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I've seen at least one diary using the name "Juno" to refer to the Great Blizzard of 2015 and felt I should chime in with my own diary rather than hijacking someone else's.

The Weather Channel, not the National Weather Service, is the entity that has been attaching names to winter storms and began the practice barely three years ago.  The practice of naming winter storms is widely frowned upon by the larger meteorological community, and the NWS actively urges its employees to avoid using the names.  None of TWC's private competitors uses the names, either.  Only hurricanes and tropical storms have official names.

Using TWC's names has two consequences.  First, since they have a habit of naming every other nuisance storm that doesn't have much of an impact, it has the effect of increasing the apocalyptic hype.  Second, it lends an air of public legitimacy to what is both a ratings ploy and a poke in the eye of the government by a private corporation.


Should people use TWC's storm names?

7%45 votes
78%447 votes
6%37 votes
7%41 votes

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Once again, this isn't much of a diary, but I'm putting it up anyway because I just found some information that might help inform the public discourse.

Predictably, the religious right is blathering on again about how today's violence could have been prevented if only there was compulsory prayer in public schools.  Courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

And thank you, CNN, for providing information I've been looking for since Columbine, proving that (surprise!) there was violence in public schools before Engel vs. Vitale and Abington vs. Schempp.


Seemingly lost in the hoopla over Joe Biden's smackdown of Paul Ryan yesterday was a one-hour special on the Discovery Channel called Ted Nugent's Gun Country.

This is beyond outrageous.  Why is a man who threatened to kill President Obama and consequently received a courtesy call from the Secret Service being given a platform to promote his extreme views on a network that in theory is about science?

Right Wing Watch has all the ugly details here, along with contact information if you wish to register your displeasure with the Discovery Channel.


Yesterday afternoon I went to see The Dark Knight Rises.  The ever-longer previews were rudely interrupted by what was not so much a trailer but a brief image of Atlas holding up the world and a release date of October 12, 2012.  Apparently the producers (more likely looters and moochers) of the movie are under the impression (delusion?) that they can somehow influence the outcome of the presidential election.

The consensus here seemed to be that the first movie was such a box-office flop that the next two would never see the light of day.  However, the producers were apparently able to raise $16 million through a private debt sale (or was it a credit default swap?).  I wonder if any of the Tea Party zombies who will slobber all over it will notice that there is an entirely new cast of no-name actors.

May this movie be an even bigger bomb than the first!


Will Atlas Shrugged Part II be a box-office bust?

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This is my first attempt at a diary and I don't know if it really counts since it's meant to follow up on Mikelawyr2s diary of 5/21/12.  I just got back from two weeks of storm chasing on the Great Plains, and while I was out there, I decided to gauge the enthusiasm of the base for Rmoney by noting how many pro-Rmoney bumper stickers I saw.  The result?  Nada.  Nary.  Not a one, though I did see one Ron Paul bumper sticker.  Is this a good sign?

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