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Hi Kossacks!!
(do we still use that? I haven't been around these parts for some time)...I need some help filling in a blank..Can you please help me!!

John Horner is a moron because he didn't know that America has become a country where the "justice" system comes down heavily on anyone who isn't wealthy?

John Horner is a fool because he sympathized with a friend who claimed to be in pain (who was actually a police informer tricking him into committing a crime)?

John Horner is a drug trafficking criminal mastermind that should in jail for 25 years minimum because he made $1,800 by selling his own legally purchased painkillers for the first time in his life?


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I can't believe this is being covered by CNN but not by DKOS or any of the major liberal blogs


London (CNN) -- Mass strikes began across the United Kingdom Wednesday, with up to 2 million public sector workers walking off jobs in schools, hospitals and police stations to protest proposed pension reforms.

Chaos was predicted at Heathrow airport near London, one of the world's busiest international airports, but Wednesday morning operations were more or less normal, officials said


Eleanor Smith, president of UNISON — the country’s largest trade union which represents about 1 million health, education and law enforcement staff — said many of those joining the walkouts were striking for the first time.

“The government wants us to work longer, pay more and at the end get less. How fair is that?” said Smith, who joined a picket outside Birmingham Women’s Hospital in central England, where she works as a theater nurse.

Globe and Mail

It’s a general strike, British-style: On Wednesday, more than half the country’s public employees have walked off the job to protest the deep cuts to public-sector pay and pensions being imposed by Prime Minister David Cameron’s Conservative-Liberal coalition government in a major cost-cutting drive.

In practice, it means that most kids didn’t go to school today – 58 per cent of public primary and secondary schools are closed completely, and only 13 per cent are fully staffed. Hospitals are only taking emergency cases, as most nurses are on strike.

In fact, the school where Mr. Cameron and one of his top cabinet minister, Michael Gove, send their children, St. Mary Abbots Primary School in Kensington, was largely shut down, with only two classes open. [emphasis by me for humour]


Tue Oct 04, 2011 at 03:55 AM PDT

Saving the Kobayashi Maru

by happenstance

Our democracy, like any other human endeavor, is imperfect.

Supposedly democracy allows for the grievances of people to be heard. It allows for the pain of the majority to be addressed. It allows us to elect/appoint representatives to act on the people's behalf.

But sometimes things break down. The system doesn't work as intended.

Sometimes the democratic system is overtaken by a very powerful & wealthy minority. They change the rules of the game so that the wishes of the people are not transformed into policy.

You can vote till your feet are tired and your index finger falls off. Sometimes democracy means more than voting. Sometimes it means more than walking precincts. Or contributing several percentages of your income to candidates opposed by big money.

Sometimes you have to change the system because the system has been rigged to make you lose.


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6%1 votes
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It is one week since a small town newspaperin pennsylvania broke open the story about how Amazon mistreats its employees (as brought to our/DKOS attention  by samfish, thank you Sam.).

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY : Employees are treated like garbage. To save a few pennies on air conditioning, they have to work in 102 degree temprature in a large distribution hub. They get demerit points for fainting in exhaustion. The situation is so bad that ambulance companies stay next to the distribution center.

Amazon's Response: Crickets.


Are you considering a boycott

63%39 votes
24%15 votes
8%5 votes
0%0 votes
3%2 votes
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This is for all of you who despaired over the infamous incident last Monday night, on the 10th anniversary of Glenn Beck's favorite day.

And I'm not talking about what happened to Champ Bailey

This is the incident where in tea partiers gleefully cheered for the death of a fictional well-to-do 30 year old man who willingly forgoes health insurance (who is a distant cousin of the terrorist who has information that could prevent an imminent nuclear attack, only if Dick Cheney had permission to chop the terrorist's body parts without anesthesia in front of the extended family. Both were created by our wonderfully imaginative Presidential Debate Moderators) and gets a serious disease.

You couldn't understand what creates this mindset?

Well an astute commenter (BTW, the commenter in the NYT are actual geniuses, in comparison to the commenters from all the newspaper/tv stations websites all over America --- and they set stupid people like Friedman and Nocera straight all the freaking time) elucidates below the fold.

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Reading a recommended “post” yesterday put me into a funk. The diary itself wasn’t bad (and the diarist is an obviously thoughtful person who meant no bigotry and is obviously not a bigot and was merely trying to make a point), but it triggered something in me that has had me depressed for a whole day now.

I stayed away for a day, yet I’m still blue. So I thought I’d just put my thoughts down.

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OK, perhaps the title is redundant...but the Executive Editor of the New York Times has this line in his column today . ..(which has quite a few other problems)

When Jayson Blair was caught fabricating stories in this newspaper, he became a global exhibit in the case against an unfettered press.

The example to be used in this case was Judith Miller...whose pure and simple lying led to the Iraq war, in which hundreds of thousands (and according to some more than 1 million) died. This not only included American soldiers -- mostly from poorer non-political families, but also included Iraqi children, women, elderly and peasants.

Jayson's crimes were nothing compared to Judith's.

Bill Keller was standing by during the bad reporting that led up to the Iraq war, and still complicit in the lies that keep this Great War on Terror operating at full speed -- costing us money and reputation, our soldiers their lives and their limbs, and our enemy their children's lives and their country's dignity.

That he cannot even bring himself to acknowledge it today illustrates what is wrong with our media..

...oh the article summary is this: investigating poor ol' Murdoch makes the news media look bad and tyrants feel happy. Left unanswered is this -- can you cite a few examples of where anyone considers News Corp assets to be "news media" -- most of us consider it to be tabloids (the sun, dailymail, nypost, notw) and propaganda (fox news, fox business, wsj). His businesses have never hurt a tyrant, only democracies.

Heck, most of us don't even consider the NYT (see Miller, Judith -- iraq war reporting & calling out torture only when committed by other countries) to be that much better than the publishing arm of the executive branch.

The solution is to have independent (not for profit, anyone?) media that are not "synergizing" with their owner's other interests.


...I've stayed Hyatt Hotels many many times.

But my 4th of July weekend stay, earlier this month, will be my last.

According to downtown Chicago has heat index of 111 today. Today is the hottest day in the last six years (this has been the hottest decade so far)

But when Hyatt workers walked off the job,  to protest working conditions and  and started picketing, their employer turned on 10 heaters meant for Chicago's very chilly/windy winters.

Even if you aren't a huge supporter of unions (and I'm not the biggest one out there, trust me) this is inhumane:

The main entrance of an upscale hotel in downtown Chicago was sweltering Thursday morning — and not just because of the rising sun or the week’s heat wave. As pickets marched under the Park Hyatt’s glass awning, the inn switched on 10 heat lamps installed to warm guests in the dead of winter.
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Dawud Wharnsby is a canadian singer who is married to a Pakistani woman and lives in Abbotabad. He describes his night there and the Pakistanis he interacts with.

Excerpts and link below.

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Joe covered the story of the greatest worldwide financial disaster since the Great Depression. He gave us the a weekly play by play during the financial crisis.

His ability to explain complex ideas such as collateralized debt obligations (CDO) derivatives was amazing. Ideas that were dry and could make your eyelids go heavy were presented in an engaging an informative manner.

He was a journalist's journalist calmly publicizing what many in power would very likely not have wanted known.

Bankster CEO salaries? he was there.

Lack of accountability? he was reporting it.

Our very own muckraker bobswern approvingly linked to his stories more than once.

He went on Jon Stewart's The Daily Show to explain things to us.

He even wrote a book that was well reviewed.

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Wed Mar 30, 2011 at 06:26 PM PDT

Help this quiet honest man

by happenstance

Peace, everyone.

I have become very cynical over the years of politicians. Nearly all of them have burned me in some way or another. I started becoming active during Jim Webb's senate campaign and was disappointed in his needless rightwing submissive rhetoric opposing the already really conservative healthcare bill.

Same with Mr Obama... . from his about face (lying?) on the FISA bill, to not really helping homeowners, not prosecuting any bankers, continuing the BSS (Bush Security State), and on an on.

But there is one person who has largely stuck to his progressive principles, all the while representing a middle of the road state. He is the only politician I have donated to in the last one and a half years.

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We now have two Pakistani journalists independently claiming that a river in Pakistan was breached to prevent a US drone base from flooding.

This should be a big concern to all of us as millions are affected by this flooding. There needs to be a clear investigation by both our government and the Pakistani government.

Questions to answer:

  1. Is this true, or is it a  complete misinterpretation/misrepresentation of facts?
  1. Who authorized this breach? Was it done at a high level?
  1. Who executed the breach?
  1. What was the absolute impact (above what would have happened, regardless)
  1. If this was our fault, how big is the bill?

Sources below the fold.

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