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Just wanna brainstorm some ballsy nuclear options on taxes, if we go "over the cliff." Post your ideas in the comments, and, any lawyers out there, let us know about the feasibility of the proposals.

Here's one to get started:
If by Dec 31, President Obama doesn't get the rates he wants, he could issue a pardon to all americans for not paying federal taxes on their first $100,000 of income. Simple. You still have to file your tax return, but, a pardon for non-payment on your first $100,000 of income.

variations: a pardon for all americans for not paying up to half of your federal taxes on your first $250,000 income. a little more complicated... but you get the idea.

What other ideas does everyone have?


Wed Aug 10, 2011 at 04:57 PM PDT

Pelosi Should Pick All Women

by gallivant

Has this been diary-ed? I didn't find in search.


Should Nancy Pelosi Select Three Women?

84%49 votes
15%9 votes

| 58 votes | Vote | Results

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Sun Dec 26, 2010 at 06:46 AM PST

Chris Christie for Supreme Court

by gallivant

Its 2014, President Obama is comfortably in his 2nd term, and a supreme court vacancy opens up.  I think Chris Christie is the perfect choice.  Throw some meat to the conservatives, don't get accused of swinging the court too much left overall, and it removes Christie from future political offices, which he has shown zero interest in anyway.  Perhaps throws NJ back into a competitive state.

Besides, his trademarked smackdown style, former prosecutor status, who here wouldn't actually like to see him on the court?  a younger, entertaining Scalia replacement who isn't so ideologically crazy or rigid, gets the love from repubs, and might actually care about justice more than just "conservatism."  

Can I have feedback in comments, anyone agree or disagree with this?

poll after the jump


Should President Obama nominate Chris Christie for the Supreme Court during Pres. Obama's 2nd term?

3%7 votes
94%173 votes
2%4 votes

| 184 votes | Vote | Results


I know the reason, bla bla bla, but I'm betting it really couldn't be worse.

They were joined by Democrats Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor, both of Arkansas, as well as Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada. Reid's vote was a procedural move that will enable him to bring the bill back up later.


Should Reid have voted on principle?

32%38 votes
67%79 votes

| 117 votes | Vote | Results

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Yet state unequivocally that all settlers will become Israeli citizens of Palestine, with full freedom of religion and protection from the state, just as there are Palestinian and Arab Israeli citizens today.

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"There are more of us whites[racists] than you, no matter how many brown peoples you cobble together. Know your place. It's not 2008 and we're not sleeping anymore and will prove it at the polls. Bet me I'm wrong."

Said to my face.

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Could Goldman's be insured against legal judgments against it by AIG?  ...therefore be yet another government-backed handout (Through AIG, paying them commissions and what-not, to hand taxpayer dollars back to itself, after costing millions more in legal fees, rather than collecting stolen money from Goldmans itself?)

I was struck by this description of how and who was hurt by Goldman Sachs via Curious Capitalist blog:

First of all, the investors who bought the securities lost about $50 billion on them. Those investors were mostly pension funds. Second, Goldman insured these purposefully useless mortgage bonds with AIG. So all of us, taxpayers that is, had to pay up for those losses when AIG had to be bailed out. So this suit is really just a case of the government trying to get its money back from Goldman.

I suppose this is more a search for an answer rather than a Diary proper.


The biggest lesson from the Obama victory was that a multi-cultural campaign equals an overwhelming, crushing victory in American elections.  What i saw during this entire Massachusetts general election campaign was no minority outreach. In fact, the same reasons minority communities tend to have slight fear and resentment of your "stereotypical" prosecutors across the country were the same traits shown by Coakley during her few campaign stops.  Well lookie here, its not just anecdotal anymore:

She also didn't respond to offers from other big-city mayors, the official said, including the new, young Hispanic mayor of Lawrence who asked Coakley to swear him in. "They never got back to him," the official said.

Another senior Democrat said he'd been stunned to arrive in the state to learn that Coakley had done no advertising in the African-American or Hispanic media, and "no outreach."

ben smith

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I am a bit surprised by not only the health care debate happening here on dkos and in congress, but by the left's horror at our failings.  Yes, our failings.  2 years ago, when President Obama's campaign started, there was so much attention to the fact that he has community organizing as a prominent section of his resume.  Over time, there was ton of recognition of "new media" tools and techniques used to organize us, the people.  President Obama has always said he wants to return government to the people, by the people.  All the meetings, all the campaigning, all the lessons given to us by that great campaign have quickly been forgotten.

Remember all the jokes and the onion article about campaign volunteers sitting around devoid of purpose, lost and bored after the election victory?  They were jokes because we had in fact built a tremendously large organization from basically scratch and it would be silly if everyone just stopped.  Sadly, that grain of truth in the joke has become a beach.  

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Sun May 24, 2009 at 10:52 AM PDT

Are We ALL Cowards?

by gallivant

Step back and try to look at our overall war strategy and not specifically at al-qaeda as the enemy.  If what Cheney is saying is what he and the GOP believe, and if preventative detention is a re-conceived policy of the democrats too, what on earth would they say is acceptable policy if we were at a formal declared war with another nuclear country?  

Step back and see that the war we're fighting is against people without a stable national power grid.  They don't have a modern 'trained' formal military, but rather people recruited who are used to stoning criminals for crimes.  As a country, they can be seen as having just discovered explosives and we freak out about these unmodern "IED"s.  We tortured to prevent an attack on the US and to prevent a nuclear weapon from being acquired.

So what is allowed when the enemy has nuclear weapons and a modern army?

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It was hilarious to see him having so much fun delivering a line, then pausing for a perfect comedic beat, giving an ever-so-sly look of pwnage in front of everyone -- and making sure we caught it!  Ha!  After praising Sebelius, Obama introduced her Governor father, then referred to her husband as Kansas's former "first dude."  Today, just now, during the swearing-in ceremony for Locke and Sebelius.  What do you think?


precisely the kind of commitment to bipartisan accomplishment that Kathleen embodies. She is, after all, the daughter of a Democratic governor and the daughter-in-law of a Republican congressman. Her father, who is here, former Ohio Governor John Gilligan -- I just want to acknowledge him -- where did he go? There he is, right in front. He and Kathleen make up the first father-daughter pair of governors in the United States. But Kathleen has a -- forged a reputation for bipartisan problem solving in her own right. Time and again, she bridged the partisan divide and worked with a Republican legislature to get things done for the people of Kansas. Kathleen possesses the patience and understanding honed by nearly 35 years of marriage to her husband Gary Sebelius -- (laughter) -- the former "First Dude" of Kansas -- (laughter)

Discuss has amazing 'back room' conversations happening right now.  The cameras and mics are rolling, but the room has just reporters talking between themselves.  I don't know if this is before or after the briefing today, or if they always turn on the feed early. I've had it up for over 10 minutes.  But its fascinating.  

Gibbs is up now, but I got over 20 minutes of press banter leading up to them complaining that "this thing had better start before the basketball does." ha!  Things seem to show the feed going live on scheduled time, and Gibbs is way late today, talking to the president about the bankers meeting he sez.  

And yes, the press really are the most retarded kids that went to your alma mater!

P.S. - YES, most scheduled white house events have a live feed put up on the White House website, everyday!  Quit using those crappy cnn feeds people

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