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I noticed that the Scott-Walker-as-Koch-Industries-puppet artwork made it into a Kos article, here:

Although it may have come from the artist of the original puppet, I suspect it was taken from this photojournalist's report, with the background cleaned up to the plain white standard:

The original has a lot of fun Scott Walker art if you click the links to the photo gallery, some better than the puppet graphic.  These are from the recall movement.

My favorites are the Walker Care sign, and Walker on the toy phone responding to the famous crank phone call.


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Wed Sep 11, 2013 at 09:09 AM PDT

Thanks to Daily Kos readers!

by healthfreedom

Thanks to Daily Kos readers for their support of this petition:

I posted a diary entry that we needed a few more signatures to reach the 150 signatures level for to run it on its page of open petitions.  (I'm sure that threshold requirement prevents a lot of good petitions from becoming available to the general public.)  And Daily Kos readers responded!  We had the petition over 150 signatures on the same day!

I know it was Daily Kos readers because I'd been posting the petition link on various boards all over the internet, and we'd get a signature here, a signature there, but never such a big bump as when I posted it on Kos!

That threshold is so hard to reach.  Both the author of the petition and I have huge e-mail lists, but only a few people from those lists actually took the few minutes to sign it.  That's despite the lists being full of anti-war and anti-Bush activists.  The author has run for Congress before as a Democrat, by the way.

Now the petition needs 100k signatures to get a response from the Obama administration, but few petitions make it that far, and I certainly don't have the marketing power for something that big.  But it was great to have it on the petitions page for the general public to decide.  

Thanks again, DAILY KOS READERS!!!


This petition against immunity for Bush/Cheney has almost reached its threshold of 150 to be posted on the open petitions page of  If anyone can add their signature, maybe we make it available to the American public by tomorrow:

"Reverse the decision to grant immunity to George W Bush and the members of his administration who planned the Iraq War"


There is a petition on that people can sign, "Reverse the decision to grant immunity to George W Bush and the members of his administration who planned the Iraq War".  See link:


I recently came across this article on Daily Kos claiming that McCain indeed was involved in napalm runs in Vietnam.  The author quoted an old New York Times article that was summarized in another work:

Well, I tried to find the original article in the New York Times archives.  I was unable to post a comment to the Kos article for some reason, so I'm starting a new post here for people to see.

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