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Mon Aug 09, 2010 at 09:29 AM PDT

Angry is not the same as negative

by freilichd

Follow up on last week's Freilich-Leahy VPR debate.

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We had our one and only so-called 'debate' with Senator Leahy on Vermont Public Radio (VPR) on August 04, 2010.

I was at the VPR studio in Colchester, VT, and the Senator called in from Washington.

There was a spirited discussion but the Senator dodged answering any of the questions posed by me about: (1) special interests funds; (2) lack of support for single-payer health insurance; and (3) and refusal to publicly debate.

Links are pasted here for easy listening and viewing.

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Senator Leahy is questioning President Obama's surge strategy in Afghanistan. We heard this before during the Iraq surge. Leahy was wrong then and is likely wrong again now. We need leaders in Congress who will support the troops through thick and thin and do everything they can to assure the successful accomplishment of their operational mission rather than predetermine its failure.

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The Vermont Democratic Party's leadership believes it and not the electorate should select the next US Senator from our great state. The VDP's uncivil behavior at a Rutland event a few days ago provides clues to the ferocity with which it will fight to prevent any challenge to the status quo and its powerbase.

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This blog entry discusses the difference between management and leadership of the Gulf oil spill crisis. It alludes to the fact that our leaders appear out-of-touch.

The basic premise is that we need transformation legislation aiming for a revolution in our economy to one based on clean, renewable, dependable, and affordable energy from non-carbon sources.

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This blog discusses my struggle as a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Vermont (D, I) to try to assess the significance of Special Interests funding of campaigns without being politically correct and sweeping under the rug. The incumbent's acceptance of Special Interests PAC funding is noted.

The blog considers what terminology is most appropriate for that political activity, whether the word 'corruption' is appropriate, and requests input.

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Vermont news outlets reported last week on funds raised to date by Vermont Senate candidates but they provided no information on the origins of the funds nor the political principles used to raise them.

As briefly summarized in this blog entry, Senator Leahy has been an active participant in the Washington game of PAC and other Special Interest funding of campaigns. In contrast, as his Democratic Primary challenger, I do NOT accept PAC or any other Special Interest funding.

As the political principles used to raise campaign funds could not be further apart between the two Democratic candidates, Vermonters deserve a more detailed accounting.

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The Vermont Workers Center’s Healthcare Is A Human Right Campaign will be delivering thousands of postcards to the Vermont Legislature on Jan 6, 2010 at noon. If you haven’t already signed a postcard, please sign one at If you can attend, please email

Our campaign fully supports the concept that healthcare is a human right and that health care cannot be traded fairly as a commodity (as is the case in the current U.S. multi-payer market-based health insurance system). I support pursuit of a single-payer system in Vermont in the interim while working on a national system. This is suboptimal but realistic.

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