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Fri May 28, 2010 at 10:53 PM PDT

Hell Hath Frozen Over

by gabbardd

I never, ever thought this day would come. For years, I have believed that Bill O'Reilly was as bat-shit insane as people like Rush, Coulter, and the rest of the Fox, Clear Channel propaganda squad. Or, if not insane, then immoral enough to espouse ridiculous arguments and blatant lies in exchange for a pay check. But something must have happened to Bill. Maybe it was his interviews with Obama. Maybe Obama inspired something in Bill to say to himself,

"Maybe being bat-shit insane isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Maybe there's something to be said for rationality, justice, and other Enlightenment values. Maybe I can make some effort, at least on occasion, to lend a voice of reason to the guano-pool that is Fox. Maybe I owe that much to the public and the common good."

To be honest, I don't really care what it was. The fact remains that on May 25, 2010, what I once held to be impossible has, indeed, come to pass. For the first time since I became aware of Bill O'Reilly's existence, I am not, at least temporarily, ashamed to be a member of the same species of mammal. Even more amazing, on that date, I was actually proud that we shared a common genetic code. For the first time ever, I found myself

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Tue Apr 07, 2009 at 06:38 AM PDT

Ha Ha! Eminem "Nails" Sarah Palin

by gabbardd

among many others . . . This new video launched on MTV this morning.

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After Jon Stewart's powerful interview with Jim Cramer last night, I felt compelled to write to Obama/Biden:

OK, folks. In case you haven't, watch the entire uncensored, unedited version of Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Cramer on the Daily Show from last night.

Watch all 3 parts (and the moment of Zen). When you're done, answer Cramer's question for me.

Where are the indictments? Where's even the investigation? Surely you know what happened to create this global financial crisis. The people deserve to know as well, and those responsible need to be held to account for violating the public's trust with their money, their retirement, their savings for their kids' college.

Please, Jon Stewart has taken the lid off. Don't let that lid get put back on.


David Gabbard

We've got tons of gifted writers here at DKos, but even the not so gifted need to help us push on this. Write the White House yourselves.

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Fri Feb 27, 2009 at 07:43 AM PST

What Steele doesn't get about Hip Hop

by gabbardd

Michael Steele is a true asshat clown. The pandering suggestion that he wants to HipHopify the GOP is disrepectful of Hip Hop, it origins, and its message, which is really a BIG "fuck you" to everything Steele and the GOP (Government OF Plutocrats) stands for.

Hip Hop is smarter than Steele is.

Check these videos. They tell it as well as I can, and they're much more fun.

KRS-ONE on Hip Hop

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A few of us here had alot of fun with Yahoo Fantasy Baseball last year, so I decided to set up a league for anyone interested.

Here's the info you need to join the league. Take note of the Draft Time: March 1 @ 12:45 PST

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Mon Nov 03, 2008 at 02:19 PM PST


by gabbardd

Senator Mac
needs a nap
but not too sleepy to attack
that other guy who's smart and black.

But Senator Mac
must be on crack
says he'll make a big come back
and beat that guy who's smart and black

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Mon Oct 27, 2008 at 06:21 PM PDT

I made my own damn sign

by gabbardd

It was only a matter of time, wasn't it? To be honest, I thought they were sort of slacking. I mean, come on, the Obama sign I'd ordered almost 2 months ago got here 2 weeks ago, and it made it that long, handsomely displayed on my lawn.

I should have taken a picture, because I knew it wouldn't last. We live on a pretty busy street, and we're far enough from any intersection that might make someone think twice about stopping in front of the house long enough to punish some liberal for having an opinion and a preference that deviates from their own.

They must have come to steal it last night. Those REAL Americans, who are PRO-America, stopped in front of my FAKE American house, and stole my ANTI-American sign. Good for them. I hope they feel a little more REAL, and a little more PRO-America for doing this. I have no doubt they are too damned ignorant to understand the brazen hypocrisy of their juvenile act.

I don't mind losing the sign, because it gave me an opportunity to send a message to Rethug world.

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As John McCain makes one final attempt to turn the fortunes of his campaign around, he has chosen to make George W. Bush his newest target. Evidently, he's taken the message of Republican strategists to heart. This really is his last opportunity to turn things around, but nature abhors a vaccum. He's not alone out there. There are greater forces at work in this world that seem more than capable of preventing him for dislodging himself from the tar-pits of Bushworld.

In case McCain hadn't noticed, Barack Obama's back from Hawaii, and he hasn't lost a step. Upon hearing of McCain's efforts to put distance between himself and "the sitting President," Obama went quickly to work.

As CNN reports "The Illinois senator levied more criticism at opponent Sen. John McCain on Saturday, mocking the Arizona Republican by saying McCain is just

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We know from Sam Stein's piece at HuffPo that the Obama campaign brought in $66 million in August.

He also informs us that he has it on good word that Obama surpassed that total in September.

Think about that for a minute folks. His appeal is broadening. His lead is growing, and this in the face of the most vile attacks we've seen in recent American politics. Money talks, right? And this time, it's not BIG money that's doing the talking. It's little money like ours.

We're 3 weeks away from Nov 4th.  Wouldn't it be great if we dedicated ourselves to making a HUGE statement that we are not complacent in spite of our mounting lead? That we take nothing for granted? That we're going to make one hell of last push to get Barack Obama and as many Dems possible elected this year?

Now, personally, I'm in a bit of a dilemma over this. Do I give to Obama or do I give to the DNC to help as many Democratic candidates as my little bit of money can possibly help?  So the poll below is meant to help advise me and any other people who still have the passion to keep giving until we win. How do we get the most bang for our buck at this stage in the game?


Kossacks can get the biggest bang for their buck by sending money to

50%32 votes
32%21 votes
14%9 votes
0%0 votes
3%2 votes

| 64 votes | Vote | Results

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OK, I'm trying to use Mac's Keynote to do this. It's been a real pain to get the timings right. I hope you enjoy the show. It IS brief(ish).

I did this slideshow in reply to McCain and Palin's smear campaign.  They act like they want to bully Obama, but he's having none of it!

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I just called Senator John Kerry's office to ask Senator Kerry to step in and speak out against what John McCAin and Sarah Palin are doing to incite violence against Senator Obama. These tactics are getting out of hand. We have no idea where they will lead, but it looks like things could get vert bad, very ugly, very dangerous, very fast.

It's not just what they're saying, but how they're saying it, and who they're saying it to. This is scaring the hell of of me, and I don't scare easily.


Americans need to take a collective stand against the incitement of political violence and call on McCain to renounce this brand of smear campaign.

97%434 votes
2%9 votes

| 443 votes | Vote | Results

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Joe has held up his end of the deal. Obama's got to close it..  
We're 4 weeks + 1 weekend away from Nov 4. In baseball terms, it's like heading into the 7th inning stretch.

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