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I've seen tons of spammed comments around here that Geraldine Ferraro is a racist and that Hillary Clinton and her supporters are racist for not denouncing Ferraro's comments. I think that Ferraro's comments have been taken out of context. She is referring to the "historic firsts" of this election. Here is what she said in the interview with the Daily Breeze.

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Wed Mar 05, 2008 at 12:55 PM PST

HRC's Path to the Presidency

by grlpatriot

This is worth reading. Here is this morning's press release from Harold Ickes, Senior Advisor, and Mark Penn, Chief Strategist, Hillary Clinton for President.

With last night's victories in Ohio and Texas, one thing is clear: the momentum has swung back to Hillary Clinton. Voters in both states agreed that Hillary Clinton would be the best Commander-in-Chief and the strongest steward of our economy. In fact, according to last night's polls, those who decided who to vote for in the last three days overwhelmingly favored Hillary [CNN exit polls, 3/4/08]. It's time for a second look.

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Sun Feb 24, 2008 at 01:39 PM PST

The Ageism of Hope

by grlpatriot

Someone brought up ageism today, something that I've been thinking about too. It's the "ism" that really hasn't been discussed much in this election. Yet, the bias and negativity is running rampant in the media and in the blogosphere (McCain is too old, Hillary wins among old women). I really don't care which candidate you support, but I do care that older people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve as human beings, as members of our society, and as citizens that have worked and given their lives for their country, their sons and daughters, their grandchildren - the you and me of this moment.

Hopefully, we each have a memory of a parent/grandparent or other significant older person in our life, a person that gave us the gifts of wisdom, love, and encouragement. Every older person is part of the fabric of you and me. To denigrate anyone based on gender, race, or age, denigrates us all, diminishes "hope" in the worst way.

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Yesterday, Howard Wolfson, Communications Director of the Clinton campaign disclosed on the campaign's blog that "in the first 15 days in February, Hillary’s supporters contributed $15 million to the campaign. The cash infusion mostly made up of small online donations could not come at a better time. The Obama campaign, with superior fund raising numbers for January, began February with a $10 million cash advantage and has been able to outspend Clinton since the February 5th, Super Tuesday contests.

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Update: [Hillary Clinton's campaign website just posted that $14 Million has been raised with 143,000 donors. With donations averaging $125, the campaign has raised another $1 Million online in one day.]

Hillary Clinton is setting pace for record fund raising for the month of February. As of today, the campaign has raised $13 Million with over 135,000 + donors. The campaign's initial goal of $3 Million in 3 days after Super Tuesday quickly rocketed to $10 Million with 100,000 donors. Clinton's Super Tuesday wins include the largest and most coveted prizes, California and New York. She won red states: Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennessee. She won blue states New Jersey and Massachusetts, overcoming the high-profile Kennedy endorsements in Massachusetts to pull off the biggest upset of the day. She also won purple state, Arizona. New Mexico, which is still counting ballots, is poised to tilt into Clinton's win column as well.

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Thu Feb 07, 2008 at 10:56 AM PST

Obama's Middle East Link

by grlpatriot

In one word - Rezko. And this is how McCain and the Republicans are going to try to beat Obama if he is the Democrat's nominee.

On 10/23/06, the Chicago Tribune reported that Assistant U.S. Atty. Christopher Niewoehner said:

Rezko has significant ties to the Middle East, and his wife and daughter met him in Damascus recently. He [Rezko] has transferred money around the world, Niewoehner said, including $400,000 to Beirut in 2004.

On 1/29/08, the Associated Press reported that:

An FBI affidavit said Rezko actually received $3.5 million from a Lebanon-based bank account of General Mediterranean Holdings, a Luxembourg company owned by London-based Iraqi billionaire Adhmi Auchi. Rezko's attorney said Rezko has had business dealings with Auchi.
Source: Bond Denied for Charged Obama Fundraiser, The Associated Press, 1/29/08

Is this a sign of more troubling news for Obama ahead? More below the fold.

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