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You can learn a lot from how people to respond to failure.

Do you humbly say that you will work to fix the problem or do you pretend that nothing is wrong and move on to the next?

DNC's Communications Director Mo Elleithee decided to sell B.S.

RT @MoElleithee And to my Dem friends, buck up. We got 'em right where we want 'em! #OnTo2016
The better hashtag would be #nomoexcuses. To compound the point he has tweeted about Donald Trump three times since is commenting on a total non-player in 2016 already not a total waste of DNC time and money?

If you want to be part of an advocacy campaign to put pressure on the party to reformm before 2016 please comment below or tweet me @fwdprogress.


There's been lots of talk lately about the GOP's $10 million outreach plan and 100-page "Growth and Opportunity Project" report and what the party needs to do to rebrand or reorganize itself in the future....this seems to be an opportunity for progressives to mock their failures but i think it should be an opportunity for us to shut up and learn too.

By simply studying how the Republicans are responding to the defeat you will notice that they want to evaluate and adapt on the organizing front...even if not policy-wise.

I went to CPAC this weekend to watch two tech panels and soak up the atmosphere because it was an opportunity to learn from how the opposition is learning from us....and in some cases, how we should learn from them.

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Obama web site disables “social” features on Election Day as part of trend toward “Small Ball” that weakens 50-State Strategy necessary to win back House

Narrow Victory of Obama’s Data-based Ground Game over Romney’s Money-based Air War means Democrats will need to focus more on Grassroots “Social” Organizing not “Yes We Can”-Lite in post-Obama era

WASHINGTON, DC – The following is a statement from Jim McBride, the President of Network For Progress, a social and media-savvy grassroots organization inspired by the “Yes We Can” Movement of Hope & Change, on the successes and failures of Tuesday’s presidential election. He will present on the topic at New Organizing Institute’s RootsCamp on November 30th, 2012:

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As we approach the final week of the campaign I am still hearing "47%" ads on the radio and am only seeing Obama's Closing Argument videos on YouTube despite the fact that some of the most impressive achievements of the last four years have been the creation of economic growth and jobs while reducing the deficit despite the mess the last Republican President left us and current House Republicans want to risk causing again.

So, WE need to make the "Closing Argument" go viral to make sure we spread the word.

Here is a Crash Course on President Obama's record and plan vs. Mitt Romney to share with friends to inspire them or persuade them by Election Day!
(with graphs included)


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This is going to be a 2-part and evolving dialogue about the outreach strategy of Obama 2012. Although this campaign has been highly effective at rapid response and opposition research on women's issues, Mitt's tax returns and other hot topics, is a fundraising juggernaut and has an unprecedented field ground game we still need to take a step back to see the FOREST beyond all these impressive trees. The "big picture" is the forest lacks deep roots in MESSAGE and ENGAGEMENT through the mediums chosen to disseminate that message which are the keys to any communications initiative.

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I have struggled with how to get across the need for more focus on grassroots community-building in the Democratic Party in recent years after the "enthusiasm gap" killed Yes We Can, but I came up with a simple focus today: we need to get rid of our bullies in politics not just our schools (see

Bullies set up party structures and lead in a fashion that keeps new people, including so many interested in politics after 2008, from coming back and building our movement to win in the future. They represent the vast minority but we let them tear us down when we don't confront them.

For example, in 2008, after I started the first real campaign office hours for Virginia For Obama during the primary as Volunteer Database Coordinator, was asked by current White House adviser Michael Strautmanis to follow up our huge Iowa Caucus Party of 300+ covered live by WTTG-TV with a Super Tuesday Party that raised $5K for the campaign and then served up a team of volunteer organizers for the staffers at the East Falls Church office one week before the was i thanked?

I was kicked off the Arlington for Obama steering committee by a control freak named Kevin Vincent.

It was a contentious primary and some folks were upset at how I took over the Arlington Democratic HQ with volunteer events and as my role grew the complaints about neatness etc. seemed kind of frivolous compared to the pressure I felt as an unpaid leader thrust into a huge responsibility over hundreds of volunteers during 12-hour days before the OFA staff arrived.

But Kevin was relentlessly un-supportive from the beginning and eventually fabricated a story about how an accidental posting was intended as my attempt at creating a competing group....TREASON! So I was banned without recourse.

I was too embarrassed and upset to fight back as not many people who had influence had the guts to stand up for me....and it hurts to this day.

I joined the campaign because I love Obama's message and was fighting for REAL change....and one jerk ruined all I had achieved by ostracizing me.

I would soon focus on my own grassroots groups Generation Obama-Washington, DC and now mostly Network For Progress as I realized that party politics was mostly not for me. I was more interested in campaign politics (specifically "grassroots" campaigning) where we "Respect. Empower. Include."

That leads to Saturday, when I decided to run for DNC Delegate in the 8th Congressional District in Northern Virginia. I figured that I had still collaborated with many Northern Virginia Democrats (mostly young dems) in recent years and was pretty well-known as an active Obama organizer so representing the party at the convention as an experienced ambassador for the party beyond the inner circle crowd was an asset.

I didn't win but there were so few slots that only the most plugged in people did and I didn't mind. But the only major feedback I received made me wonder why I tried at all. Thanks to our Arlington Delegate Alfonso Lopez.

To give you some background, Alfonso is well-known for his beside manner. Our first conversation occurred when I attended my first Arlington Young Democrats meeting in 2004 and he complained to me that I brought volunteer sign up sheets from the Rep. Moran-Kerry campaign office, where I was a volunteer coordinator, that gave people options on helping besides those designated for HIS group to volunteer together.

I mentioned to him that people might want to volunteer during other times than HE had suggested and he eventually relented by telling me "OK, go ahead and flack it." as if I was a used car salesman trying to sell people a "lemon" or something.  

In fact, I was the kind of hard-working YOUNG DEMOCRAT volunteer that his group needed to recruit not abuse for trying to get support for our congressman and presidential candidate.

We haven't talked much over the years but like clockwork he took the time to intimidate me when I took on roles as Arlington Democrats' Vice Chair of Precinct Operations, Arlington Young Democrats President and Virginia For Obama Volunteer Database Coordinator.

And I could observe his disregard for people at Arlington Democrats meetings where he is known for standing in the back of the room and having conversations while people are speaking....which sends a terrible message to new attendees trying to listen.

Anyway, despite my issues with him, I didn't actively support his primary opponent last year and tried to respect his leadership that included serving as Virginia Liaison to the federal government under Governor Kaine. I also respected how he often made the case for strong community-building in our party by talking about how he found his wife and his job because he joined and became President of the Arlington Young Democrats and owed the group so much.

So, I used that story in my speech about the importance of a "big tent" party and relationship-building on Saturday....and ironically this was highly offensive!!!

After the speech, he used his trademark "waving of me over to him" move so I feel summoned by the King. He gave me a disapproving look then said that I should have mentioned the shout-out to him first and that me bringing up the story probably "hurt your campaign."

Giving YOU a compliment hurt MY campaign??? Is this a joke? No, it wasn't.

Now, I understand the etiquette in letting people in the room know they're going to get a shout-out in advance, but I also think the surprise of getting a shout-out is great too...and in this case why would I want to talk about my speech in advance with a guy with no relationship skills whatsoever?

And not only was my eventual Alfonso interaction awkward, it was even more offensive than I could have imagined.

How exactly would this hurt my campaign exactly? Did you tell everyone not to vote for me because it was an "unauthorized" shout-out???

If I can't even compliment you then I can't interact with you at all....I think my new motto is "if I can't even kiss your ass without being ridiculed you aren't worth my time."

How appropriate that a speech about the importance of a "big tent" party leads to condemnation by one of the biggest culprits of ripping apart the tent and setting it on fire.

So, this is an open letter to Alfonso and all the insecure manipulators in our party who would rather boss people around than win elections and grow our community....apparently being "Fired Up & Ready To Go!" is a threat to your roles as useless bureaucrats.

Politics is much more boring your way anyway so you might as well be known for making friends than enemies.

These are the people we truly can't negotiate with....let's finally get rid of the bullies in our party because we can argue policy but you can't argue basic human decency.

I would rather be liked than feared....and our side will win in the end so remember that YES WE CAN AGAIN!

That is what I learned in 2008 and our party needs to learn again in 2012.

This resonates with me because I realize if I had a weaker spine after I met Alfonso, and especially if he stayed president beyond 2004, I would probably have never become involved in the young democrats and led so many great initiatives that he could take credit for as a fellow Arlington Democrat in the years to come. Most people don't have the time for this kind of B.S. though...and we lose them every day.

Who are your political bullies? Feel free to share your stories....anonymous or otherwise.


Matt Taibbi, a "respected" blogger for Rolling Stone, has drunk the wrong Kool Aid in his analysis this week that 2012's presidential campaign is the "most boring election ever" and it was picked up by CNN this morning.

Maybe he hasn't heard about the Tea Party and how its disciples are killing our ability to legislate in Congress??? And although Obama looks good for re-election if these people control the House AND Senate in 2013 how will that go for our country's future?

Luckily, the simplistic views of OWS (the progressive "Tea Party") are getting pushed aside by presidential campaign news and the fact that many mainstream progressives see its inner core as too extreme to create a long-term movement and have ignored attempts at even a 99% Spring, but Taibbi dropped a big load of ignorance on us here.

After yesterday's Marriage Equality back and forth between President Obama and Mitt Romney we have one candidate supporting gay marriage and another supporting an AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION against it.

We also have the Mitt-endorsed Ryan Budget vs Obama's Affordable Care Act, American Jobs Act and Recovery Act along with Wall Street Reform as weapons to support the Middle Class. We also are on our way to two less wars than we did in 2008.

And Romney is running to the RIGHT of George Bush on a host of issues, including tax cuts for the middle class vs the rich, immigration reform and civil unions!

Yet Taibbi writes:

"Obama and Romney feels like a contest between two calculating centrists"
Maybe Obama is a centrist but how is Mitt running as a centrist exactly???

And Taibbi shows off the depth of his interest in the issues here:

"Obama versus Romney is the worst reality show on TV since the Tila Tequila days. The characters are terrible, there's no suspense, and the biggest thing is, it lacks both spontaneity and a gross-out factor."
Sounds like something Joan Rivers would say on the red carpet before a presidential debate.

When American soldiers die and poor people die or suffer because of our political choices it isn't "boring" to them. This isn't a reality show. This is reality. We can't let people think this election doesn't matter.



The massive coordination of Internet titans to block millions of Americans from web content they rely on in modern America as part of today's anti-SOPA blackout should remind us of two things:

1) More and more progressives and young people increasingly think, as Republicans justify with the Senate filibuster, that obstructing the system is a suitable way to get what you want rather than working the system through measures like electoral politics that are quite winnable with an honest effort by grassroots campaigns. A far cry from the lesson of 2008.

2) Silicon Valley and other technology companies have more power over us than any Hollywood mogul. In terms of influence over our lives they are the 1% of the 1%. Americans need Google, Facebook and Twitter to communicate with people EVERY DAY (how many people have phone numbers for ALL their friends these days?) but how many of us NEED to watch the Kardashians or listen to Ke$ha?

I was looking forward to this day being a great moment for awareness for the issue of free speech on the Internet, as we should be concerned about the threat that the owners of social networks and open communities will be held liable for the content of their users, but instead of splash pages that simply tell users to call their Congressman and share SOPA facts with their friends, or blacked out portions of their site like Google smartly has done, many sites (i.e Wikipedia) have done what our government and Hollywood haven't even come close to think of doing yet: a "pre-emptive" strike where they have 100% shut down free speech on their OWN web sites to set a precedent where if tech companies don't get what they want in politics they can suddenly withdraw their content from millions of people.

What is the point of going "nuclear" before a congressional vote is cast? What is the next step in their bag of tricks if it passes the House...shutting down the site for a week or a month? Maybe GOOGLE shuts itself down? The narrative these companies have just re-invigorated is that THEY are interests that need to be regulated not liberated.

This kind of activism is for bomb throwers not real organizers and has a very short shelf life. I know the tactics are similar to those used in the Occupy Movement but have you followed how it has shifted from being a cause for the 99% that got lots of great publicity into a community for the 1% anarchist diehards who might be most to thank for the creation of the cause but have increased their influence as obstructionists not just activists.

So, the question is, are we going to use SOPA as a rallying cry for free speech or as an excuse for hacktivism where people don't respect the system and so they pout when they don't get what they want....even BEFORE they don't get what they want?

Whether it be shutting down your body during a hunger strike, or shutting down a web site, these measures might get headlines but in terms of results will eventually get a #FAIL. If holding your breath until your face turns blue because you don't get what you want doesn't work for 3 year olds, or worse throwing blocks at you when you tell them to go to their room, then why should we recommend it for our political system?

From a community flash mob or rally to a community hashtag or facebook page, movements are best powered by the viral social and media buzz of word-of-mouth messaging not news coverage of arrests from blocking traffic and disruptions caused by online mayhem that are so dramatic that they trump the core message. I have never been excited enough about the way one of those stories presented my cause to share them like I did the non-Colbert Super PAC "Mitt Romney is a Serial Killer" what's the point? How interesting and inspiring is a blacked-out web site in comparison?

In the past week we had the chance to remember the legacies of "Yes We Can" and "I Have A Dream".....I hope the netroots movement will stick with what works and save the fear, anger and obstruction for the opposition. That isn't the game we play and in the end it isn't the game that works.

It's time to fight back with Hope via "Respect. Empower. Include." is the most effective away to win back the Mainstream Majority.

Interested in "forward progressive" Mainstream Majority movement-based messaging and organizing strategies?


Claiming you created 100,000 jobs when there is no clear evidence of it or calling President Obama a "Socialist" who apologizes for America is pretty slimy, but telling an outright lie about legislation like the Affordable Care Act is going to catch up with Mitt Romney. Although his embarrassing quotes are doing a pretty good job of framing him already, the Romney campaign can't spin their way out of these deliberate statements that go beyond distorting the truth and start inventing it.

It probably got lost in the New Hampshire Primary buzz on Monday night etc. but campaign spokesman Russ Schriefer on CNN's "OutFront" was interviewed by Erin Burnett where he defended Mitt saying "I like firing people who provide services to me" he impressively changed the subject by pivoting to the importance of people having choices in the marketplace....and that's where he immediately lit his Pants on Fire:

Schriefer: "The ability to tell your insurance company you're not doing the job for me, that we want a new insurance company, is a good thing. The difference is that under Obamacare you wont be able to fire your insurance company There will be one insurance company and it will be the government."

Burnett: "I understand what you're saying."


So, this basically sums up everything wrong with politics and MSM journalism these days in one exchange.

First, Schriefer LIED by saying the Affordable Care Act had more than a "public option" but was also SINGLE-PAYER where the government is the only insurance provider....most progressives would be dancing in the streets!

But regardless, lying about legislative baby steps toward government action, like calling people "socialist" or policies "socialism" is exactly why our government is so disfunctional right now.

Ironically, the only option Americans will really have is the PRIVATE insurance companies (and probably with only ONE choice depending on their employer etc).

Meanwhile, Erin Burnett, who has shown her colors as a Wall Street-sympathizing non-journalist in the past, is so focused on intake of the Romney-approved Talking Points that she doesn't bother to process that what Schriefer said was the most provable lie known to Man. That might be a complement though....because otherwise she is either ignorant or not interested in reporting facts. Would Tim Russert ever allow such a statement go by un-corrected?

This episode is an amazing example of how the MSM is growingly complicit in reporting the "Talking Points" but no longer the "News" (or God forbid, the "Truth") in our 21st Century culture.



Cenk Uygur, Adam Green and several "progressive influencers" think it is hip to hate on Obama (like the "Occupy" Movement is now perfecting) but are helping send the "Progressive" brand into the same fringe category that will scare away the many rank-and-file progressives that support President Obama and are willing to call out his failings, but NOT sabotage him.

Why? Because he is obviously in one of the most difficult circumstances an American President has ever faced and is doing more for The 99% than they will ever do.


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Dear President Obama,

Millions of Americans still believe in you and your vision of Hope and Change that led to the "Yes We Can" Movement that elected you as President in 2008 to reform a system that allows multinational interests to rape of our great nation of our blood and treasure for their personal gain. We’re at a crossroads in that battle and this letter explains why we need your help.

(read more below)


Jim McBride
Founder/President, Network For Progress
Founder, Generation Obama-Washington, DC (VA/DC/MD metro-area chapter for Obama For America 2008)
Co-Founder, Virginia For Obama

TAKE ACTION-> Contact President Obama TODAY and ask him to support "The 99%" Movement and Occupy Wall Street protestors via hand-written letter, call, email, facebook or tweet:
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500

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by Jim McBride (aka “Forward Progressive”)
Volunteer & Database Coordinator, Virginia For Obama (2008 Primary)
Founder & President, Generation Obama-Washington, DC (2007-Present)
Founder & President, Network for Progress (2011-Present)

I usually don’t get involved in primary politics (except for President, of course) but we apparently have a serious situation in the Northern Virginia State Senate race where a “Yes We Can!” Candidate, Obama Administration Appointee & Lt. Colonel JAG Officer Jaime Areizaga-Soto, is being told “No, You Can’t!” by some party leaders mostly because of one unchangeable fact…..he’s Latino!

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