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A lot has been written has about the "banking crisis", the "credit crisis", "foreclosure crisis", etc. A lot of the talk is diluted by discussions of derivatives (CDS's), irresponsible homeowners, predatory lenders, the SEC and on and on and on.

All of this is used to simply pass blame, distract from the real problem and to muddy the real status of the financial health and stability of our country.

Every time I remembered about what is going, it makes me mad hell and wonder why there is not more honest and passionate outrage about this. I want to tell you what is going on in a way that paints a very clear picture about what has been done to YOU, along with every other citizen in the country.

You will be outraged if you were not already. And yes, this is one matter when being a concern troll is totally appropriate. To be anything but would mean you do not know what is really going on, or, you do - but you are too baked to really care. I see no middle ground here.

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A former NSA analyst, Russell Tice, confirmed to Kieth Olberman what so many "tinfoliers" already believed:

The NSA is listening, watching and reading communications from citizens in the United States posing no security threat, and doing it illegally in staggering volume.

Transcript: (They must work for the NSA because I can't find the transcript on MSNBC)

This is without FISA, warrants,  or any other Constitutional protections. This isn't even with the BS special situation exemptions the former administration had tried to rationalize.

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Welcome to the coverage of the Arizona Presidential and House races as part of the Election Night Live Blogging project. There are no Senate races in Arizona this election, nor for the governorship.

We won the big one on the national level but Arizona didn't work out for a couple of big ones.

The bad...

McCain took AZ by a larger margin than we hoped for.

The big House race we were watching for was the Shadegg/Lord (AZ-03) matchup. Bob Lord was the first Orange to Blue addition. Shadegg held on, but there's always next time.

Prop 102 passed.

Dan Saban was unable to the beat the infamous Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

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Since a lot of the great video we get these days is from sources like MSNBC and other non YouTube sources I am going to show you how to quickly embed those here at the Kos. I have seen a lot people having problems with it, from diarists to commentators, so hopefully this clears it up.

The problem is many of these use "iframe" tags to embed video. They work in your previews, but when you go to publish they don't render because dKos does not allow them.

The reason these other videos sources are important to be able to embed to get is because they either:

  1. Are not published on YouTube, or at least not very quickly.
  1. Prohibited from YouTube or pulled down shortly after posting for copyright or other reasons.

Now when you need to this, or you see others having this problem in the comments, you can reference this diary.

Once you do this one time, it will seriously only take around 30 seconds to do for any video. Not much longer than simply copy/pasting the YouTube embed code.

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