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Fri Dec 16, 2011 at 09:28 AM PST

TTFN. I'm going to miss many of you.

by fizziks

The time has come for me to go.  

But first, I can't leave Daily Kos having never posted a cat pic.  So here goes:
Ginger 3
That's my girlfriend's cat Ginger.  Isn't she a cutie?

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Newt Gingrich has now 'gone there' and said that Palestinians aren't a people.

His goal is presumably to make them seem less worthy of self-determination in a state of their own.

This is ridiculous, wrong, and dangerous.

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Shades of the Iranian Hostage Crisis all over again?  According to the NY Times:

Dozens of Iranian protesters screaming “death to England!” stormed the British embassy compound in Tehran on Tuesday, tore down the British flag and ransacked the offices, according to officials in London, Iranian news dispatches and images broadcast live on Iranian state television.
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Rampant, disgusting materialistic consumerism,

The same obnoxious songs repeated so much I want to tear my ears off,


dark, and cold.  

And for some reason grown people in the 21st century attempting to indoctrinate their kids with a myth of a fat guy with a beard simultaneously delivering gifts to everyone in the world.

As if it wasn't bad enough that it starts getting dark ridiculously early and for some idiotic reason we switch back to standard time compounding the problem, then this "holiday season" comes up.


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such is the opinion of one deranged psychopath named Andrew D. Basiago.  

Why should we care about this lunatic Basiago?  Because he was a "judge" on the so-called "tribunal" that was approvingly referenced in a front page story on Daily Kos.

Now let's meet some other participants in this so-called "tribunal":

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"Reality-based" my ass.  There was a diary on the rec list that says that says "Bush, Blair, Found Guilty of War Crimes".   It then proceeds to quote the Iranian regime propaganda organ Press TV about some "war crimes tribunal".  

That "war crimes tribunal" turned out to be a meaningless meeting of notorious  truthers and antisemites.  There was no actual tribunal and no trial.

And Press TV is a propaganda piece of trash that claims that Jews harvest organs.

How does this shit make the rec list??

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Sun Nov 20, 2011 at 12:28 PM PST

The USA Is Not a Police State, IMO

by fizziks

Hopefully we can all agree there is a continuum between totally free and totally repressive, and societies lie somewhere on that continuum.  The question is where does our country currently fall on that continuum, and is it accurate to apply the term "police state", as a rec list diary currently advocates.

My position is no.  Let me make that case.

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People are excited about the announcement from CERN scientists on the OPERA collaboration eliminating one source of potential error in their finding that neutrinos can travel faster than light.  

The widespread interest in this experimental result is justified, because if true, it would mean a revolution in our understanding of fundamental physics, space, and time.  

However, the CERN collaboration measurement is in conflict with another prominent constraint on neutrino speeds that comes from looking at the sky.  In this diary I will briefly describe that result, and why it means, most likely, that they both can't be right.


What's your gut?

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83%251 votes

| 299 votes | Vote | Results

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Two days ago people around the world marked the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the Nazi orgy of public antisemitic violence and property  that alerted the world to the horrors of that regime and foreshadowed the events to come.

Now it seems that the current rash of antisemitic incidents rumbling through the world has come to the most unlikely of places - one of the most heavily Jewish areas on the planet.

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This is one of those stories that is a rare bit of uncontroversial feel good news, and I think it deserves a short diary.

Most Americans are familiar with bagels and their chewy wholesome deliciousness, which are so mainstream that one hardly thinks of them as particularly Jewish cuisine anymore.

But fewer people outside of New York City and a few other traditional Jewish enclaves are familiar with the more esoteric Bialy, which is similar to a bagel in its chewy bread-like quality, but is not boiled prior to baking and has no hole, only a thinner region in the middle.  

Kossar's Bialies

Bialys have become more of a niche product, and with that transformation many bakeries have declined.  Now New York's oldest Bialy shop, Brooklyn's Coney Island Bialys and Bagels, has been rejuvinated by seemingly unlikely new owners.

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Today has not been a good day for false slanders.  First off, Bill Kristol was taken to task for his libel of the Occupy Movement.  

Now former South African anti-Apartheid activist, Judge, and UN Commission leader Richard Goldstone has weighed in forcefully on the use of the term "Apartheid" in reference to the situation in Israel.  As many of us have maintained, the venerable South African exposes that bit of extremist rhetoric as incorrect and detrimental to the cause of peace.

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How should Israel be constituted in a just resolution to the I/P conflict?  

The standard consensus viewpoint that Israel should emerge as the "Jewish and democratic state" has recently received a lot of pushback here.  In this diary, I hope to further explain the concept of what it means for Israel to be Jewish and democratic, and why this is something that progressives should support.

Much of the objection to Israel being constituted as a Jewish state emerges from a misunderstanding of what it means for a country to be Jewish, and also what it means for a country to be a national homeland and democratic.

Please follow me below the fold for a discussion of that.

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