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Tue Sep 09, 2014 at 01:24 AM PDT

ISIL - Threat? Not

by freelixir

It's become a sad time for the US when there is even a slight conversation about the "threat" of ISIL to us, what a joke.  It's clear our political class has been overtaken by pussies who have never physically fought for anything.  This joke of an organization sponsored by the Saudis and other questionally honorable powers in the area is nothing aka zero, murderers given weapons by who?

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Mon Apr 21, 2014 at 01:52 AM PDT

Our Crazy Foreign Policy

by freelixir

What we're doing has become laughable.  Aside from the wanton killing by drone and defense of torture (and failure to hold torturers accountable), we fostered a violent revolution in Ukraine and now criticize the armed response of people who actually live there.  Maybe we didn't intend it to be violent, but it was violent, when the change-over occurred, in violation of a EU-brokered agreement over the matter that was in effect at the time, agreed to by all parties.  The EU seems to have forgotten their own agreement, but we shouldn't.  We also should not support groups like Right Sector, ever.  

This isn't a defense of Russia, who I could mostly care less about, though I recognize they have important interests, and we need to work with them on our Commons challenges.  This is bigger than that.  Europe should tread carefully too, as they've violated their laws and constitutions to a large degree by playing "let's swap intelligence between countries" to violate their privacy laws.  This is a warning.

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Still gathering my thoughts, so I'll let others speak:

"Faces of the Enemy has long been one of my most treasured resources. It helps us understand how systems corrupt citizens to hate an arbitrarily designated "Other" and soldiers to want to kill that "Other-Enemy."

The addition of Sam Keen's updated commentary adds further depth and power to this vital narrative, making it truly breathtaking. This is MUST viewing for everyone in social sciences or history, and should be required of all our politicians."        

Philip Zimbardo, Former President, American Psychological Association

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Sun Mar 30, 2014 at 11:33 PM PDT


by freelixir

Very few politicians defend classical American values anymore.  Few even understand liberty, and most are cowardly lion losers who just like to tout it.  This is the reality.  I could cloak it this way and that, but I don't want to.  I see a bunch of cowards.  I see a group of folks who have no backbone.  Republican or Democrat, what's the damn difference when it comes to addressing nothing that educated folk understand as the challenge of our age?  Environmental destruction, which better put means letting your own home rot and not maintain upkeep, which what responsible home owner would do?  Spying on everyone in world, because it might prevent some future catastrophe?  Sounds like control issues and sociopathism to me.

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Thu Mar 13, 2014 at 02:06 AM PDT


by freelixir

Lo and behold, we have a welcome development here.  Somebody just got FEISTY, and I mean that in the best overall sense.  Yes, we have this little thing we like to call the separation of powers, except it's a big thing, or at least should be.  

Balance.  Restraint.  Wisdom.

Even bigger, human dignity and the defense of human rights in its exercise.  This is our authority.  Our mandate.  Ideals aside, whatever is causing some fighting spirit from our cowardly lions is most welcome, embrace your power.

The CIA is the president's responsibility, the buck stops there.  There is no 4th wing of government, unless you're talking about the people themselves, the grassroots.

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Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 01:51 AM PST

Who Broke The Olympic Truce?

by freelixir

Since we're condemned to hear about the discord in the Ukraine for at least another week, we may as well make this interesting.  Yes, given the inordinate attention given to these developments, we should take advantage of it to figure out who broke the age-old Olympic truce.

For instance, if it were Ukrainian nationalists who broke the truce, while receiving financial and tactical support from the United States, what would that say about us?  Scumbag Central is what I would call that hotel, especially given the Olympics were being conducted right on the border there.

If Russia, however, were responsible for these shenanigans, well, it's hard to conceive, considering there's not much for them to gain from this, they lost a whole lot due to this occurring during the Games, and presumably their "aggression" wouldn't have been designed to occur in such a time of inordinate attention on the place in question.

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Sun Mar 02, 2014 at 02:02 AM PST

Free Media, Propaganda, and Ukraine

by freelixir

My diary here does not indulge in the events occurring in Ukraine per se, just the reporting of it.  I'm sure, as with the people of Palestine and elsewhere, that we support the right of self-rule, self-determination, and self-defense, and that these matters are not easily settled between conflicting parties and interpretation, just as we honor the age-old Olympic truce to suspend hostilities during the Games.

No, this diary is about our media, and medias, concentrated in few hands, ever fewer despite the so-called internet revolution, and clearly how, before anything, the "mainsteam" media serves the purposes of propaganda.

Yes, everywhere you look, Ukraine is the biggest news of the day(s), another struggle between extremist elements in a land we have little ties with, or understanding, but that some among us would insist deserves our influence, control and intervention, despite the elements we would need to ally with that are profoundly against our reason for being and values.

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I have to admit, I believed Obama when he talked about being the most transparent president ever, this is what we were focusing on at the time, and he lied.  The man has never had any intention of being the most transparent president ever, and instead has raised eyebrows across the spectrum for his prosecution of journalists trafficking in information that is clearly not secret.

It's ironic that our first black president, a constitutional scholar, only has the last Bush presidency as a rival for his wanton disregard for constitutional rights, as well as his sell-out to financial interests.

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We absolutely do not kill our own citizens with drones, and not just because they are our own citizens, but what it means to be a citizen in our civilization.  Which isn't to say we should kill others with drones either, this is another discussion.  For now though, this.  We don't do head-wringing "should we, shouldn't we murder" splattered across the media stream about our leaders' conundrum about whether they should kill an American citizen 'suspected' of terrorism, and this even not even past terrorism but suspected future terrorism.  The whole discussion is stupid and exposes our cowardly class.

We shouldn't really be killing women and children anywhere with drones, as we have, the deepest possible cut to our honor and dignity, beyond turning our backs on our own soldiers when they come home, and we really should be reviewing the cowardly nature of drones in the first place, as far as the projected degradation of restraints to warfare this creates when you look at it in a realistic fashion, especially before our great foray into robotics.  

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This quote cracked me up:

Only a few market-oriented think tanks appear in the categories of health, science, energy, and the environment. This might help explain the pervasive growth of government in these areas.
You have to love the boldness, the certainty.  The absence of "market-oriented" think tanks "might help" explain the "pervasive growth of government" in the areas of health, science, energy, and the environment.  Wow.  
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Sun Sep 22, 2013 at 09:48 PM PDT

Netanyahu - The Liar

by freelixir

Apparently now we get to hear the liar Netanyahu speak before the UN, an institution he and Israel despises.  I'm sure it will be interesting, and meaningless.  The time has come for both Israel and Saudi Arabia to stop causing and/or contributing to tribal warfare when we have larger matters to deal with, ecologically and ethically speaking, and noone really cares about tribes anymore.  Their constant drone has become beyond irritating and as always promotes dictatorship and repression, not to mention the indignant treatment of people.


Everyone agrees this sordid business of chemical weapons in Syria, whoever is ultimately responsible, needs to come to closure.  The UN will now take over the chemical weapons supply of Syria, with obviously a great deal of Russian and US help on the ground.  This is no small step.  No, this is big stuff.  We have only a few countries remaining before we have universal acceptance against chemical weapons aka poison gas.  We're not fucking around, this is serious business, and everyone is joining in.  This is how worldly parties should be coming together.

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