Orange squiggly ensues:

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Sat Jan 28, 2012 at 08:34 AM PST

Low Information Bloggers

by exatc

I cannot believe the stuff that's out there. One of my Facebook "friends" (a reasonably nice guy on the surface whom I know through a non-political common interest), who has turned out to be a rabid wingnut posted this link to a piece of dreck which was authored in response to the SotU address. While generally about fairness, it aims much of its vitriol at government employees in broad strokes, and as a retired civil subservient myself, I'm compelled to respond. The fun begins in the untamed arena below the orange filter.

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Sat Jan 14, 2012 at 08:40 AM PST

A Letter to a Friend Dismissing Paul

by exatc

I recently reconnected with an old high school classmate (Class of ’64—you do the math) and we've had several very enjoyable exchanges over the past few weeks, although we early on determined that our politics were a little different. He isn't exactly conservative, but he seems to be one of those who has fallen under Ron Paul's spell based on a narrow sliver of Paul's positions. Here's a note he sent to me the other day:

Hi Rod

I know you don't agree with Ron Paul on economic and social issues but you do on his foreign policy.  Above is a good video on his reasoning for wanting to bring the troops home.  It offers a little history of the middle east which is usually overlooked but is very important.  It helps to know why we're there in the first place before you try to convince someone why we should leave.

This is the video in question:
Paul video (sorry to send you there)

My reply once you come out of the orange chute:

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One of my friends posted this yesterday. It looks very much like one of those "post this for a day if you believe it" tropes that circulates around FB:

"DEAR CONGRESS, Last year I mismanaged my funds and this year my family and I cannot decide on a budget.

Until we can come to a unified decision that fits all of our needs and interests, we will have to shut down our check book and will no longer be able to pay our taxes. I'm sure you'll understand.

Thank you very much for setting an example we can all follow."

(Insert squiggle here—read my reply below)
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Tue Jan 18, 2011 at 10:48 AM PST

TU for a Day (update)

by exatc

Diary police can report straight to the comments, as this will likely not be substantive enough for serious DKosers. Moreover, even though this is my first DK diary, I'm not unfamiliar with the rules here or the rules of the intertubez in general, so try to tough it out, as I've been known to craft a worthy phrase every now and again.

(is this where I put that homage to dead trees "below the fold" invitation?)

To paraphrase "The New Christy Minstrels'" The Cat Came Back, the stat[us] came back the very next day…

Thanks for the comments, recs, and entertaining sub-threads.

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