I think this is the moment, Mr. President. This is the point when something needs to happen. The country has been waiting breathlessly. There’s a lull in the news cycle. And the news has been pretty bleak this year. We need a jolt. A wake-up call. A Big Idea. We need a little reboot of hope. We need something big. And now is the time.

The grueling buzz of the Health Care fiasco is starting to wear off; and though you succeeded where many before you failed, when the dust settled, you looked the worse for wear. After that a mine exploded. Then an oil rig. Now one of the most devastating ecological disasters in recorded history has only now started to ebb after 3 months, while the consequences are likely just beginning. We’re weary after 9 years of war. We’re poor after 3 years of recession. Also it’s really hot.

We need something to smile about. Something to look forward to. Something to cheer for. Something to hope for again.

But What?