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The shame of western Oklahoma, The Oklahoman newspaper, has a semi-regular feature called "Monday Morning Quarterbacks," which mostly just reviews conservative voices. The only time they quote liberals or progressives is to mock or refute them. Like today:

The Left Wing is playing for keeps this election cycle. The king of liberal/progressive blogging, Markos Moulitsas rallies the troops at with his own adaptation of Knute Rockne. Libs must "do everything necessary allowable under the law to win because elections have consequences," he writes. "This isn’t about who is most pure, but about taking the fight to the enemy ... and fighting fire with fire." Later Kos writes about having the "killer instinct," rubbing salt in conservatives’ wounds and forcing them to go into debt. What’s next, burning their villages?

Umm...project much?

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Thu Oct 16, 2008 at 05:39 PM PDT

Milk, the Movie

by gypsy

still from movie MilkI am SO excited about and looking forward to this movie. Harvey Milk, the first openly gay person elected to a major political office in the U.S., is a huge hero of mine. Now a whole new generation will learn about his vision and his courage. And maybe some will even internalize some of the truths that Harvey gave his life to share with the world.


Will you see Milk, the movie?

37%14 votes
18%7 votes
27%10 votes
16%6 votes

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Can't believe no one has diaried this yet!

On Morning Joe today, Chuck Todd, who usually seems pretty reasonable to me, made what seemed to me a remarkable statement:

I have had multiple very high level Democrats on the Hill sit there with their fingers crossed," Todd says. "They are scared of Franken winning. More importantly, they fear that if Franken wins, then every liberal Hollywood type is going to say, 'Hey, I can run for office, too.' And they are going to get a rush of these.

If that happens, Todd says, then we'll have Hollywood stars like Tim Robbins running!

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Wed Oct 08, 2008 at 10:56 AM PDT

Real beauty

by gypsy

I think we can agree that it's objectively true that Sarah Palin is a physically attractive woman. So attractive that, whatever her politics, she was destined to be objectified by many who can't get past the superficial.

Sad to say, if she was on our side of the political spectrum, I'm confident that some leftist jerk with a blog would have exclaimed to the world much the same thing Rich Lowry did after the VP debate, saying, in so many words (who know he was such a Romantic?), that she made them horny. (Although that person would then have been bombarded by both ideological sides, rather than just the Left.)

But (BREAKING!) there's more to real beauty than physical appearance, and I think Sarah Palin offers us a pretty stark lesson in that area. Good! It's something our 'looksist' culture (to use an old feminist term) could stand to learn on a regular basis.

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The Oklahoman has rejected my letter to the editor because it has been "published or posted elsewhere."

I posted about the Oklahoma Senate race on my (virtually unread) personal blog, on Blue Oklahoma and here on Daily Kos.

I reworked it considerably, and submitted to the paper. I then got a reply that it was too long. So I reworked it more.

But it won't be published in the major daily, because they have scanners that check for that.

Not that the Oklahoma would have published it, regardless. Their opinion page, including LTEs are a state joke.

But thought I'd warn others to be careful about this.

Update below fold.

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I posted the following on my blog, Peace Arena. I'm thinking about sending it in as a letter to the editor. What do you think?

On Nov. 4, Oklahomans have a serious question to ask themselves before voting: Do they want to be stuck with two Senators and all but one of their Representatives in the minority party for the foreseeable future, or do they want to be seriously involved in governing this country, solving our collective problems and moving into the future?

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See important update below.

This diary is copied (with permission) from Oklahoma City Peace House.

GWBush will be in OKC Friday 9/12 for a morning McCain-Palin Fundraiser at the northeast Okla. City mansion/acreage of a local Bush-McCain supporter.

Gold Star Parents will Head an Anti-War Demonstration as near the gate entrance of the 40-acre estate as possible.

Nonviolent demonstrators are invited to participate at the location of the Bush/McCain fundraiser: Demonstration 9am to 11am. Gather at Sooner Road and East Britton Road. Recommend parking at or north of Britton & Sooner and walking south on Sooner toward the main gate. Acreage main gate is south of Britton on Sooner. Acreage secondary gate is east of Sooner on Britton. The Secret Service and local police will be evident, and will control where demonstrators may stand. Attorney Rex Friend has informed local police of our plans for a nonviolent demonstration taking place. BRING SIGNS.  SIGNS WILL ALSO BE THERE.

News release after the jump.

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You know what's funny? Republican congressmen, staunchly pro-Bush despite everything (insert endless list of crimes and misdemeanors here), moaning and whining throughout today's hearing, because the chair, or the witnesses, or the audience, weren't following the rules.

That is the fucking most ironic thing I have ever heard.

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Mothership - Rec it, not this

Continuing gchaucer2's diary on Kucinich impeachment resolution being heard in referred to Judiciary Committee, where hopefully a hearing will happen. (I think that's what's happening. Correct me in comments if necessary.)

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Fri Jun 06, 2008 at 08:06 PM PDT

McCain't OK for Oklahoma (with poll)

by gypsy

Hey, Kossacks, please help me with info, links, images and other resources for a new site I'm making to help get out information about McCain in Oklahoma.

I especially need Oklahomans to be contributors so they can post about how McCain's votes and campaign policy/promises will not be good for our state's future, our economy, or our people.  

Sorry for the slight diary, I really need y'all to fill it out in the comments with your suggestions.

Thanks in advance.


What state would be OK for McCain?

24%24 votes
12%12 votes
2%2 votes
16%16 votes
14%14 votes
32%32 votes

| 100 votes | Vote | Results

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Mon May 26, 2008 at 02:23 PM PDT

Holy cr@p, Obama broke Excel!

by gypsy

This is freaking blowing my mind:

milestone of sorts was reached earlier this year, when Obama, the Illinois senator whose revolutionary online fundraising has overwhelmed Clinton, filed an electronic fundraising report so large it could not be processed by popular basic spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel 2003 and Lotus 1-2-3.

Not that Excel is that robust, but still, when the FEC can't count your donors for the sheer volume, that's a pretty good sign that we are in a new political universe and nothing will ever be the same.

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Good news!

I just got a reply to my email to the Georgia Muscular Dystrophy Association, actually from the national office, saying that they not only will refuse the money from the racist t-shirts, but have taken legal action for use of the MDA name in fundraising without permission.

I promised I would make a donation to the group if they took such action, and I will be fulfilling that promise.

My short note, and the MDA reply after the jump.

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